My poor, “affected” blogging mind

This post is triggered by a certain comment I read on Din Merican’s blog. The comment is as follows:

if u dunno the truth it’s better to say nothing rather than making your own story.

Dear internationa readers,

The comment was left on a post that Din posted from my own blog, “Anwar, the media and us“.

Just a little intro to where I’m coming from. I grew up reading the mainstream media. Namely, the Star. It would be an everyday routine, my dad would pick up the newspaper that he had delivered to his office, and I would be reading it during the evenings. First, I started with only the comics section, then I upgraded to the Sports section, and when I developed some interest in general knowledge, I read the entire paper front to back, and back to front again.

I never knew anything about blogs. I never knew such a thing existed. Heck, I didn’t even have a computer!

But even then, back in 1998 when I only had access to the newspapers, I knew something was amiss with Anwar’s sodomy case. No matter how the papers tried to hide the arguments and points that the defence presented by simply not printing them, I could see that the trial was highly skewed, merely by reading what the prosecution had to say.

The changing of dates, of times, of witnesses, and even changing the charges, all reeked of unjust. And that was simply just reading about what the prosecution presented. I didn’t even get to read about what the defence had to say.

At that time, without Internet, and without blogs or “alternative media”, I already knew that something was very wrong.

I was only 12.

If feeling disappointed and disgusted with the current system and government is equivalent to having my brain “affected”, then I blame it on the media. Not the alternative media, the blogs, or the Internet as a whole. I blame it on the papers, like NST and The Star especially.

Blogs are not the only things in the world that can “affect” minds and brains. Anything can influence the way we think. MSM is not exempt from that.

The way they present their “news”, especially their features and opinion articles, are also known to have a slant, some more obvious than others.

What the politicians themselves have to say are slanted as well.

To generally term bloggers as “rumour-mongers” and “liars” is a fallacy. If we are all liars, the politicians are no better. For Syed Hamid to call Anwar a “US snitch” was “rumour-mongering” at its best. For Abdullah Badawi to say that “no general election any time soon”, and then announce the date for the GE on the very next day was “lying” at its best.

I am dissatisfied with the government of the day. I think they have not done their best in ruling the nation. In general BN terms, my brain is “affected”. But just for their information, my brain was “affected” a long time ago. Like some diseases, the early symptoms are unclear, but can be cured with early treatment. Unfortunately for me, my “disease” was left on its own for far too long. My brain got “affected” without anyone knowing any better. The end result is the blogging, and the reading of blogs. The “blogging” is NOT the disease itself, but is the result of the “disease”.

Back to where I came from. I’m still reading the MSM today, albeit their online versions. I still open the StarOnline regularly. I get most of my news from there. But alas, my poor “affected” brain doesn’t buy their slant anymore. I read the news, I read the items, but I don’t buy the views. My poor “affected” brain has developed its own thinking skills, much to the chagrin of the authorities.

I guess in a way, I’m lucky to NOT be studying in UniMAP:

KANGAR: Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) undergraduates were told about the do’s and dont’s of blogging by vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Kamaruddin Hussin yesterday.

They have been allowed to make postings in credible blogs but have been urged to stay away from those that created negative impressions about the government.

Taken from NST Online HERE.

I would most probably have been slapped with a penalty of some sort if I were a student of UniMAP.


4 Comments on “My poor, “affected” blogging mind”

  1. humm says:

    As we grow up we soon noticed that even our parents don’t tell us the absolute truth. It is nevertheless their version of the truth. As with the main steam media, we too learnt that they have their version of truth. I dare say similarly the blogs. Can we conclude that they are bad and therefore lies the hidden agenda? Maybe. Maybe again all the other blogs, political papers, even supposedly neutral organization has their own agendas. Nothing is absolutely neutral, and are definitely influenced by the biasness of the authoers own world view. We all should grow up but lets not judge someone just because they have a different opinion. And lets accept that no one is absolutely neutral and our own writing, even what we believe is the most balanced, are just an extension of our beliefs based on our prefered interpretation of what we read. For every black we paint, other may paint it white, and vice versa.

  2. humm says:

    worth reading :

    Have read it already. He’s a good writer.

  3. Patricia says:

    So much of what you say, is how I feel about the msm and what we get as ‘news’ here. Before blogs, I would read the news and wonder what I was missing between-the-lines. So it was a guessing-game at best, and at worst, I’d guessed wrong!

    With blogs, I now see my ideas and my opinions reflected on so many blogs. And I realise I am not alone – so many others in Malaysia think as I do. What a relief. I thought I was bonkers.

    Plus I learn new things, and have stuff to sit and think about. I had no one to talk with regarding what I thought and felt. Now I feel I have. It may be one-sided: I read, and I compare, and I decide. But I feel like I am in like-minded company here in cyberspace. And it feels good. At last.

    I don’t write on politics – mainly because I feel my opinions are worth less than 2 sen. But when I see something that resonates with what I am thinking, I leave a comment to say so. Not to be thought of as ‘wah so pandai’, but to tell the blogger that I hear him or her, and I know what he is talking about, and where he is coming from. So he or she is not alone.

    And so that’s why I’m responding: I hear you, and I sokong all that you’re saying here. (Took me a long time to say only that, though, no? Hahahahah!)

  4. ewoon says:

    Congratulations on your dis”affected” mind.

    More can benefit from this sanity if only they will allow their eyes, ears and minds to be opened, like you have.

    Continue with the great work you’re doing. We need more young minds to be dis”affected”, too, and fast. You and them will be our future leaders, if not at least be the catalysts for greater change, greater thinking, greater disaffectater.

    The country have been lulled into this insane psychosis for far too long, thanks largely to the propaganda contrived by the shackled MSM with their minions who are more concerned with their “cari makan lah affectation” than the truth and their responsibility to civil society.

    Blogs and the alternative media are our only hope for mass, effective ‘disaffectation’ and harbinger for sanity to return. Stay the course. Never give up.

    Also, graduate with a First Class Honours architectural degree. You’ll have your work cut out for you to help clean up our depressing, unfriendly and stifling concrete jungle.

    All the best and God bless.
    ewoon, God bless you too.

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