The Malaysian flag

In my previous post, Celebrating 51 this year, I explained why I decided to fly the Malaysian flag upside down.

I have since received comments from some people regarding the stand I took.

humm, a regular commentator, left me, among other things, this:

It saddened me so much to see my flag upside down. It begs me to question as to whether my country has really fared this bad.

I have given it a lot of thought.

Yesterday, ibat left me another comment:

I don’t feel comfortable with this upside down flag business. If we feel that the country is being poorly run, in ruins etc., depict a flag flown half mast. I feel turning the flag like that is a bordering on ‘biadap’

A reiteration on my part, flying the flag upside down is not equivalent to disrespecting it.

However, humm is right in saying that is has “saddened” him/her. It has saddened me quite a bit as well.

Perhaps this is where I should say that I might have gotten a bit over board, and too caught up with the happenings in Malaysia, that I have come to ignore my own feelings along the way. I was not completely honest with myself, in that even though I felt uncomfortable looking at my own blog with the Malaysian flag flown upside down, I never really asked myself why.

I stand by what I wrote when I first decided to fly the flag upside down.

But I have now decided that I’m going to remove the thumbnail flag from my sidebar.

I don’t apologise for the other people who have decided to fly it upside down, perhaps they have stronger wills and causes than I do. But what I apologise for is my hardheadedness, and in my desire to prove a point, I made a rash decision.

I still believe that those who have chosen to do so are doing it in their own right, and I respect them for that.

But whatever it is, I thank the commentators who have been honest with their criticism and patient enough to bear with me as I continue learning from my mistakes.


6 Comments on “The Malaysian flag”

  1. humm says:

    Dear Michelle, you definitely deserve all the praise in this world for showing your open minded, willingness to say what is right, and to listen to all sides. And I am not saying this because you have done something that i commented on. More than that, you have shown that we all can have differing views on any matters, agree to disagree, but at the end of the day what is right and matters most must be for the good of majority of the people and our beloved country. Among the many sites I have been to, I enjoyed yours most for the balanced approach, not biased to any particular idealism, and encourage healthy debate that we hope will be our little contribution towards nation building. I would also like to thank many contributors here that seems to me among the most sensible people that I feel they also strongly belief in mutual respect by the indication of their writngs. All these only confirm that you have done a very admirable job on this site, and I congratulate you for that. Keep up with the good work!
    Thanks for the kind words. But I’m sure there are plenty of blogs and websites out there that equally allow and encourage healthy debate.

    And you’re right. We do have some very sensible and responsible responses here. I’m glad.

  2. Antares says:

    What makes your blog particularly appealing, Michelle, is more than just your well-written, thoughtful commentaries on current issues; it’s also the genuine warmth, humanity and wisdom you have injected into this blog that makes one look forward to frequent visits!
    I look forward to someday meeting you in person, to congratulate and thank you for the great work you do.
    You said: I look forward to someday meeting you in person.

    Me: And me you. 🙂

  3. Oldstock says:


    There are times when there is a need to make a decision on impulse. No need to think too much, just decide and do it. Act fast.

    At other times, it is good to mull over a situation before committing to an action. To take a few moments to reflect on available options and assess the possible implications.

    You have decided to do something based on what you thought, at that time, to be serious enough to warrant such an action. Some of your readers disagree with what you did. You gave due consideration to these views and have decided to review some of your actions.

    This, Michelle, is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength. To be able to see alternative views and evaluate them for their worth. Keep on blogging, my friend.
    Thanks. And you keep blogging too.

  4. massa says:


    Nope. No reasons here. Question still unanswered. Maybe I should ask kickdefella. It’s good tho that you realised your mistake. It’s a sign of maturity and responsibility. Well done.
    I leave you with this cheeky quote from Sir Winston Churchill regarding patriotism. Maybe we each see the current situation in a different light, all with different opinions and beliefs but nevertheless when it comes down to one thing, Malaysia is all that we have. We all want the best for it and what we can have out of it.
    “When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home.”
    Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)
    I sort of ‘knew’ this wouldn’t pass off as an answer. It’s all rather ambiguous for me too. And you’re right, we all see things in different light, we form perceptions and opinions based on what we’ve personally experienced.

    But the quote’s rather hard on me, don’t you think? 😉

  5. massa says:


    See what happened to kickdefella?!! I didn’t even get to ask him that question. Sheesh. But that’s my point isn’t it. Any act of unpatriotism is now taken to be an act of incitement of hatred and disorder towards the country. Don’t be too vocal or too extreme in our comments. There’s such a thing as self censorship,knowing when to think and shut up.
    Sorry if the quote seems harsh… being in comfortable and peaceful NZ and not here in volatile Malaysia doesn’t qualify you to comment on our current situation. Sorry but that’s my opinion.
    Cheers Michelle. Be careful of what you write. Especially calling Tun a racist.

  6. massa says:


    I didn’t mean that you called Tun a racist. I meant others commenting on other blogs. There’s quite a number of name callings nowadays. It’s getting to be quite tiring.
    Whatever, take care.
    I don’t like the name calling either.

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