A message from this anak bangsa Malaysia

In my previous post “Dear UMNO…”, I received a comment from Yingturen that goes like this:

Hah ‘anak bangsa malaysia’ my foot! So easy to create a foolish idea on such wishful thinking and ones pigment of imagination. The letter to me is just full with arrogance. Winning on one ‘permatang pauh’ which by the way is your own backyard and shouting like the whole world is under your feet is just boasting like a small child. I would rather respect silent gratitude than the show of such arrogance. The ‘win’ was helped by PAS who only wants an ‘islamic’ nation, not Avril Lavinge by the way. Isn’t that anak bangsa malaysia too? Stop pretending that you are interested to see change in UMNO by advising what is good. Just be true to your self and admit that your interest in all these are just to see more rights to non-malays, and at all cost! Its better to be true rather than hiding in good intention when your motives are clear to be seen. Who are you to doubt people when they ’swear’ on the Quran. For heaven sake, stop bitching as if you know what is in the heart of every human, your high moral is above all and give you the right to belittle others. Your biasness can only see what is bad in others as if you are free from fault, such arrogance. It is so easy to attack on ‘ketuanan melayu’ as if your ulterior motive is not obvious. Is it equality that you are championing of just plain more rights than what you have already enjoyed. It is so easy to ignore the economic imbalances that is real. If you are truly fair, why not questions the majority non malays that control the economy to share their spoils with the rest of underpriveledge bumiputras? Why blame just UMNO for when such priveledge does not deny the non malays to be richer than most bumis. You certainly are not interested in equality, just demanding more and more. Claiming under the pretext on ‘anak bangsa malaysia’ as if the whole bumis community is behind you is just so insulting. ‘Anak bangsa malaysia’ my foot. You don’t even know what it means.

At the beginning, I decided to ignore this comment. Non-constructive criticism, was what I recognised it as. Later, I decided that anyone who is willing to spend time posting a comment here on my blog is worth that little bit of my time to contemplate on what they have brought up.

I found two things worth thinking about from this comment.

The first, is whether I know what “anak bangsa Malaysia” means. In all honesty, I did not even know of this term until I started blogging, which was sometime after the March GE. To me, I was always just a Malaysian Chinese. Nothing more, nothing less.

So then, why is it that I’ve come to adopt this ideology of “anak bangsa Malaysia”? What does it mean to me?

Simply put, being “anak bangsa Malaysia” to me means being a part of the Malaysian civil society context in which I was born and bred. It means recognising that all citizens in Malaysia are “anak bangsa Malaysia”. It means that my neighbour who can very well be a Muslim who drinks alcohol is as Malaysian as my other neighbour who is an Indian woman with 12 adopted children from all walks of life. It means that we are all sons and daughters of this land we call Malaysia.

That basically sums up what “anak bangsa Malaysia” means to me. Not everyone will agree with me. But this is my belief, and I am fine with it.

The second thing I found worth thinking was the downplaying of Anwar’s win in Permatang Pauh, equating it as our “own backyard”.

Browsing through the blogs and news portals, I’ve come across statements from BN politicians who have said somewhat similar things:

Mohd Nazri: Permatang Pauh has always been an opposition fort.

Shabery Cheek: And in regards to his win in Permatang Pauh, I think all those in BN don’t have to feel sad as that constituency has always been Anwar’s base and stronghold for a long time. (The StarOnline reports that they were expecting Anwar to win with a bigger majority anyway)

Perhaps we should also look at those who have talked about the importance and significance of Anwar’s big win in Permatang Pauh:

Dr Mahathir: Mesej yang hendak dihantar oleh pengundi Melayu, Cina dan India menjadi sia-sia kerana Dato Seri Abdullah tidak ada telinga untuk mendengar, tidak ada mata untuk melihat. Tetapi ahli UMNO daripada pemimpin lain UMNO perlu sedar dan faham mesej daripada pengundi Permatang Pauh. Sejak Mac 2008 sokongan kepada UMNO dan BN bukan pulih tetapi merosot.

Mukhriz Mahathir: [T]he Permatang Pauh by-election was yet another signal to Umno to change. “It is clear the voters did not see any visible changes in the government. It has remained the same since the March 8 elections,”

Muhyiddin Yassin: [T]he results also showed that the voters’ mindset had shifted and that they now wanted something which “are fairer, not racial-based (politics) but one that is based on the profile of the multiracial and multi-religious Malaysians. Umno should be prepared to make the change,”

Tengku Razaleigh: Today is proof that this wave cannot be held back. UMNO must change.

“Change” is a prominent word in the above statements.

This brings me to a second comment, left by Paul Warren. Among other things, he had this to say:

UMNO by its very charter cannot but be a Malay party for the Malays. Therefore, it is a race based party.

He asked me:

What really do you want those in UMNO to learn?

Thinking about it now, I don’t think I know. Perhaps what I want them to learn is that the rakyat is significantly different from 20 years ago. That it’s about time they open their eyes and ears to the messages being sent by the rakyat that they must change.

But is UMNO the only one that should change? I believe not.

Like what Paul Warren said, UMNO cannot help but be a Malay party for the Malays. The same goes to MCA and MIC. They cannot help but be race-based parties that only cater to their respective races.

What they should do, in my humble opinion, is reform the entire Barisan Nasional. Take off those layers of self-delusion, and face the music. Change is a time-consuming process that will inherently hurt like never before.

BIG question is: Are they willing?


9 Comments on “A message from this anak bangsa Malaysia”

  1. bow says:

    BN is a coalition of racist parties with umno as dominant party for 50 years, they are still in power since independence because many Malaysians are still racially identify themselves with BN’s propaganda. Until the day come when vast majority of Malaysians willing to reject BN racially based policy and stand by voting them out, then only they will have to change to adapt or die in changing Malaysia political landscape.

  2. hrforall says:

    To a racist oxymoron like Yingturen, read what it means to be in ‘public service’ at:


    Dumb asses like you, yingturen should fit vey well in a racist fascist country…like Nazi Germany.

  3. Sounds like one of your regular commentator under a different synonym.

    Remember when i mentioned about Awareness in the past and the responses that i received here.. That’s the clue.

    Anyway, it’s not worth wasting your time on losers like them. Just allow them to post their comments freely and let your readers be the judge to that.

    As for yingturen, you should setup your own blog and voice your grouses there so that people may come and offer you some guidance.

  4. A country that “favours” their own kind will NEVER succeed. Those politicians who champion the cause of the Malays only enriched themselves. Majority of the Bumis are still struggling with making a living for themselves even after the NEP was implemented decades ago.

  5. darren says:

    i dun really care who is the PM now, what i care about is to lower cost of living, boost our economic and currency, a better education for youngster. more rights or benefits for non-malay is not important actually cause we already get use to it, already 50yrs…

  6. ewoon says:

    UMNO like its siblings MCA and MIC in the brood must change. There are no ifs or buts. After the March 8 GE i have categorically said that these parties are in ICU and it’s only a matter of time before they breathe their last breath. But you and i and us know that the denial syndrome is already hardwired into them. It cannot be extricated even if one tries.

    And i have said before UMNO’s answer for the terminally ill flock is right under its nose.

    UMNO should now morph into
    United Malaysians National Organisation.

    But who would have the guts to even suggest it in the party without being done a Napoleon Bonaparte? It’s sad, really.

  7. res_77 says:

    These bigots are fools. Seen in a larger historical context, narrow schisms and racial compartments are limiting. The Malay race, for instance, originated by and large from what is now the Hunan province of China. You cannot deny history. We are all an ever-evolving, ever-changing species. Humanity is in constant flux, and the narrow limits we place on understanding ourselves only create these imprecise, false notions of race.

  8. andrew says:

    Since you are involved in writing about Malaysian politics, certainly comments both for and against need to be accepted. Don’t call others by whatever names as we need to engage them wholeheartedly instead of enrage them. Give them enough space and time to learn and to see things from a different perspective.

    Most would like change but there are still some minority that can’t seem to accept change which is unavoidable as time and tide waits for no man. Let them who choose to learn things slowly take their own time at their own comfort. If we are able to engage them and in doing so, help to alter their mindset, we have won them to see things in a more positive ways.

    The life that God has given us will ultimately be ours to handle for we cannot blame God for our weaknesses, our morbid viewpoints, warp mindset, evil plans and even murderous mind. We need to learn from others who are more experienced and to avoid certain pitfalls that may be life threatening. Can’t just sweep everything that we dislike under the carpet.

    For we too want to see them being successful in life as this nation can certainly provides for all its citizens with less corruption, wastages, bailouts that have had caused billions to be lost. With a more caring and prudence govt it will augurs well for all. For we are afterall from the same species created by the same God whether we are black, white, brown or yellow for all of us have red blood.

  9. bow says:

    Expecting racist party not to play racial hatred card in Malaysia is just a wishful thinking, this racist party can be in power for 50 years because of this not instead of it.

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