Updates from Permatang Pauh

No, you’re not going to be getting any updates from me. The links below however, are:

Anil Netto HERE
Haris Ibrahim HERE
Malaysia Today HERE
Malaysiakini HERE
Malaysian Insider HERE
Permatang Pauh Official Website HERE (But it took me quite some time to get into the website, might be having a lot of traffic)

Now at 1:15pm Malaysian time, I got this piece of nugget from Malaysian Insider (link as above):

1.00pm: The National Institute for Electoral Integrity executive director Amin Iskandar says the election watchdog is unhappy with the high police presence in Chinese-majority areas compared with Malay areas. Heavy rain across the constitutency at the moment.

Some people have commented that perhaps this is done to deter the Chinese voters from coming out and voting, because it is seen as a runaway case for the Chinese to put in their votes for Anwar.

If this is the game that the BN is playing, I hope that the voters will not be intimidated by this. Go out and vote, and stay out of trouble. If need be, just run to the election halls, throw in your vote, and run back home. Don’t even stop to pet a stray cat or dog.

Go out and vote. Just stay out of trouble. Don’t answer to any provocation, be they coming from anyone. If someone is saying something you don’t like, just ignore and walk away. With sensitivities flying high, we never know what to expect.

But no matter what it is, go out and vote!


5 Comments on “Updates from Permatang Pauh”

  1. lochoe says:

    also can get update at http://www.arkib.tk , include features for mobile user

  2. chris chong says:

    how come, didn’t our MCA big lady distribute enough big ang bao to the chinese folks? and that mamak can speak in mandarin and self-claimed as the chinese friend???

  3. bangmalaysia says:



    3.30pm more sms on invading hordes of phantom voters. The last minutes of the polling time is expected to be critical for the monitoring of phantoms…

    Thanks for the update.

  4. KevinP says:

    70% voter turnout… that means Anwar’s winning margin will be below 10k? BN will jubilate.
    Only 70% turnout? That’s not good..

  5. KevinP says:

    Thats what I got…. hopefully its higher… BN scare tactics and using police intimidation and the blockades may have caused immense traffic jam. Am sure some last minute voters are being deprieved.

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