MCA polls

The MCA polls were held on Saturday evening. The results of the polls aren’t all out yet.

I had a chat with one of my friends yesterday night. She was talking to me about the MCA voting exercise that she went to in Puchong. Our conversation went something like this:

Her: Went to Puchong the other night, voted in the MCA polls thing.

Me: MCA? Are you even a member?

Her: Nope. My uncle asked me to go. He said it doesn’t matter if we’re members or not.

Me: Can you do that?

Her: He said it’s ok. But anyway, it was really funny, because we were given a list of names to vote for.

Me: A list of names? How?

Her: We don’t just vote for one person, there’s a whole list of names to vote for, I think they’re for different positions and all that.

Me: Did your uncle give the list to you?

Her: No, someone else did. But it wasn’t just given to me, it was given to a lot of us. I think most of us don’t even know what and who we’re voting for.

Me: So you had to memorise the list? That would be difficult! What if you voted for the wrong person?

Her: Oh, no worries there. Because we all brought the piece of paper in, and no one even bothered to stop us!


My friend, a non-member, voting for people she doesn’t even know, according to a prepared list.

What kind of voting process is this?


2 Comments on “MCA polls”

  1. malaysiancat28 says:

    This is the MCA voting process lol. Talk about phantom voters. This is how dirty the Malaysian politics have stooped to. If you ask me, might as well disband MCA since it is irrelevant to many younger generation of Chinese race in Malaysia. Always want to speak in Mandarin but never realise that most of us are speaking in English already.

  2. chaptokam says:

    I think this is ridiculous . Something is very wrong here .Very very wrong ,

    According to :Her: Oh, no worries there. Because we all brought the piece of paper in, and no one even bothered to stop us!

    NO ONE even bothered to to stop her to check he membership ?, her identity ? and let her just walk her thru ? Did anyone check her identity card and and whether her name appeared on the master list of delegates , sign before giving her the ballot paper to vote ???

    I think she better come out and expose this .

    The procedure is that the branches submit a list of names elected from the branch to the division of which the original goes to the HQ . The HQ will then compile all the delegates names , check whether they are valid before sending them back to the divisions for the div elections.

    Only delegates can vote , they have to register to determine whether their names are on the master list with their ic and sign . During voting when their names are called , they have to produce their ic again
    , sign in front of the scrutineers , signature must be same , photo on ic must be him , before a ballot is given for voting .

    I call upon the person to lodge a complaint with MCA .
    Will see what I can do to convince her to. Normally our conversations remain between us, very rarely do I write about them.

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