Words from my old man

Today, when my dad came home from work, his first words to me were:

Ah, Michelle. What is happening to Malaysia now? They really have to start doing something useful. All this sodomy allegation, Altantuya murder allegation. FIrst Bala goes missing, then now the doctor also missing..

Now some people are comparing Malaysia to Myanmar, and even to Zimbabwe! How can the government just let this be?

Do they not care that Malaysia’s image is now down in the dumps?

If the police have enough evidence against Anwar, then just charge him-lah! Enough of dilly-dally. Malaysia cannot afford to continue with this. Whether it is a government conspiracy, or a sandiwara by Anwar, it is the same. Enough means enough. Got evidence, charge. No evidence, then say no evidence!

It was more like his monologue, rather than a conversation, because I never once had a chance to input. He is obviously not happy with the state of affairs that is Malaysia. I bet most of us are not happy too, and it doesn’t even matter which side we’re on.

I guess in a way, it’s not about being meluat or not. It’s just that almost everything has been blown out of proportion, and somehow we have lost sight of what it is that is most important.

I’m not so “illusionised” as to believe that this case is going to be solved in a matter of days. Anwar’s case has grown much too big, and with more and more grey areas mushrooming, it’s starting to look more like a case of X-Files than anything else.

I don’t necessarily like this, but Anwar’s case, I believe, is an important part of where we’re headed. Because there is simply too much at stake, and almost all members of the civil society have their attention on this case, be they for or against Anwar. If Anwar is charged, and subsequently convicted, our direction would be considerably different compared to if the police have no case, and Anwar continues with his political advance.

Malaysia has been dragged through mud. Whatever the outcome of the investigations, and other cases like the Altantuya case (which has international links), we have an uphill task of cleaning Malaysia of the mud and dirt she is being exposed to now.


5 Comments on “Words from my old man”

  1. humm says:

    It is a difficult issue. During the French revolution an activist was asked by a farmer, why should i support you for all the misery and turmoil that the revolution will bring, and he said; yes there will be pain and all but you will gain freedom! You fight because you believe in justice.

    Jesus apparently said, what would it benefit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul. Do we fight at all cost?

    Yes there will be injustice in this world and in any country for that matter. We shall fight them. But do we fight even if our economy is compromised, people lost their job, flight of foreign investment, and be seen as a third world society? In the case at hand, when the war of the opposition and the government is over (if ever) will there be anyone left believing that this is once a great nation.

    All these hatred will only breed more conflict. That is why i believe everyone is duty bound to exercise restraint and wisdom. In blogs, we see so many hatred and anger being promoted. It appears to be small and harmless but when the momentum builds to a tipping point, we see the outcome of PRU12. Little respect between opinion and facts. Information technology especially enable the world without boundary, and we are promoting the very image of Malaysia to the outside world. Every single word we write shows our true values.

  2. Edi神 says:

    Politics are never about the Rakyat! Is always about power!

    Anwar isnt the perfect candidate for PM but is there a better one?

    Hatred is what makes the world full of love!

  3. malaysiancat28 says:

    So many of us are frustrated in one way or another with the government. That is one of the reason for the so-called anger and hate writing in the blogs. For more than 50 years, Malaysians have survived with all these pent up emotions that we are told not to question the authority. So if there is a chance for them to voice out their concerns, opinions and emotions, why not??? That is if they do not go overboard with what they are trying to say.

    Alot of Malaysians are now looking at ways to migrate … already to depress to stay and fight. But there are still many of us that wants to see a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. That is why we are pushing for change more than ever now.

  4. humm says:

    “Politics isn’t about big money or power games; it’s about the improvement of people’s lives.” – Paul Wellstone. It’s people in politics that is mad for power, and as they say; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Why are we so engrossed about an individual? Surely politics is more of a team event. Unfortunately what we have now make us believe that it is a one man mission. What a country need is a party that can offer what is best for the nation, be whatever that party is. The eastern culture unfortunately in this respect have too much hero worshiping. Do we see this in the more developed nation?

    If hatred is what makes the world full of love, lets all promote it. Its like saying; lets all curse and swear so that we all can be polite!

    Yes there is definitely a lot of resentment in the blogs especially towards the government but in my humble opinion the reasons for it are so varied. Some are annoyed because they felt that those in power has abused it, some say we are not free to speak out and the internet provided the avenue, some more politically inclined person is just promoting their brand of truth…and so on. Whatever the reason being, I feel we should be able to exchange ideas without calling names and imposing our view as the one and only. The more we listen, the more we can find common ground to pave the road ahead. A chinese proverb says, god made man with two ears and one mouth so that he listen more than speak.

    There are social aspect of things that we should be mindful as well. If we are to progress we must believe that we are committed to the journey ahead. Only then we will be seen to be sincere and could be relied upon come thick or thin. How can we stand tall and take pride of our cause when every other escape clause includes the option to migrate? Can we accept others have that option too?

  5. Darren Ong says:

    Glad to know tht u r same age as me because there is very few people of our age interested in national (political)issues. Malaysia nowadays is getting terrible as the corrupted BN government is no longer committed to their duties. They r busy with how to deal with PKR defacto leader,Anwar Ibrahim (eg. seeking for quick approval of the recent DNA Act which is deemed intended to be used on Anwar). The latest national budget for year 2009(which is again a deficit budget)also don’t seem to bring any positive stimulation to our economy(foreign direct investmnet and SME).I worry that there would be insurgence or riots(most probably would be started by UMNO)if Anwar has successfully toppled the current BN government.By the time,our economy conditions would further deteriorate especially if BN/UMNO enforce Martial Law. As a undergraduate studying in KL,I’m pretty worried about this…….

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