The minds of rapists

Found this article on the StarOnline today. It was well worth the read.

One part of the article focused on the “why”:

“They often cited, suka sama suka, meaning they believed it was consensual sex,” explains Dr Rohana. “Or they’d say, she was ripe for the plucking. One said the victim was manja (acting cuddly and pampered) with me. But that was the rapist’s granddaughter!

“Some believe rape is where force was used. So having sex with the victim isn’t rape to them. They are ignorant that rape is also caused by persuasion, coercion, manipulation and relationship power between an older person and a young victim.”

The rapists also blamed pornography and uncontrolled lust as the main factors which caused them to rape. Only two of them said women were to blame but over 60% agreed that women were temptresses.

“Even so, I could not help feeling heated during one interview. I raised my voice at a 60-year-old man who took his little granddaughter into a palm oil estate and raped her. Another said, Jika makanan sudah dihidang, kalau saya tak makan, lalat akan turun. Biar saya yang makan (If food is served and I do not eat it, the flies will come. Let me be the one who consumes it).

“Similarly, a 55-year-old who raped his teenage neighbour as his wife had reached menopause, stated, Nak tidur, bantal pun sampai, kita pun tidurlah (Want to sleep and the pillow is here. May as well sleep on it).

“It was hardest to speak to people who had abused their positions of power, like a religious head who raped the teenage girls volunteering to serve in the temple under the full trust of their parents.”

“Most said they didn’t use force to have sex,” she says. “A music composer convicted of statutory rape against his teenaged stepdaughter passionately declared, ‘I am a lover, not a killer!’.

“He said his stepdaughter is a ‘hot blooded teenager who needed to be taught the right way to enjoy sex’.”

Read the whole article HERE.

I want to say that these people are a bunch of worthless souls, completely ignorant and void of any compassion, and hardly worth saving or rehabilitating. I want to say that they should all just be shot in the head.

But that’s probably just my anger and disgust talking.

Tell me what you think.


One Comment on “The minds of rapists”

  1. mg sekaran says:


    Admittedly,I did not read this article before i came across yr blog today…to say its disgusting for me to read what these rapists provide as reasons is beyond me….but what I feel remorseful about is the helplessness one feels about the inability to do anything about rape in general and child rape in particular…..

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