Dear UMNO…

I write this after having read and given some thought to Haris Ibrahim’s letter to your Deputy President, Najib. If you still haven’t read it, I suggest you go read it now. The letter can be found HERE.

I am curious. What are your thoughts after having read what Haris had to say? Don’t think that that is just one man talking. Haris’ letter to your Deputy is one that speaks for all of us anak Bangsa Malaysia.

What have you been doing since the last General Elections in March? We would have imagined that after losing 5 states, you would be humbled by the power of the rakyat. We thought you would have some resolve to change your ways.

And I think we saw a couple of your people sincerely wanting that change. I saw Tengku Razeleigh as somewhat of a lone ranger, going all over the country calling for an EGM to talk about the poor leadership of UMNO. Ku Li went around saying that UMNO has to change from within in order to remain relevant. Ku Li has also been going around trying to get nominations for the UMNO polls in December.

I wonder if he’ll get enough nominations. If he doesn’t, my guess is that you, UMNO, will never change. You either refuse to change, or refuse to SEE that you have to change.

Other than Ku Li, I believe I also saw Zaid Ibrahim going into Cabinet and suggesting that the judiciary be reformed. And he didn’t suggest a minor change, he brought forward a proposal for major reforms. To return to the judiciary its independence.

Your people in Cabinet have been shameful, rejecting the proposal to form the Judicial Commission simply on the basis that if judges are to be appointed by a Commission, then the ratio of Malay judges would decrease significantly.

This has brought me to believe that you, UMNO, are so stuck-up in your own little tempurung that you have heard nothing from the people thus far.

Yes, there are a few good people in your ranks. But their voices have been drowned out by people like Khir Toyo who goes on and on in his blog about how bad kesamarataan is to Malaysians; people like your Deputy who makes a mockery of the Quran and Islam as a religion when he decided to swear, not once but TWICE, that he has nothing to do with Altantuya (once during an UMNO closed door meeting, where he only made an oath “by Allah”, and the second time during the Permatang Pauh by-election with the Quran in hand); people like Ali Rustam who suggested that the organisers of the Bar Council Forum be detained using the ISA, even before the forum took place.

This list is non-exhaustive. There are many more from your ranks that “smell” like the ones I’ve just mentioned. The many of you who still champion “Ketuanan Melayu” like as if it’s a trophy would do well to read this paragraph by your ex-President, Dr M himself. He says:

To me, it is shameful to have to be protected because we do not have the capacity to compete.

You did not learn your lesson while you still could, after that big wave of a tsunami hit you right in the face back in March 2008.

Will you learn after this second round of wave?

It will be to the best of all our interests if you do take a deep look at yourselves, and change for the better.

But let me tell you this. While you take your time to unlearn the “lessons” you’ve been teaching for the past 51 years, we, anak-anak bangsa Malaysia, will be re-claiming what is rightfully ours.


9 Comments on “Dear UMNO…”

  1. KevinP says:

    Ku Li to me is expired goods. UMNO will have to reinvent itself. The current batch of leaders both senior and youth level MUST GO. If they are still greedy and selfish, UMNO will just fade into the night.

  2. Yingturen says:

    Hah ‘anak bangsa malaysia’ my foot! So easy to create a foolish idea on such wishful thinking and ones pigment of imagination. The letter to me is just full with arrogance. Winning on one ‘permatang pauh’ which by the way is your own backyard and shouting like the whole world is under your feet is just boasting like a small child. I would rather respect silent gratitude than the show of such arrogance. The ‘win’ was helped by PAS who only wants an ‘islamic’ nation, not Avril Lavinge by the way. Isn’t that anak bangsa malaysia too? Stop pretending that you are interested to see change in UMNO by advising what is good. Just be true to your self and admit that your interest in all these are just to see more rights to non-malays, and at all cost! Its better to be true rather than hiding in good intention when your motives are clear to be seen. Who are you to doubt people when they ‘swear’ on the Quran. For heaven sake, stop bitching as if you know what is in the heart of every human, your high moral is above all and give you the right to belittle others. Your biasness can only see what is bad in others as if you are free from fault, such arrogance. It is so easy to attack on ‘ketuanan melayu’ as if your ulterior motive is not obvious. Is it equality that you are championing of just plain more rights than what you have already enjoyed. It is so easy to ignore the economic imbalances that is real. If you are truly fair, why not questions the majority non malays that control the economy to share their spoils with the rest of underpriveledge bumiputras? Why blame just UMNO for when such priveledge does not deny the non malays to be richer than most bumis. You certainly are not interested in equality, just demanding more and more. Claiming under the pretext on ‘anak bangsa malaysia’ as if the whole bumis community is behind you is just so insulting. ‘Anak bangsa malaysia’ my foot. You don’t even know what it means.

  3. Non-partisan says:

    Will UMNO leaders listen to the people’s voice or not?

    I think the next hurdle for Pakatan Rakyat will be the biggest and DSAI should focus on strategy and not be sidetracked by the tactical warfare waged on the sodomy allegations.If DSAI is to engineer a convincing crossover of MPs on 16 Sept, he has to provide a strategic catch – an ultimatum for Barisan component MPs.

    PR should challenge UMNO to review the conversion laws, revamp the NEP, eradicate corruption and race-based politics all at one go by a fixed deadline, say 10 September. If not, this is a strong signal that BN has not wakened up to the new political landscape and thus all BN component parties should leave and form their own independent parties or join PR. This is what I call a moral, ethical cross-over.

    However, BN and UMNO will fail even more if they maintain their current policies. Second attempts to bring PAS into its fold will be an old trick that no longer works on the rakyat much less on the rural Malays such as those in Permatang Pauh who voted for real change.

  4. ewoon says:

    A brilliant piece. i couldn’t have been more eloquent.

    When is our next ‘yam char?’

    God bless.

  5. ewoon says:

    To Yingturen …

    i offer no apology when i call you a racist with this comment.

    Why the sound and fury born of a closed mind, drummed-in fear and unfounded insecurity?

    Common, get out of the “tempurung” and see Malaysia as it is – unblinkered. The BN manufacured view of a distorted Malaysia will take years to peel away and i can guarantee you that your vision will never improve if you’ll never make the first effort yourself. You have been deceived for far too long. Wake up and don’t continue to be dumbed down. Really sad for you bro.

  6. ewoon says:

    my apology. Forget about the ‘yam char’ bit.

    It was supposed to be an offer to biggum of The Thirteenth Million Plus Ringgit Guy.

    ai yah, i was confused for a moment. 😉
    Ah, that would explain things. I’m guessing it’s the template that got you confused. Funny how Biggum got confused once with the title of my blog and thought I was you (I Am Malaysian). 🙂

  7. KevinP says:

    ewoon, forgive Yingturen… he is actually ahmnoren who butt is still very sore from the kick they got at P44. Rudely awakened from their “supremacist” slumber in the 12GE, they have yet to grasp the prevailing sentiments and still believe that its their God given rights to trample on others. While retribution comes swift and decisive, we can just allow these people to rot and drift in their own thoughts and ideals.

  8. Paul Warren says:

    What really do you want those in UMNO tolearn. Don’t you know they are incorrigible?

    And what if they learn? Why do you wnat them to learn? Learn what? ..O.k. so they learn, then what? You will be happy for them to continue?

    Continue what? To rule? But you see, UMNO by its very charter cannot but be a Malay party for the Malays.

    Therefore, it is a race based party. So what can they learn that can possibly be useful to anyone, let alone those they claim to represent?

    Really, what Malaysia needs badly is a banning of all race based parties. Simple as that.

    Tell me. As anak bangsa Malaysia, will you agree, if MCA or MIC wanted to join the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, that they be accepted as a party into the coalition? I know, I will not. If they want they can regroup under what other party that has a political agenda based on a philosophy, any philosophy, I couldn’t be really bothered. But never a race based party.

    Now in this scheme of things, UMNO does not have a place. Of course they too can dissolve and regroup under a plural party.

  9. tempatan says:

    Feel sad for Yingturen and the way his brain has been ‘stone’washed by years of deviated influences from our leaders. I do hope he sees an ortho surgeon or a podiatrist the way he keeps lamenting about his poor foot!
    By the way Ms Michelle, I’m just curious as to the pigment he accuses you of using…

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