MCA polls (2).. and UMNO division polls

That day I wrote about how the MCA division polls were being carried out.

Had a chat with the same friend yesterday. I confirmed a few things with her:

  1. She did check off her name and IC number on the list of “delegates”
  2. Her name and IC were put on the list by her uncle
  3. She was not the only non-MCA member voting that night

I asked, would she consider reporting about this? Like filing a complaint to the MCA Headquarters or something like that.

She asked me: Complaint? To where?

Where can she go to complain about this? Who would take her word for it? Being a non-member, would the relevant people take heed of her complaint? And who are the relevant people?

I had no answers for her.

I jokingly told her, maybe the next time she’s asked to vote in the MCA polls again, she should bring a hidden camera along with her, tape the entire procedure, and go public with it.

Her response made me go quiet:

Tape and go public? If I do that, they’ll probably go through the list of “delegates” that were there that night, tick off the suspicious ones, and gao dim (take care of) them, meaning me included.

They’re probably going to gao dim me quicker than they can investigate the things that I taped, and it’ll be a “no case”.

Her level of confidence in the authorities is quite clear. She has none.

Then she said, she related the MCA voting incident to another friend of hers, this time a Malay. His dad is an UMNO-member.

Her friend said the MCA polls weren’t as bad as how the UMNO division polls were held.

My friend repeated his side of the story:

In the UMNO division polls, there are a lot of different AJKs to vote on. But every time it comes to nominating and voting, there will be “directives” to say that you cannot contest for this seat, and that seat, this other seat, and that other seat too. In the end, you cannot nominate or contest any of the seats.

Reason? Because contesting would cause “in-fighting”, and that is no good. So do not contest.

So while MCA division polls have phantom voters, UMNO division polls are equivalent to ‘no-contest’s.

I don’t know if one is worse than the other. I think both are ridiculous.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. This post, and my earlier one, are both based on hearsay, after all.

4 Comments on “MCA polls (2).. and UMNO division polls”

  1. malaysiancat28 says:

    Thank you for posting about the MCA polls. TOld my mother-in-law about it and she was shock to say the least that there are such rigging of votes within the party. I told her not be surprise since most of us already know that MCA is not worth the Chinese community voting for them.

    Now the reputation of MCA declined further in the eyes of the community…. wonder will it ever dibuburkan since it is already irrelevant to the society?

  2. Uncle Joe says:

    OMG ! Just watch the opening of this interview with the Deputy IGP regarding the sodomy case of Datuk Seri Anwar.

    Notice how he says:

    “….yang telah melakukan kesalahan liwat….”

    and also watch closely his body language. NOTICE ANYTHING???

    Link :

    Thanks for the link. Will watch it later.

  3. ibat says:

    All party polls should use the indelible ink which the SPR purchased for the last GE!! RM2.4 million worth I recall. Let the parties now pay for it, because the GE was to elect them to govern. Or there was no such ink purchased in the first place?
    Since the ACA are on the roll, perhaps we should ask them to investigate this as well?

  4. Raven says:

    If your friend did check off her name and IC against the roll, that means she’s on the membership roll lah.
    Sounds like your friend got enrolled as MCA member but she herself didn’t know it.
    That doesn’t make it any better.

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