Police allegedly tortured a primary schoolboy

IPOH: A primary schoolboy has alleged that police at the Kampar station had manhandled him after being picked up from his school for theft.Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) deputy chairman M. Sarasvathy, who handed over a memorandum on the matter to the Perak police on Tuesday, claimed that N. Logeswaran was slapped on his face and choked by two policemen after suspecting the boy of theft on Aug 6.

“They even tried to melt some polystyrene on the boy’s private part and it got his leg,” claimed Sarasvathy outside the Perak police contingent headquarters here.

“The police also took out a parang and a pistol to threaten the boy,” she said, adding that Logeswaran was handcuffed.

“The poor boy was even locked up in a dark room. He is now traumatised from the incident,” Sarasvathy said, adding that he sustained injuries at the back of his head, wrists and leg after the ordeal.

The police had allegedly picked up Logeswaran from his school at 12.30pm and his parents were apparently not informed about the incident.

Logeswaran was only released at 10.45pm the same day and was taken to the Kampar Hospital at 11pm after complaining of headaches and when he started vomiting, said Sarasvathy.

Full article on the StarOnline HERE.

It says in the report/article that it is “alleged”. But a very serious one. It questions the very integrity of our police force.

This is a primary schoolboy we are talking about. To treat a minor in this manner is just WRONG!

If anything, there has to be some very serious investigations to go into this.

If found to be guilty, the police have a lot to explain for. The particular police station involved will have to see heads roll. The particular policemen involved will have to take responsibility, and will have to face the music.

This is no way to treat a civilian, especially not someone at that age.

It’s making me wonder. Why is it that school-going children are on the receiving end of insults and “torture”? On the same note, I should probably be asking, why should anyone be subject to abuse, be it verbal or physical?

We don’t live in a perfect world. But sure as anything else, these things should not be happening.

Afterthought: I can only hope that this is a one-off case, and that it is not the norm. The police seriously have to buck up.


4 Comments on “Police allegedly tortured a primary schoolboy”

  1. Edi神 says:

    little boy already like this!

    Wat is this?

  2. Patricia says:

    No, this is not a one-of case.
    No? Do you mean to say that there have been other such cases that you know of?

  3. bodoh! tak hormat bendera negara sendiri!
    bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh ! bodoh !
    malu saya ada rakyat malaysia macam ni

  4. Antares says:

    On the subject of PUNISHMENT – and patriarchy’s obsession with PAIN – may I submit this old blogpost as recommended reading? Thank you.
    Thanks for the heads-up. Making my way there now.

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