And polling ends…

Estimates are that 61% voted for Anwar. Could translate into about 10,000 majority. I was definitely hoping for more than that. But can’t put anything down until the final results tonight. I will be waiting. And hopefully, the results are much much better than what is being estimated at the moment.

Would like to take this chance here just to say thanks to bloggers like Anil Netto and Haris Ibrahim for keeping all of us on blogosphere up-to-date with the goings on in Permatang Pauh. I’d say that even the Malaysian Insider did a pretty good job in updating their information.


That aside, I came across two news articles today, that have nothing to do with the election in Permatang Pauh, but seems to have everything to do with us.

One, is that the DNA Bill was pushed up the itinerary in Parliament, and overtook even the debate on the amendments for the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA).

KUALA LUMPUR: The DNA Identification Bill, which is expected to face a rocky passage in the House, was finally tabled for second reading amidst accusations that the Government was pushing it forward.

Fong [Po Kuan] stood up on a point of order even before Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar could present the Bill, accusing the Government of being “hasty” by pushing forward the second reading.

Why has this Bill been put forward when the Universities and University Colleges (Amendment) was tabled first? Is there any malicious intention?” she demanded.

From the StarOnline HERE.

Talked to my dad about this. He said not to dwell in it. An advice I will do good to listen to. Whether or not the DNA Bill was brought up for debate because of Anwar’s case, my belief is easy enough to read. I think this is blatant misuse of the Parliament and their powers as lawmakers.

But my dad said to not dwell. So be it.

The second thing I read was about us bloggers:

Next up: a crackdown on bloggers. This possibility looms large after the government reached a sober assessment that it could all end in tears for the Barisan Nasional at the next general election if tough action is not taken to counter allegations on the Net and hold owners of blogs accountable.

This conclusion was reached during a meeting last week involving several Cabinet ministers and senior government officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Government officials noted that some 400,000 new voters are registered each year. Assuming that the next polls are in five years, there would be two million new voters the next time the BN seeks a fresh mandate. A large chunk of these two million voters are likely to obtain their news and information from websites and blogs, and not from the mainstream media.

Several ministers noted that if the government followed its current policy of allowing allegations by bloggers to go unchallenged, this would create the perception that the information being posted is accurate.

The prevailing mood in the government against the alternative media is one of frustration. After decades of being able to control newspapers and television stations through a raft of legislation, government officials and politicians are finding that their tools are useless in setting boundaries for new media.

More from Malaysian Insider HERE.

Is this their first step in creating an Internet-version of the PPPA?

The cute thing about this is, though, that they have not taken into account the chance that Anwar could have formed the government long before the next general elections.

But putting that aside, I believe that this is another one of those cases where it shows how out of their comfort zone it is when it comes to “freedom”, and dealing with dissenting views.

I’ll admit that there are indeed websites and blogs that present biased views and probably spread rumours and untruths. But I’m sure not all the blogs and websites that spread rumours only spread rumours that hurt BN’s image. There are also blogs and websites that speak of untruths against Pakatan Rakyat and the Opposition in general.

Isn’t this what a dynamic society is about? We have 27 million citizens of Malaysia. We simply can’t expect everyone to agree and not have dissenting views.

The government simply has to learn to deal with criticism. Otherwise, we will never grow. In a time where we are fighting for more press freedom, a clampdown in the Internet is the last thing we need.


One Comment on “And polling ends…”

  1. lai kee kong says:

    if 61percent voted for DSAI on a 68 percent voters turnout, the margin of victory is about 7500. The bookies were right on the money!!

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