Wan Azizah makes way for Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has quit as Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament to make way for husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a by-election.

She handed her resignation letter to Parliament Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia on Thursday, she said at a press conference here on Thursday.

She will remain as party president, she added.

StarOnline HERE.

To say I’m surprised is an understatement. I vaguely remember that Anwar said at one point that the good people of Permatang Pauh actually want Wan Azizah to stay as their MP. Something along the lines of “Kalau boleh, janganlah Permatang Pauh”, asking Anwar to contest elsewhere.

My first reaction: WHAT?

My reaction now is still: WHAT?

Before this, Anwar had said that he is planning to contest in Kulim, where an election petition is still ongoing, waiting for court decision.

I honestly thought he would wait. I guess my mind still doesn’t think like a politician.

So what’s going to happen now? Is Barisan Nasional going to have any reaction to this?

If they send the same person to stand against Anwar, then Anwar’s going to win hands down. But perhaps it doesn’t even matter who they send to contest in Permatang Pauh for the by-election. It’s almost a given that Anwar would win.

Unless something goes terribly wrong.

IF we were to think along the lines of “political conspiracy”, would the police charge Anwar of sodomy now? The powers that be would want to flex their muscles to try and stop Anwar from gaining momentum and mileage. They might also want to stop Anwar from contesting in the by-election altogether.

Now, before anyone hentams me, let me say that this is merely me thinking along the lines that there IS a political exercise to get rid of Anwar. Not that I know anything you don’t, but my deduction of the state of affairs is as such.

But let’s just forget the “political conspiracy” theory for the moment, and think fact. Or maybe “question” would be a more suitable word.

With Wan Azizah now having handed in her resignation letter, how long would it be till the by-election takes place in Permatang Pauh? Surely some time has to be allocated for nomination, the filing procedures, and some short campaigning time.

And now that Wan Azizah has resigned from Parliament, does this mean that they have to elect another Opposition Leader in Parliament for the time being?

Actually, I would have preferred it if Wan Azizah stayed on as an MP. She’s one of the better MPs we have left.

Ah well, perhaps they have their own reasons.

15 Comments on “Wan Azizah makes way for Anwar”

  1. humm says:

    One has to admit that Anwar is an astute politician, and he has used it to his advantage. It cannot be a mere coincidence that he has always acted prior to important events, and made positive actions to influence outcomes. Case in view, the Saiful saga. He prompted about insider information, and then came along Bala. He says that a muslim need not swear to the Quran, and he had contacted the Muftis, then go to Jakim office, then contacted the Ulama from Mesir. And there are many many more. Now, Wan Azizah taking leave. She could have done it month ago when Anwar is eligible to contest but nope, was not necessary juet yet. With news of impending sodomy case, he has opted to contest for the post. Now, suppose we believe in the conspiracy theory, and well we can conclude that he is going in for good and he knows that too. So, why risk Azizah’s position? The only plausible reason is to make any attempt to any arrest to be more dramatic. Get the peoples support to show that this is in fact a political agenda from the start. Smart. The other side is always five steps behind. He deserves to be where he is. But, please do not forget he is still a politician.
    Definitely NOT forgetting that he is indeed a politician. As you said, a very astute one at that.

    Will be keeping my eyes open for news that is bound to come up after this. We’ll have to wait it out to see how this develops.

  2. ramly says:


  3. mad_mac says:

    DSAI has to move fast; he cannot wait for the court decision on Kulim. The sooner he secures his place in Parliament, the more certain they are of the defections from East Malaysia. The lovely Datuk Wan Azizah will be able, won’t she, to stand again for election at some future date? This is the best thing for now, I am sure.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I always thought it was a given that Wan Azizah would step aside for Anwar once he was eligible to run for office. It wouldn’t do for the Opposition to be led by someone who doesn’t even have a seat, after all. It’s not like as if Wan Azizah’s done anything of note as Opposition Leader.
    No, now that Wan Azizah is no more in Parliament, she can’t be Opposition Leader. So they would probably have to elect a “care-taker” for that position, presumably until Anwar becomes an MP.

  5. Jin Hou says:

    If I recall correctly, Wan Azizah said in a Malaysiakini interview that she is a reluctant politician. She has always wanted to return to her profession as a surgeon. That probably explains why it is her instead of the other willing PKR MPs.

  6. Antares says:

    It’s difficult not to view the moves and countermoves as a high-stakes chess game. I viewed the PC at which Azizah & Anwar made their joint announcement on Permatang Pauh and was touched by the poignant drama, sense of auspiciousness and warmth of the atmosphere.
    Both Azizah & Anwar spoke totally convincingly from the heart, reminding us that this is one more pivotal moment in Malaysian politics – with mythic resonances of the ‘Return of The King’ amidst merciless attacks from a monstrously powerful, dangerous and desperate foe devoid of moral compunction, knowing full well the imminent possibility of a face-saving act of savage recklessness on Umno’s part, which could subject all of us to the even bigger trauma of watching helplessly as Anwar gets re-arrested and incarcerated by Gani Patail and Musa Hassan’s goons. And yet, one simply has to applaud the brilliant strategic advantage of such a move – because Permatang Pauh is the seat of the Opposition Leader. Once his candidacy is announced, the Election Commission will be compelled to initiate a by-election within 60 days and nobody doubts that Anwar will be overwhelmingly victorious… even if he has to contest for the seat from prison.
    However, BN will be held in utmost contempt locally and internationally for doing a Mugabe by imprisoning the Opposition Leader-elect and not an ordinary citizen. I certainly would not wish for a nanosecond to be in Abdullah Badawi’s shoes – or, for that matter, to be any Umno leader with ambitions to replace Badawi. From where I stand, this looks like a
    checkmate for Umno/BN. They cannot possibly win – not even if they go apeshit crazy and assassinate Anwar.

  7. humm says:

    I love chess but not when you are treated as the pawns in the whole game. On the one side you have the present government, and on the other the aspired to be. The whole society is being manouvered, and if need be sacrificed to realized their gambits. For the observers who wish to contribute to a fair game, let’s not be just a score keeper. Let’s not over reacts on first bluff and base our observation of solid reasoning. I fear of what may become otherwise, as some wise man said … “You can’t make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you’re doing is recording it.”

  8. warrior2 says:

    Anwar, if I am not mistaken, can only contest after a certain date and that is somewhere in august, thats why Azizah couldnt resign earlier.

    Meanwhile, everybody thinks that the sodomy allegation is not an issue, in that it is a false accusation, it is a political conspiracy. Anwar will actually win regardless where he stands.

    But my point is, WHAT IF IT IS TRUE? Someone will somehow release a tape maybe, or certain documents which implicate anwar to the sodomy are unanimously circulated.

    So, dont be too sure as the game is not over yet!
    Can’t be too sure about anything at this moment. That’s the only sure thing there is.

  9. Lai Kee Kong says:

    It is obvious it is a gambit to avoid arrest. As soon as the news that the investigation has been completed, DSAI changed course and went for Plan Z. He himself announced that he would not be asking anyone to resign for him as there are by-elections he could win. This change in plan could only be attributed to his aversion of being incarcerated. In any case the law must take its course. There should not be any preferential treatment even for a Prime Minister in Waiting.

  10. Edi神 says:

    The timing of Azizah Resignation is perfect towards Anwar accusation!

    If Anwar was convicted before he can contest, is expected!

    IF Anwar lose the Pemantang Pauh Seats! That would be the NAIL in the coffin for Public Trust in Malaysia System!

    What?? Is this true?

  11. Antares says:

    My comment on two comments.

    1. “WHAT IF IT IS TRUE? Someone will somehow release a tape maybe, or certain documents which implicate anwar to the sodomy are unanimously circulated.”

    Exactly. So what if it’s true? A large number of humans I know, including myself, occasionally enjoy a bit of anal sex. Does that make us unfit for fair treatment or incompetent to captain a ship? Being accused of “unnatural” sex and then condemned is akin to being accused of “heresy” and burnt at the stake.
    Civilized folk stopped doing such stupidly evil acts centuries ago. In my opinion, to use people’s real or alleged sexual peccadilloes as a political weapon against them is a zillion times more dangerous and reprehensible than the kinky sexual preference itself.
    Is Malaysia to become like Nigeria where fanatical religious laws almost condemned Amina Lawal to death by stoning for getting impregnated by a boyfriend?

    2. “This change in plan could only be attributed to his aversion of being incarcerated. In any case the law must take its course. There should not be any preferential treatment even for a Prime Minister in Waiting.”

    Good heavens! I’m surprised that entities of such grotesque ill will towards a fellow human still exist. I would have thought in this day and age they would all have destroyed themselves through low self-esteem.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if “Lai Kee Kong” is actually one of Gani Patail’s alter egos! So… Mr LKK, have you ever met anybody who looks forward to being unjustly accused of a medieval crime, arrested and thrown in the dungeon? You intone: “The LAw must take its course.” As if “The Law” was some species of destructive and vengeful Juggernaut worshiped by the mindless masses and operated by an Evil Priesthood.
    You wouldn’t know “Law” even if it gave birth to you on an off day.

  12. domehead says:

    “What if it is true?”!

    You would not be saying this is you had followed the last sodomy case.

    The court proceedings were condemned worldwide as being seriously flawed, yet we Malaysians were kept in the dark because of our compliant msm.

    Where else in the world could the prosecution be allowed to change the date of their charge, not once, but twice.

    When Anwar could provide an alibi [he was overseas], they changed the date. When the defence showed that the apartment where the alleged crime occurred had not yet been constructed, they changed the dates. This time, to be really safe, they gave a whole stretch of months rather than fix one date! They said it occurred at 7.45pm [if I recall] on a day between this date and that date, months apart! The judge allowed it! Amazingly, Anwar’s defence could still prove his alibis!

    DNA! When the defence was poised to prove this had been planted as falsified evidence, the judge ordered the whole mention of DNA expunged from court records!

    Watch Foreign Correspondent and then decide!

  13. The question now should not base on the motives of all these political moves. What is important now is whether all these moves will benefit the People and Country collectively.

    That is what we should be looking for and we should see things from this perspective. This Country cannot sustain further mismanagement.

    I believe this is the best way before things get out of hand. And the end of the day, it is how they influence our perception that will decide who is going to rule the corridor of Power.

    I would say for the time being, Umno still have a lot of catching up to do.

    That’s the way i see it!

  14. humm says:

    In what way are we promoting change that is for the better? Do we guide those whom we think are ill informed with grace, the novice with some enlightening wisdom, or shout in their ears saying how stupid they are and just shut up and listen. We are the all knowing. We have read all the argument and so our opinion must be the right one. Others must just listen. Anyone that has a diffrent opinion must be dealt with as enemies with ulterior motives. es, I can see very clearly how we are really changing for the better. Please continue with this approach and we will see if all those that read our contributions will be with us. Even children will grow up, and they will move on. To great parents they will cherish and visit but to those that continue to shout in their ears, we know where they end.

  15. Oldstock says:

    Hi Michelle,

    It is not surprising to me that Dr. Wan Azizah has chosen to give up her parliamentary seat for her husband. As Jin Hou has correctly mentioned above, Wan Azizah is a reluctant politician. She had to take over the Permatang Pauh seat in 1998 because of circumstance. She made a very brave decision at that time. Do you think any other politician’s wife have the strength or resoluteness to take on such a task? I don’t think so. Just look at the spouses of present crop of leaders, be it from BN or PR, and tell me if any of the leaders wives can match Wan Azizah in terms of charisma, composure and mass appeal.

    Wan Azizah has done her duty, and she has done it well. It is time to let go. And the constituents of Permatang Pauh know this.

    That Anwar would be re-elected into parliament is a given. What he does after that is perhaps, the answer that many of us are interested to know.
    Have given it some more thought. I agree with you and Jin Hou.

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