Yet another Statutory Declaration

Another piece of information from RPK.

We’ve had a fair share of high-profile SDs this year, especially more so in the last couple of months. This newest one is from the doctor who produced the medical report/note/piece of paper that got widely circulated on the Internet just not too long ago.

He has since made a Statutory Declaration in which, among other things, relates to the best of his memory what actually transpired in the hospital when Saiful went to see him, and that he knows nothing of how his medical report was leaked.

I’m anticipating that Malaysia Today will have a huge amount of traffic today, so I reproduce the medical report written by the doctor himself on 30th June, and also his SD, produced on 1st August.

The PDF file can be found HERE.

I don’t know how much this SD and the earlier report on the medical report will contribute towards vindicating Anwar. In fact, I’m not sure if it even will.

I’m still not sure of what to think about this.

Anwar will be charged in court today. According to Bernama, the police are expected to set up roadblocks on some of the roads leading to the court, in anticipation that there will a whole lot of Anwar’s supporters ready to “do unlawful things”.

He has been asked to appear in court at 10am today. Will the police allow him that time to go to the court himself, or will they again take matters into their own hands and arrest him before the given time?

Will there be even more police “escorts” this time?

Will the roadblocks be even more massive than the one that happened during the non-incident of the no-confidence motion in Parliament?

All this, we will have to wait and see.


4 Comments on “Yet another Statutory Declaration”

  1. warrior2 says:

    Now, Pakatan or RPK or someone said the doc was detained for 3 days. Dont see any of that in the SD. Somebody pls explain that to me.

  2. Patricia says:

    Thanks for this one, and the others below. My streamyx’s so lembab, I’m constantly having difficulty logging into Malaysia Today.


    No worries.

  3. KevinP says:

    RPK did say earlier that he had this SD by the doctor and he will reveal it in due time. I guess he has.

    su: Have not been following RPK’s articles too closely, I might have missed it.

    I dont know if all these charade of what is truth and what is not. One thing I know, a freaking dropout allegations have caused the whole KL to come to a standstill many times and had cost the nation millions. I am just about pissed with all the inconvenience that this dropout has caused us.

  4. warrior2 says:

    That DROPOUT happens to be just a person, a stranger. If he is your familly member, I wonder whether you will say the same thing

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