Now, where does that leave PKR? With Gerakan, maybe?

This is just ridiculous. Just because PAS and UMNO were having dialogues, doesn’t mean that the other parties should be having dialogues with other parties as well. And most definitely not with another party potentially based on the same race. MCA with DAP? MIC with Hindraf?


KUALA LUMPUR: The MIC says that it has been wooing the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) in secret discussions but the group has rejected this claim outright.

From the StarOnline HERE.

And I thought Samy Vellu called Hindraf a group of terrorists in the first place.

TAPAH: There will not be talks between MCA and DAP just because Umno and PAS have started a dialogue, said MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan.

StarOnline HERE.

This sounds about right. Just because UMNO and PAS are doing it, doesn’t mean they have to do it too. It’s not a monkey see monkey do business here. We don’t want that.

My stand on all this is simple. If you want to have talks, be sure that it is for the benefit of ALL the people of Malaysia. For UMNO, it is for them to initiate talks and dialogues with their partners under the BN umbrella. Same goes to PAS.

Don’t go talking about Malay unity and Islam unity, when the real problem is not so much Malay unity, but unity between the different people. If there are any problems at all, it’s because the Malays don’t get the Chinese, the Indians feel left out, the Ibans and Kadazans have all sorts of misunderstandings about people from the Peninsula, etc.

These issues don’t get solved by talking about Malay unity.

Same goes to Samy Vellu and his smart idea of wanting to “woo” Hindraf. What sort of solution does he expect by wooing Hindraf to join them?

In a Malaysia where diversity is so obvious, everything is a give and take. There’s simply no point in the Malays “joining hands” to protect their status and privilege, and the non-Malays then joining their hands to fight for equal rights. Simply no point at all.

If anything, and if they simply HAVE to have dialogues with a party from the opposite end, then please, let PAS talk to MCA, MIC to PKR, and UMNO with DAP.

Or something like that. Although I maintain that it would be better for BN parties to sit together and have a thorough discussion, no holds barred, everything out in the open. And the PR parties to do the same.

There simply can be no moving forward from this hole we’re stuck in, if we keep our sights set on the unity of our own race.

2 Comments on “PAS-UMNO, MCA-DAP, MIC-Hindraf?”

  1. KevinP says:

    One Big Happy Family.

    That leaves PKR out to be the what? Odd one out eh?

    MIC-Hindraf? Must be in Samy’s dreams… but poor Samy need to see himself as remaining relevant. Must be disillusioned that every Indian he meets and talk must be Hindraf members. It is more realistic to talk about PPP-MIC merger… hahaha..

    DAP-MCA? To begin with, DAP is not an exclusively Chinese party. A DAP-Gerakan talks may be more realistic.

    PAS-UMNO its a talk that wont go away for a long2 time. Especially now with UMNO Malays worried of losing political clout in the few states under Pakatan.
    They should all come to their senses. They did not form coalitions for no damn reason.

  2. KevinP says:

    Not to worry Mich… their senses will only be roused when position and money comes into the picture. Dont we all realize that we have reached equilibrium at the moment. Well, maybe a bit more of from BN outwards then we may reach equilibrium.

    BN is trying to break Pakatan by sowing distrust and uncertainty. We shall just have to see how this pan out. Moreover I am loving what Tok Guru suggested….

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