And I thought it was already horrible enough…

…and then I came upon THIS piece by Dr Raffick.

What I refer to here is the case about the “female history teacher” who got away with minimal punishment, if you can call it that, after verbally abusing her students. Read HERE to refresh your memory.

I thought it was appalling enough that she “got away” with what she did.

Apparently, things are as bad, if not worse, in other schools:

Sometime in the early part of this year a teacher (an Ustaz for that matter and in the capacity of Pengerusi Kelab Guru) in a Smart School in KL threaten parents openly during a PIBG AGM and warned the parents the dire consequences if they elect a particular group of parents to sit on the PIBG committee. He explicitly and openly in the presence of 200 odd parents and KL Dept of Education officers says that the teachers are close to the children and they can make life miserable for them. He asked the parents to think hard. He made this threat because he was not happy that the PIBG committee that provide financial incentives below his expectation for conducting extra classes. He too got away with it. He was investigated and after a few drop of tears he was warned and got away with it. He was not punished. His personal record was also not cited.

Recently in another smart school in KL, a teacher apparently attempted to strip a boy in the computer room in a school. He too got away with it.

Scary, much?

Suddenly I feel lucky that my school wasn’t like that. Or at least, the teachers in my schools were never like that.

Or wait, maybe there was an incident. I’ll tell you the story, and you tell me if it’s the same.

When I was in Sixth Form, there was one incident where my friends and I were standing on the ground floor, and suddenly there were a group of Malay boys who threw some homemade fireworks down at us. It almost hit one of my friends. Angered, we looked for a teacher to complain about the incident. We could also point out which boys did it because they looked down from the balcony at that time and even laughed at us.

The Ustaz talked to the boys, and then came back to us and had this to say: “I cannot do anything. You shouldn’t have been standing there in the first place. You Chinese girls just stay away from them. Jangan kacau mereka.”

Suffice to say that we never wanted to talk to the Ustaz again.

I quote again from Dr Raffick’s post, and perhaps we can reflect a bit on it:

Overall, the education system in this country will continue to slide. The country will continue to slide into marked racial lines. I want to quote what a former KL Education Dept Head says when issues related to problem between parents and teachers first appeared in my children school. I asked him why he defended this kind of irresponsible people. His answer was. “ …. Orang kita, kena lah jaga!” I don’t know whether he refers to the racial group or the profession.. I dared not asked.


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