Dulu, kini dan selamanya

I simply want to ask some of the politicians to shut up. I seriously want to. If they don’t know what to say, it would be wiser to just stay quiet.

What do I mean? THIS:

“PKR ditubuhkan dengan Melayu menjadi asasnya tetapi apabila Anwar bebas, prinsip itu sudah hilang kerana Anwar mahu undi kaum Cina dan India,” – Ezam


[P]enasihat PKR tidak tetap pendirian berhubung isu Melayu hingga sanggup mengorbankan kepentingan bangsanya demi kepentingan politik peribadi.

“Anwar tidak tetap pendiriannnya. Semasa menjadi menteri pelajaran, beliau mahu pastikan dasar ITM tidak akan berubah,” – Hishammuddin

**Both from Malaysiakini

In response to Ezam. Excuuse me la ok? If indeed PKR was first set up with Malay as its base, and it’s no longer the same now, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good anymore. If the “prinsip” changes from something not so good into something good, what’s there to complain about?

Same goes to Hishammuddin. So last time Anwar wanted to keep ITM specially for the Malays. And now he thinks otherwise. What’s the point here?

Warrior2 (who used to leave comments here, of late he’s sort of disappeared), once left me a comment admonishing me for saying that just because Dr M and AAB once said that the ISA is draconian and negates from democracy, doesn’t mean that their principles can’t change. It depends on whether the situation is right.

Somehow, I can’t agree more with his comment, in this context. (No compromise on the ISA though. A law that allows for detention without trial is a no-no)

And what’s this about “mengorbankan kepentingan bangsa sendiri”? Siapa yang betul-betul mengorbankan bangsa? Bangsa tu apa?

Kalau Hishammuddin nak cakap macam tu, maka betullah yang dalam Barisan Nasional, hanya Melayu saja yang akan “mempertahankan” bangsa Melayu, Cina pertahankan bangsa Cina, India pertahankan bangsa India? Betul ke macam tu, Hishammuddin? Yang kaum Iban dan Kadazan dekat Sabah dan Sarawak itu macam mana? Mereka ada wakil ke? Yang kaum lain macam orang Sikh dengan orang India-Muslim, macam mana? Kena ada wakil baru boleh pertahankan ke?

Ataupun langsung tak layak ada apa-apa hak untuk dipertahankan?

Teramat sangat saya nak tanya dekat Hishammuddin, macam mana sebenarnya Anwar “mengorbankan kepentingan bangsanya”? Mengapa Hishammuddin cakap macam itu? Sebab Anwar kata anak Melayu, anak Cina, anak India semua anak dia? Sebab Anwar kata akan pertahankan hak orang Cina dan India dan Iban dan Kadazan?

Betulkah sebab nak pertahankan hak bukan-Melayu di Malaysia, akan menjadikan kepentingan Melayu dikorbankan?

Kalau macam itu, “Ketuanan Melayu” tu apa? Yang UMNO gian sangat sekarang tu, apa? Sebab nak pertahankan hak Melayu, konon-kononnya lah, hak orang bukan Melayu tu macam mana? Tak dikorbankan ke?

Asyik-asyik nak cakap yang dulu tu, buat apa? Yalah kita tahu, Anwar dulu Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Tahulah kita yang dulu Anwar orang UMNO. Takkan tak boleh ubah kot?

Ataupun memang prinsip UMNO takkan ubah langsung? Dulu, kini dan selamanya, kan? Dulu macam ni, sekarang macam ni, selamanya macam ni juga la kan?

Kalau nak cakap yang dulu-dulu, biar saya cakap sejarah sikit. Dulu kan Najib pernah hunus kerisnya cakap nak “Bathe it in Chinese blood”? Pernah kan?

Ingatkan kita dah lupa ke? Tak, rakyat semua tak lupa. Hanya kita pada masa tu ingatkan UMNO dah berubah. Nampaknya tak ubah langsung lah kan? Sebab Hishammuddin sendiri yang cakap, Anwar dulu pertahankan ITM untuk bangsa sendiri, sekarang nak buka kepada orang bukan Melayu, tu kira tak tetap pendirian kan? UMNO kukuh pendirian, jadi UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya pun sama lah kan?


Sorry for the momentary lapse into Bahasa Malaysia (I don’t care, it’s NOT Bahasa Melayu. It’s the National language).

Bottomline is this: I’m simply too sick and tired of being all “nice” and “polite” to these people. All I want to do is SCREAM at these people, and pray that some of it gets to their brains.

I don’t care for Ketuanan Melayu. I don’t care for UMNO either. Or maybe more precisely, I don’t care for the UMNO politicians who champion Ketuanan Melayu as if it’s the only thing they care about.

50 years in power, and the poverty rate of the Malays are still that high. And according to what some UMNO politicians are telling us, it’s because they are slowly losing the Ketuanan Melayu. It’s because the non-Malays are demanding more and more. It’s because the non-Malays are taking more of the economic pie, even with all the supposedly affirmative action put in place to help the poor.

50 years in power. We have the KLCC, the Sepang F1 Cricuit, the KLIA, and Putrajaya.

50 years in power. We have a high percentage of people living under the poverty line. (I think it was somewhere near 30%)

50 years in power, and non-Malays have to feel thankful that we’re even allowed to retain our own names and practice our own culture.

Yeah, sure, whatever. Blame everything on the non-Malays. We’re the guilty ones, although we’re not the ones in power. We’re to blame, although UMNO has been THE recognised (rightfully or not) leader of the Barisan Nasional. We’re to blame, although Lim Keng Yaik (Gerakan) said that non-UMNO component parties in BN are equivalent to “beggars”. We’re to blame although Chua Soi Lek (MCA) said that the relationship between UMNO-MCA is like master-servant.

Just because UMNO has always been the power holder in Malaysia, doesn’t mean they are at fault for the condition our country is in today. It’s all because of us non-Malays who should all just “balik China” (or India).

No. I’m simply not going to be nice anymore. Not unless they deserve it.

They have had my respect by default for far too long. Now, they’re going to have to earn it.


I was going to take a break from politics and blogging. Had a hard time figuring out what it was that really mattered. The thing about trying to walk in other people’s shoes is that I spend so much time in them that I hardly move from the spot in my own shoes at all.

Forget about trying to walk in other people’s shoes. I need to wear my own, and start walking.


4 Comments on “Dulu, kini dan selamanya”

  1. andrew says:

    The politician (esp bn )are all wild animals in the Parliament (jungle). What a pathetic lot where their only concern is how much can they get out of it rather than how can I serve the peoples.

    Loathe them as you see them especially those arrogant and thick skin type that know no shame and are full of evil. Change is not a choice now and this call will grow stronger by the days as blogger like you continues to share and write on whatever relevant to us until this nation returns to its sanity !!!

  2. Good rant again, Michelle.

    You hit them right at every spots. A good eye oponer post.May i suggest you send it to Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday to have it link.

    Anyway, i am kinda like you… getting pissed with those morons talking outrightly thru their ass as if the people are retarded and stupid.

  3. KevinP says:

    Well Mich… with all the brains drained out of the country we have mentally deranged monkeys running the country. BN after 12GE is still desperately clinging on to racism and Islam to hang in power. My hope is that Malaysians will dare to go down the unknown path as the known path is getting too narrow for us to further progress. Its time for a NEW MALAYSIA.

  4. Wong SK says:

    I’m a regular reader that’s becoming a fan of your blog..keep it up..
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Do share your thoughts with me too.

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