Uncle Pet vs Raja Pet?

Found this video on Susan’s blog HERE.

It’s sort of an interview with Uncle Pet, Saiful’s uncle, done by Malaysiakini.

Uncle Pet said that Saiful was with the Puswari doctor for a few minutes, and the “medical report” on Malaysia-Today is in fact not a report, but merely a “note”.

Dr Rafick, a fellow blogger, and also a doctor, has his views on the report HERE. He is of the opinion that RPK jumped the gun in his write-up.

For the most part of the interview with Uncle Pet though, he was most upset with RPK implicating in one of his articles that Uncle Pet was in fact the one who sodomised Saiful.

Refresher for those who don’t remember, this is what RPK wrote:

Looking at Saiful’s uncle, who looks and acts like his auntie, you can now begin to understand what makes that young man tick. Did the doctor find Saiful’s uncle’s semen specimen in the young man’s sorry butt and that is why the police are not able to charge Anwar? That may explain why the police released Anwar on police bail after the dramatic Hollywood-style arrest just a day earlier.

Relevant part highlighted. Because Malaysia-Today is just completely inaccessible at the moment, I took this excerpt from Din’s blog HERE.

So now, Uncle Pet is issuing a challenge to Raja Petra. He says he wants to meet the man. Just pick the gelanggang, says Uncle Pet.

Is RPK going to react?

This is my opinion, and you’re entitled to have your own which could contradict with mine. But I think that everything has become so politicised that I can’t really tell what’s true and what’s not anymore. Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that everything surrounding the investigations of this case has been dodgy. The authorities have not been honest. Perhaps even Anwar’s camp has not been totally honest. But I’m on Anwar’s side of the fence, if there is a fence to start with.


11 Comments on “Uncle Pet vs Raja Pet?”

  1. rajraman666 says:

    This game getting out of control.
    The Bala PI- missing
    The doctor – missing

    The Police and uncle Pet say the leaked out info is not acceptable.
    rajraman.i am very very confuse or pretending with this Political game.

  2. Antares says:

    “Dr Rafick, a fellow blogger, and also a doctor, has his views on the report HERE. He is of the opinion that RPK jumped the gun in his write-up.”

    I’ve read Dr Raffick’s 14-point memo on Dr Osman Hamid’s medical report. Comes as no surprise at all, considering that Raffick strkes me as a diehard devotee of Dr M! There are still a whole bunch of people like that, you know, just like some hardcore members of the Elvis Presley Fan Club who seem tolive in a timewarp.

  3. drrafick says:

    You have a wrong opinion about me. I am nobody fan. I suggest that you read my other articles where it will show that I am a fan of the truth. It doesnt matter who said what but as long as the truth

  4. Imagine taking this so far even though there is still no sight of the complainant’s police report as yet!
    I believe thus far it is YM RPK who challenges the other party, not the other way round.
    His response, if at all, will be interesting.

    Dear Michelle – u wanna know the political truth or the ordinary bloke’s truth? btw have you you.tubed Russell Peters?
    You-tubed Russell Peters? No, will do so later.

  5. humm says:

    I must say I am glad that more professional people speaks up. If it is a medical case, let the doctors opinion be heard. You have a problem with that, then you think you are better than doctors. And, why with all the doubts of fan clubs etc. Let more doctors come to fore and give their opinion. At the end of the day, let the opinion be based on solid scientific facts. Some have big problem with DrM ‘fan club’ Well, they seem to have no problem being RPK ‘fan club’. Why not asked whether RPK is talking fact or opinion? If he is jumping the gun let it be heard. He is after all not infallable. He surely is not going to guarantee you heaven. Ya, the police is sure taking their sweet time in producing the report, which sure does not help. So, heap your gut on the police. Let’s hear their side of the story. Why must we behave like a a goddamn know it all, anything that is least to our liking we call it conspiracy! At the end of the day you can see that there will be die hards who has made up their mind from the start. These are just the worst kind of people whom shall not hear reasons. I hope most of us are not. I hope more professionals come to fore and be heard!

  6. jumper says:

    The medical examination report comes before Saiful lodged the police report. It was also mentioned that Saiful did a second medical examination after the 1st medical report.

    Hmmm…I am wondering what will be the second report test result. If the result os totally opposite of the 1st result then I believe Saiful had requested somebody to sodomize him prior to the 2nd medical test. Well…if that is the case somebody need to help him by finding him a job in Bukit Bintang area where he will be happy doing what he likes…plus getting some extra pocket money.

    This is just my thought…I am now so confused with what’s going on with Malaysia in general.

  7. KevinP says:

    I dont think RPK jumped the gun. He thrives on writing 80% truth and 20% fiction/speculation to sensationalize the story.

    Like you said, what is the truth and what is not is already so blurred. So, we believe what we perceive to be the truth. Like you I am more keen to believe Anwar. Why? With merely a police report filed, almost the entire Bukit Aman was roped in to “investigate” the case and Anwar thrown into lockup for 1 day. Why treat him as a criminal when he was yet to be proven to be?

    I have spoken out before why Anwar? why 10 years later? Why while he is on the brink of success? All just does not add up.

  8. humm says:

    OK let’s say that the second report says positive, what then? Had the first report says positive there will already be people that will say, hah that’s a fabrication! You have already made up you mind. Both reports have to be seen independently, looked at how extensive the test were made. These tests should be subject to independent reviews, and that is up to the court and their defence lawyers. Now, the ugly part. Just because you have made up your mind and speculate that the second report be positive, you have turn into the devil by suggesting that the victim volunteered to be sodomized just prior to the second report. Shame on you!

    Some has already believed RPK 100%. Well I’m sure uncle Pet would also be a believer before all these happenings. Until it happened to oneself, then the world doesn’t seem to be as it is. On what basis is the conjecture of 80% truth and 20% speculation? And on what evidence do we have the entire bukit aman is working on a single case? What absurdity! Listen to yourself. And you are saying all these is because you have already made up your mind from the start. A judge before hearing furhter facts. And it is ok because we are the judge. Let see if you agree with all these when you are being judge!

  9. tehsin says:

    Michelle…uncle Pet doesnt know head or tail of it…I can bet…this comes from a good friend of the family which my Saifool story was based on…Saifool is just a wide-eyed boy looking for some misplaced glory…

    I pity his poor sister though, now in hiding and I hope they will leave her alone (had her studies disrupted by this fiasco)..they had a hard life without Mum who gave them and EVERYONE else in the family all they needed…
    Hadn’t yet discovered your blog at that time. Will read your “Saifool” blog post soon.

  10. humm says:

    Sometime in July I believe there was an article in The Star that reports Saiful’s dad and his sister wishing him happy birthday. Apparently they love him very much and prey that he is holding up to the situation. How does it work, we pity her sister, but making fun of him, the victim. Even his name is being mock at. Yet the sister loves him. We want people to leave her sister alone but we are not willing to let him alone. Now, we can even bet we know his uncle better than him! Please, show respect to fellow human being. A man is not guilty until proven otherwise. Road to hell is filled with good intentions.
    “Saifool’s story”, as referred to by Tehsin can be found here. There may have been no intention to mock Saiful’s name.

    But you’re right. Names should not be made fun of. And man is not guilty until proven otherwise.

    As of now, Saiful is not guilty of conspiracy, until proven to be so. Anwar is not guilty of sodomy, until proven he did so.

  11. arelil says:

    unclu pet ko ni memang pencacai najib n pak lah..bodohhhhhhhhhh

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