Internet under seige?

I wrote yesterday that the government is “out of their comfort zone” when it comes to freedom of expression, and dissenting views. Yesterday in an article found on Malaysian Insider, it was reported that the government is contemplating a crackdown on bloggers.

It seems that they have taken the first step.

Malaysiakini has reported that Malaysia-Today is inaccessible for those who are trying to access it using TMNet.

Controversial online portal Malaysia Today had its access blocked by the country’s largest internet service provider (ISP) TMnet.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chief operating officer Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi confirmed that the block was ordered by the commission. “It is being blocked because we found that some of the comments on the website were insensitive, bordering on incitement,” he told Malaysiakini.

For those who don’t already know, Malaysia-Today was quick in their information and action, and have already set up a mirror-site HERE. If I’m not mistaken, they already knew from yesterday, during the counting of the votes in Permatang Pauh, that TMNet was on their case.

One of the comments from Tony Pua’s blog HERE says:

I can confirm that MT is blocked by TM. In technical details, they hijacked the domain name of MT and made the domain name resolve to, which is going no where.

The alternative URL above is temporary.

It started about 6.45pm yesterday, and today there was a brief period of unblocking, then back on again.

There is no legal basis and moral authority for TM to do this censorship. Those good people working inside TM should do something about it.

My dad would probably just answer me with this: This is the power of the powers-that-be.

I am now shaking my head at this absurdity. I believe that there is something written in the Multimedia Super Corridor Act/Law, that says that nothing on the Internet should be subject to censorship.

Double standards? Or a “changing of the law to suit themselves” taking place? Is this the first step that the BN government is taking in order to introduce the Internet version of the PPPA in Malaysia?

I hope not.


2 Comments on “Internet under seige?”

  1. Surfer says:

    For those who cannot view MT via TMnet or any other ISP, there is always plenty of ways that you can do. And one of it is by visiting the site via a proxy. Do a google search and you can find plenty of site that allow you to use their site as a proxy linking you to any site you wish.

    Happy reading MT 🙂

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