The Malaysian flag (2)

MALACCA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi described the act of flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down by as a sign of protest by some bloggers as “rude and malicious”.

He said that such bloggers were troublemakers who are merely fond of criticising but hardly contribute positively towards nation building.

“It is not only rude (kurang ajar) but also a malicious act,” he told reporters Wednesday after officiating the 3rd International Peace Scout Jamboree here.

He was commenting on a recent blog that launched a campaign calling on Malaysian bloggers to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down in their blogs as a sign of frustration and a sign that the nation is in distress.

Though accepted internationally as a sign of a nation’s distress, the campaign drew mixed reactions from fellow local bloggers with many against it.

Taken from the StarOnline HERE.

I find that the word “malicious” has been used quite often of late. Just for the sake of clarity, and for my own benefit, I looked into the dictionary (my best friend of all time) for the exact meanings of the words “rude” and “malicious”.

Rude: impolite; showing bad manners; discourteous

Malicious: feeling, or motivated by, hatred, or a desire to cause harm

The blog that “initiated” this flying of our national flag upside down as a sign of Malaysia in distress is none other than Kickdefella aka Sheih. In fact, I don’t think it started as a campaign. It just got “picked up”, and like how all things that “pick up momentum”, it became a “campaign”.

I was one of the first to join Kickdefella in posting the Malaysian flag upside down.

I have since taken it down. There was no other reason, except that I myself was uncomfortable with it.

However, I don’t think this action deserves to be called “rude and malicious”. Not in any sense of it.

What these bloggers have done, and are aiming to do, is to draw attention to their cause. To draw attention to the fact that our nation is indeed not in the best of shapes. To voice out their concerns about where this country is heading.

I know none of these bloggers personally. I’ve never met any of them, never spoken to any of them, never had any correspondence with them, except the occasional responses in the comments section.

But to call them troublemakers who only criticise but do nothing to contribute towards nation building is unfair.

What constitutes nation building?

Isn’t creating awareness amongst fellow Malaysians about our fundamental rights considered nation building? Isn’t opening a platform for fellow Malaysians to voice out their concerns considered nation building? Isn’t opening the eyes of fellow Malaysians to the unjust that is happening to other fellow Malaysians considered nation building? Isn’t giving a voice to the silent majority of fellow Malaysians considered nation building?

Again I ask, what constitutes nation building?

Of the many bloggers out there who have joined in the campaign to fly the Malaysian flag upside down, Kickdefella, Haris Ibrahim, and Zorro would be amongst the most prominent. And I have been following their blogs quite regularly.

Yes, sometimes I don’t agree so much on the language they use. They tend to be straight to the point, and don’t beat around the bush. They call a spade a spade, and don’t make two hoots about it.

But amidst the sometimes vulgar language that can be downright rude, I see the love they have for this country. I see their dreams of a better tomorrow. I see a desire to bring about change.

Sure, call them morons. You think they care? They have a stronger cause to fight for. They have a greater love to fight for. They have a greater justice to fight for.

In fact, they probably don’t even need me to write this post in their defence. They would do it much better themselves. But what I do with my blog, what I write and don’t write, is my own small version of what I think. They don’t deserve to be labelled with “malicious”. They don’t deserve to be lumped into “troublemakers who are merely fond of criticising but hardly contribute positively towards nation building”

Can I justify what I have just written about these bloggers? No, I cannot. I see them in this light merely from their writings in their blogs which are equally accessible by everyone else. My neighbour might think differently based on the same writing.

However, there are times when gut instinct has to play a role. Instinct tells me that these people have no desire to cause harm to Malaysia.

So, what was it that I really wanted to say?

That the flying of the Malaysian flag upside down is NOT rude and malicious, and was not done by bloggers who have not done anything to contribute towards nation building.

It may not be the most conventional of ways, but in a way, this action has started to create awareness amongst us. And to me, the creating of awareness is the first most vital step towards nation building.


3 Comments on “The Malaysian flag (2)”

  1. tempatan says:

    In my home town, I have seen a couple of vehicles hanging the national flag upside down too – it is not just bloggers who are doing that – all these people obviously have a point to make – certainly malice, etc, etc aren’t on their minds?
    Is the PM’s statement indicative of a possible crackdown on the upside-down-flag-flyers too?

  2. bow says:

    What’s malicious is when the ruling power-to-be misuse draconian law in a democratic country to persecute political and civil leaders without due process of law…to deny individual right to freedom of speech, opinion, religion , choice, peaceful assembly and so on n so forth…..

  3. Well said, Michelle.

    Clearly, this shows that our PM is still sleeping over our very concern over the well being of our country. He is getting too senile till he don’t know how to differentiate right from wrong.

    Again. the country and her citizens is obviously not his top priority. He can continue to lie about this. But i am definitely not buying it.

    What can be more malicious than a bunch of goons lying to its people while continuing to rape our country’s rich natural resources through corruption?

    And that’s only one part of it. What about all those Fabrication and Oppression? Judiciary? NEP? Ketuanan Melayu? Aren’t they MALICIOUS???

    Go to HELL, Pak Lah!! You have No Right to Use this ‘Malicious’ word on Us!!

    Even a young girl like Michelle can reason better than you and you call yourself ‘The Prime Minister of MALAYSIA’.

    Damn!! How i wish i can use expletives here! I can’t because I Respect Michelle for her Wisdom. As for you Pak Lah… NAHHHH!!!

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