Imam says: Might be a conspiracy

I was just writing in here the other day about Najib following in Saiful’s footsteps, and swearing on the Quran. Saiful swore that he was sodomised by Anwar, Najib swore that he has nothing to do with Altantuya.

Now, Najib PROBABLY decided to swear on the Quran, and in Permatang Pauh no less, to put pressure on Anwar to do the same, and swear the negative of what Saiful swore.

I don’t want to question the contents of their oath. What they swore was between them and Allah.

But when you get news like THIS, it’s difficult to ignore:

Ramlang Porigi menjelaskan beliau telah diarahkan hadir di majlis sumpah pemuda itu pada 15 Ogos lalu, yang mendakwa diliwat oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Dalam sidang media bersama naib presiden PKR Mohamad Azmin Ali di Yayasan Aman, Penanti tengah malam ini, Ramlang mendedahkan arahan itu dikeluarkan oleh “orang atasannya” tetapi sekali lagi enggan menamakannya.

Seharusnya, tambah imam itu, kedua-dua pihak Mohd Saiful yang menuduh dan Anwar sebagai tertuduh hadir di majlis sumpah laknat.

Mengulas lanjut mengenai majlis bersumpah Mohd Saiful, Ramlang berkata, beliau bukannya menjadi saksi sumpah Saiful.

“Apabila kebetulan Saiful tersalah sebut lafaz sumpahnya, oleh kerana saya berada di situ, jadi saya tegurlah,” katanya.

Oleh itu, jelasnya, beliau tidak ada sebarang kaitan dengan sumpah Saiful, yang diadakan sehari sebelum penamaan calon pilihanraya kecil Parlimen Permatang Pauh.

From Malaysiakini HERE.

Hold your horses just a minute. Did he say that he wasn’t there as a witness?

Ramlang berkata, beliau bukannya menjadi saksi sumpah Saiful.

Okay… I’m officially lost now. Because I thought this imam was there as a witness to the oath taking. But if he now says he wasn’t, then who was there to witness it?

And according to this imam as well, the two persons involved, namely Saiful and Anwar, have to be present for the oath to be “good”.

So what happened?

This “admission” coming from the imam two days before Polling day in Permatang Pauh, cannot be good for the Barisan Nasional camp. They were banging on and on about the swearing by Saiful that took place, and questioning the reasons why Anwar simply would not do the same.

With the imam coming out and saying all these, although he didn’t say that he thinks Saiful is lying, still throws a spanner in their works. What are they going to say after this? After all, I would imagine that they are the ones who chose the imam for Saiful.

There are some videos of what transpired on Susan’s blog HERE. I have yet to watch them, so I have nothing to comment as yet. According to Susan, it was explosive.

(Added 1:58pm NZ time: Susan said it’s explosive, and explosive it is! Perhaps the one that caught my attention most from the videos was the imam answering to one question by a journalist:

Journalist: Ustaz, boleh saya tanya, masa sumpah itu adakah itu satu konspirasi, oleh Saiful atau sesiapa untuk buat sumpah?

Imam: Bagi saya, boleh jadi. Sebab ia dibuat sehari sebelum penamaan calon.

If I were on the BN camp at this moment, I’ll be going “Ouch..” Because this has just got to hurt where it matters most.)

I will wait and see what BN comes up with next.


3 Comments on “Imam says: Might be a conspiracy”

  1. KevinP says:

    Mich… the sewage pipe is clogged and its only natural that its all bursting through.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Is it too much to ask for a PROPER conspiracy anymore? One that doesn’t fall apart under the tiniest bit of scrutiny? Sheesh.

  3. BuLe says:

    Tak pikir blog orang indo.
    Malaysia tak taunya….
    Keren blognya….

    Salam kenal bung…
    Lg blogwalking nieh…

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