Celebrating 51 this year

Beginning from today, I will raise my Malaysia Flag up side down as a mark of protest. My fellow Malaysians has suffered enough by unjustified policies and flip-flop decisions by the government, not to forget unscrupulous politicking amongst politicians. This country has gone backward in so many aspects.

The upside down flag is accepted as official signal of distress.

If you have a reason to disagree with the manner the country is heading, then you have a cause.

Read Sheih aka kickdefella’s blog post HERE.

I have decided to join him, as we prepare for our 51st birthday.


..you think that Malaysia is being led by a bunch of corrupted politicians who are only in it for themselves,

..you think that our economy is free-falling with no real mechanism to stop it,

..you think that our judiciary is at an all-time low,

..you think that our basic rights are being stripped by the very people who are supposed to guard it,

..you think that the media for the masses has turned into the media for the politicians,

..you think that the police force is being used against us instead of for us,

..you think you’ve had enough of all this rubbish,

THEN, may we all share this cause to show our solidarity against the non-direction of this country we call home.

I can hear her cry, from 8,500 km away. Can you hear it too?


5 Comments on “Celebrating 51 this year”

  1. Jeremiah says:

    If celebrating Merdeka Day is a question of whether to fly the flag, or not, whether to fly it right side up or upside down, then it is just political posturing. Read Susan Loone’s blog on this issue, Raising The Malaysian Flag or not?

    As several bloggers have said before, the Malaysian flag does not represent the government but the country and its people. What is more meaningful is for both the PM and the defacto head of the Opposition to proclaim a national day of repentance either on Merdeka or Sept 16 Malaysia Day.

    You may ask: Why should we innocent citizens repent when we have done no wrong to the country?

    Not responsible for the state of the country? Really? Who abstained from voting for the past two decades to allow for a one-party monopoly? Who continued to support the compliant newspapers?

    Lastly, who cursed Malaysia the blessed country by equating the government with the country, saying things like Malaysia is going down the drain or we are the Zimbabwe of SEA?

    We can do what we want with the flag or any symbol, but our words of mockery and curses on Malaysia may one day come true.

  2. humm says:

    It saddened me so much to see my flag upside down. It begs me to question as to whether my country has really fared this bad. Are we comparable to Arfica during apartheid, nazi germany, .. the situation where we have to paint the situation that we badly needed outside intervention?

    Walk the street of KL, JB, Penang, Kedah, any states for that matter. Are the people lives so bad that it deserve to have our flag dishonoured?

    OK some people wants to believe that we have our judiciary at all time low. Lets be fair and examine the big picture. Can we say that our courts are 100% pro government or can be bought by some individuals? If so, why do UMNO get deregistered? why do we have close proxies of ministers in jailed, why do courts even hear election petition to disallow election results, why didn’t they just found DSAI guilty the first time round, why do we have so many liability suits against even the ex PM … and the list goes on. Why is it that we are quick to agree that the courts are biased hence the judiciary in trouble when it disfavour us, and yet when the courts sets us free, oh that is expected and fair? There are lots that would want to ride on this notion, and here we extend their gospel truth.

    Lets also not forget that the inefficiency of the court is quite something else. There are hundeds of cases still pending. Ex PM case of 2 years ago has only just going to be heard sometime this year. There are certain cases eg the ex ex selangor MB where one would believe would end in a guilty verdict but did not. Hey, he manage ti get a good lawyer who argue the case well. That happens not just in Malaysia. Not that I am saying that is right, but to say we have a judiciary in trouble would be so naive of the legal system. Further more, all these short comings cannot be solve over night even if whoever will be in power tomorrow.

    Yeah the media is pro establishment. Show me in which country that a media is not controlled? So, what you are saying is tomorrow we have a new administration and all the media will be neautral? Look at the respective papers of PAS, DAP, …etc, are they non biased? Tell me, who shall then lead NST, TheStar when the new people gets in power? In our daily life, do we really read outright lashing by the main stream media of the opposition , so bad that we say we are really a country in troubled?

    The police force has to do with whatever that they have. Do we know what is the ratio of police to every citizen compared to other country? How about their salary compared to private pay? Yes there are corrupt people out there, but lets be fair in our evaluation.

    Are we saying all these because we agree with some people who would like us to believe so? If so then we are just promoting this courty into more mud that we say we feel sad that it got dragged into. In our daily life in this country, i can still see the daily chore being done with the support of the laws, the police officers, and overall decent coverage of news. What ever slant we see is expected of those in power, and it certainly not over the post. If it is, then certainly all the other opposite side views are equally troubling.

    Whatever our beliefs may be, shaming our flag has a very bad taste to it.

  3. humm says:

    see Rocky Bru’s site comments on flag issue. Many feels that it is just so not right!
    Have read them. And each to their own. I can see where their comments are coming from, as with you. But with all due respect, my flag will be this way till 31 August this year.

  4. Mahendran says:

    dude.. you may have all the opinion in the world..but this is one damn thing i can never agree on!

    STOP INSULTING my nation!


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