Money politics of the highest order in UMNO

Read this on Rocky’s Bru:

At 9.30 tomorrow morning [morning of August 5], Mazlan Harun is expected to lodge a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency against Umno president and Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in relations to alleged money politics.

Read also BigDog’s blog HERE.

Mazlan Harun the second person so far to come out in the open about the “money politics” committed by both the UMNO President and his deputy, namely Pak Lah and Najib. Mazlan Harun is an ex-UMNO Youth Exco.

The first one was UMNO PJ Division Chief, Capt (Ret) Dato’ Zahar Hashim. Read HERE and HERE.

Kaptan (Bersara) Dato Zahar Hashim, Ketua UMNO Bahagian Petaling Jaya Selatan menyuarakan bangkangan menuntut Tataetika UMNO versi 2008 yang dikeluarkan oleh Ibupejabat UMNO pada 10hb Julai 2008 ditunda penguatkuasaan.

Dalam surat pekeliling bertarikh Julai 11hb, 2008, beliau menyatakan Pak Lah dan Dato Najib sendiri menyalahi Tataetika tersebut dengan secara terang-terang berkempen. Disamping itu, beliau menyelar peralihan kuasa sebagai rasuah “of the highest order” yang hanya untuk menguntungkan politik Pak Lah dan sedikit sebanyak Najib.

It is now 8:38 am NZ time, 4:38 am Malaysian time. Another 5 hours till he makes the ACA report.

With the ACA given that extra bite just not too long ago, will they investigate this report with all its integrity intact? We’ll have to wait and see.

But given this scenario, I wonder if Pak Lah will last till 2010 for the handing over of power to Najib, which incidentally is the one issue that will be under scrutiny.


4 Comments on “Money politics of the highest order in UMNO”

  1. snowbite8281 says:

    A case of ketam menyeru anaknya berjalan dengan betul.

    A sad case demonstrated on how PakLah administer the Penang State Government. LGE is too blunt, calling a spade a spade hurting UMNO’s and PakLah’s ego. PakLah in retaliation put on a bullying tactic on Penang State. This childish act will push the fence sitters into the camp of LGE.

    It wont be long before the rich group of Chinese sees to the opportunity to churn capital to get the mega projects going, privatising it in the process then putting it into KLSE later stage, trying to make profit.

    By this thought process, alot of middle class to poverty group in Penang will suffer, all due to the THANKS TO PAKLAH for childishly opening the gate to the wolves. Inside the gated compound are the helpless middle class to poverty strikened citizens. Alot of them are still the Malay Muslim, Pak Lah!

    Stop damaging the ecosystem of Malaysia citizens PakLah

  2. ibat says:

    Malaysia is to be credited with a new political system – “deMONEYcracy”.

    All the things I could do
    If I had a little money
    It’s a rich man’s world

    I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
    Ain’t it sad
    And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
    That’s too bad” – ABBA

  3. ibat says:

    And more fittingly from ABBA:

    The winner takes it all
    The loser standing small
    I was in your arms
    Thinking I belonged there
    I figured it made sense
    Building me a fence
    Building me a home
    Thinking I’d be strong there
    But I was a fool
    Playing by the rules

    The judges will decide
    The likes of me abide
    Spectators of the show
    Always staying low
    The game is on again
    A lover or a friend
    A big thing or a small
    The winner takes it all

    The winner takes it all
    The winner takes it all……

  4. KevinP says:

    Well what do you expect of UMNO/BN?

    SH says, Permatang Pauh election will incur HIGH COST… well, interpret how you like on whatever he was trying to say.
    Elections have always been costly. But I guess this time it would be even more so since they’re up against the de-facto Opposition Leader, and on his home turf too.

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