Anwar wins Permatang Pauh!

And with a bigger majority too!

According to Haris:

9.13pm : Din Merican reporting from the counting centre

Final unofficial ( whatever that means ) figures

Votes in favour of Anwar -31,579

Votes for Arif – 16,045

Translates into approximately 15,000 majority.

If that ain’t a clear enough message to the BN that they ain’t wanted no more, then they probably won’t get any message at all.

Thank you to the good people of Permatang Pauh who came out to vote despite the rain and horrible traffic jams. You did good.

And I have to say, the People’s Parliament lived up to it’s name. Thank you so much for keeping us rakyat in the know.

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

**Good night. I’ll be sleeping with a peace of mind tonight.


4 Comments on “Anwar wins Permatang Pauh!”

  1. Just in case all of you have trouble logging into our news portal and our BN owned MSM are not going to announce this freely, here goes…
    Anwar 31579
    BN 15045
    Bebas 89
    Total 46713
    Winning Majority: 16534.
    Thanks so much.

  2. jarod says:

    Same here. Can’t sleep without knowing that DSAI have won. Phew! night to all. AND RIP to someone who will be buried soon.haha!
    I woke up smiling this morning.

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank you for the links that you provided in your blog. It helped alot since most of us were unable to catch the voting updates via the local media (due to BN and its component parties controlling them).

    Just wanted to share with you on an interesting matter, my family and I watched NTV 7 to catch the voting results at 8pm last night and was surprised to see and hear a reporter on the field (I think her name is Florence Looi, sorry if I got the first name wrong) mentioning that she was hoping that two words “liwat” and “sumpah” would not be heard again.

    That is the same for most of us — enough of all these madness. It was a relief for us that Anwar won (held our breath while trying to confirm his victory). Now it is time to really show BN that the Rakyat wants changes to be made and it looks like we are not waiting for another 50 years to see it happen.

    The time for all Malaysians to stand up and say that we had enough of croynism, corruption, lies, etc from BN. It is time that we have a government that is run for the people, voted in by the people.
    Thanks for sharing that bit about the NTV7 news.

  4. KevinP says:

    Anak Bangsa Malaysia is alive and kicking!

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