And henceforth Malaysia will become the best country in the world!

I mean, how could we not? With PAS Youth going to extreme ends to ensure that our younger generation don’t get their poor minds polluted by unhealthy culture, we’re well on our way to become the most respected country in the Muslim world. No, scratch that. We’re probably going to form the most civilised country in the entire world!

The last time when the singer/dancer from Indonesia wanted to come to Malaysia to perform her gyrating moves to entice Malaysians and cause stress to national security, it was all thanks to this PAS Youth group that we were spared from any harm done unto us. Thanks to their protests, Inul’s concerts, both in JB and KL were cancelled. Nevermind that the organisers of the concerts had to suffer from major setbacks and losses, it was their fault for wanting to taint our minds anyway.

And now, Avril Lavigne wants to come and perform in Malaysia. What atrocity! Thank goodness the same PAS Youth group are at it again. As they said, Avril’s concert is going to be a great insult to our freedom fighters. Especially more so since Avril wants to perform on the 29th of August! During our Merdeka month! And just two days before Hari Merdeka too! Heaven forbid!

Since it’s Bulan Merdeka, we should all limit ourselves to listen ONLY to patriotic songs. Attend ONLY patriotic concerts and events that gear towards nation building. And make sure you don’t listen to Avril Lavigne. I mean, she’s all about punk and rock and pop anyway. That’s not healthy for Malaysian culture! It can’t be healthy. Because PAS Youth says so. They know best, after all. They saved us from having our national security threatened by stopping the Inul concerts.

Yes, I think we’re well on our way to becoming the best country in the world. Because as far as I know, there aren’t that many countries in the world that ban concerts by the likes of Inul and Avril citing reasons such as unhealthy and uncivilised culture, and national security. The countries that allow concerts like these, taking our nearest neighbours such as Indonesia and SIngapore as examples, are destined to slow decay. We will soon rise high above them, and other such countries along the way.

And when we reach the heights of success, let’s not forget to thank PAS Youth for it. After all, they are the ones responsible over our protection against the wild, uncivilised culture of good entertainment.


5 Comments on “And henceforth Malaysia will become the best country in the world!”

  1. Paul Warren says:

    Now, I was actually going to take my 14 and 16 year old for the concert. I think Avril Lavigne is so talented, and this papa thinks she is cute too, I would love for my daughters to see her live if possible.

    Now who are the devils who think Avril is not appropriate for our culture? Hey, you guys, PAS, just because I supported you in the elections the last time does not in any way mean I have abrogated my right to determine right and wrong and good and bad to you guys o.k. You don’t like Avril, STAY the bloody well home!

  2. Katrina says:

    avril is an insult to merdeka freedom fighters. come one puh leaassse. we have already gain over independence last 50 years…..and avril didnt say anything bout merdeka. u think by banning avril concert will let ppl hear patrotic songs?

  3. warrior2 says:

    The problem with some people is that they dont understand the pschye and the obligation of certain groupings like the PAS youth. The PAS youth is a kind/form of a moslem grouping and if you understand islam, it is obligatory upon them to uphold “nahi mungkar” i.e. to prevent acts which can contribute to undermining/conflicts in islamic values. Thus they are exercising that role expected of them just like you and many others who are exercising your role to demand press freedom etcetc because your values demands you to act so.

    It is not about them teaching you how to behave and how to live and what to like etcetc.

    Ofcourse, wherever concerts/gatherings you go I would say based on my own experience, 90% of them will be malays/moslems, mixing around, gets groped, etcetc. Thats why the PAS youth is so vocal about these concerts because they encourages a value/act not consistent with the islamic teachings. They have to act and it is for the authorities to do what they should do.

    Ignorant is dangerous!

  4. humm says:

    We all want change, not just mere change but change for the better. Along came the election day, and we are out for sure to exercise our rights. And we are very sure that we had enough of the old ways and we just want change. Somewhere along the line, maybe we are directed more by our emotions than our thinking ability. The trouble with choice is that it is always never 100% of what we liked nor disliked. To some, we loved DAP, PKR and all the promises BUT just don’t know what to make of PAS, and maybe seen differently for others. However, select we must. And like all the years that passes by, once in power, once selected, then we will see the true colours of things. Yes, we can still shout with anger and discontent BUT for sure we will have to wait the next election before we have true power. For now, live with what we have selected, and hopefully learn a few things for a better decision the next time round! Like I always maintain, it is not about one person or one party. It is what we are going to have in total. Is it the best option for us all? Lets put the thinking cap and decide wisely. As they say, emotion clouds the mind!

  5. joeawk says:

    Pas politics would make a dull person and a dull person can’t possibly achieve much for himself much less for the nation.

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