For the love of this country

I left a comment on Din Merican’s blog that goes like the verses below. He suggested that I re-post it in my own blog, with an English interpretation. I’m new to puisi/sajak/pantun-writing, so forgive any weird parts. Here goes:

Bukan UMNO sahaja yang derhaka
Semua dalam BN turut sama
Mereka ingat rakyat kan lupa
Tentang pimpinan yang tidak terdaya

Asyik dengan keseronokan sendiri
Semua yang baik tinggal untuk kroni
Rakyat dibiarkan dan dilupai
Akhirnya tengoklah! Apa terjadi?

Rakyat bangkit terjumpa suara
Kan kita berjuang sampai akhirnya
Demi bangsa negara tercinta
Sebab kita semua anak bangsa Malaysia!


‘Twas not only UMNO that has been the traitor
All those from BN were in this together
They thought that us
rakyat would easily forget
About their leadership that was terribly inept

All of them caught up in their own fun
Their cronies got the best, this was always done
rakyat were left barren and forgotten
But at last, look! What has happened?

The rakyat has risen with our new found voice
A fight till the end, and then we rejoice
‘Tis for the love of our country that we hold so dear
Because we are all anak bangsa Malaysia!

After this, I will probably try to stay away from UMNO politics. Going down this road of commenting on them has been “fun” at times, but I think I’ve had enough. No amount of criticism is going to do them any good, and it surely isn’t serving me a higher purpose.

For the sake of nation building, and what little, if any at all, that I can contribute, I think it’s best we keep our minds open, our thinking caps on, and be constructive.


4 Comments on “For the love of this country”

  1. dinobeano says:

    Okay, su. You are better than me any time,even on your first attempt.You get an A from me.

    I agree with you that “we (have to) keep our minds open, our thinking caps on, and be constructive.” Unfortunately, it is getting more difficult these days to maintain one’s sanity in this intellectually stifling environment.

    Salak is good and entertaining; he enjoys taking a dig at me from time to time. So our New Yorker, Mr. Bean. It is all fun. But our message to the incompetent powers that be is that they have to go. They cannot have power without accountability. Both are indivisible.

    Keep well in New Zealand (where?). My regards to your Mom and Dad.
    I’m doing good in Auckland NZ. Thanks for the input.

  2. Oldstock says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I couldn’t agree more when you wrote : `No amount of criticism is going to do them any good, and it surely isn’t serving me a higher purpose.’

    Commenting on BN/UMNO for me now is done sparingly, as and when the urge arises. Selalu sangat dah jadi muak… if you know what I mean.

    Take care now.
    You said: Selalu sangat dah jadi muak..

    I know exactly what you mean.
    And you take care too.

  3. A true Malaysian says:

    I am impressed of your sajak. I copy and paste to Dr. Hsu’s Forum that I used to hang around.

    Feel free to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum. It is a blog very worth to spend our time on. We need input from youngster like you. Malaysia need you guys and gals.

    Take care and enjoy yourself.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad you like it. And feel free to copy the stuff from in here.

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