And let the games begin

Just a short post away from politics for the moment.

Today, our athletes will start their battle for medals in the Olympics 2008, Beijing, China.

The list of people who will be representing Team Malaysia can be found HERE.

As always, our best bet is in Badminton, but as we all say, “dare to dream”. Maybe the other sports can spring up a surprise or two.

I think Brian, who will be representing Malaysia in diving, is a good bet. I remember him doing quite well the last time around.

But whatever it is, I wish them good luck and all the best.


2 Comments on “And let the games begin”

  1. KevinP says:

    Malaysia would have been better represented in badminton if they had kept Kien Kiat and Boon Heong at home and sent on Tazari and Zakry. The latter pair seem to be more in sync with each other than KK&BH who are going through some lean times. But in Chong Wei we have a world class player, make no mistake about that.

    Our next best bet would be either Josiah Ng (who has let us down pretty often but still Msia’s best performer to date in the velodrome) or Azizul.. this youngster pack a dollop in his sprint.

    That aside, would love to see the Reggae boys take the 100m and 200m as well as the relay ahead of the Americans, 400m should excite with Wariner and Meritt, I also hope Gebreselasie gets a golden parting gift but he would need a miracle, and eyes on Phelps in the pool as he aim to break Mark Spitz record of 7 gold.

    Will Brazil win an Olympic gold at last in football? Will Liu Xiang reign at home in 110m hurdles? Will Yelena Isinbayaeva break another pole vault record in Beijing? She is fabulous.. aint she? :).
    We have here a sports fan, don’t we KevinP?

  2. KevinP says:

    Ayam… ayam… I mean.. I am. I am. As I felt that in sports, we have the least of polarization and it is during those times when you fervently cheer for your country you put aside the other racial mask that we wear on any other day.

    I am also against politics in sports as sports suffer as a result. Nothing more glaring than the sorry state of our soccer team. Yet, sports where politics hardly present is flourishing: Bowling and Squash.

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