6 more under ISA?

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — Six more men have been detained under the Internal Security Act, a rights group said today.

The Abolish ISA Movement, which campaigns to repeal the ISA, found out recently that the six men were detained in July under the law, said group chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh.

Home Ministry officials could not immediately be reached to confirm the group’s claim.

Syed Ibrahim said the group’s lawyers discovered the new names on a list of detainees when they visited the special detention centre for those arrested under the Act. They do not know why the men were arrested, he said.

“I’m quite shocked and annoyed to see what the government is doing,” he said. “We have been speaking out against this law, and here we have six more detainees.”

From Malaysian Insider HERE.

Who are these people? And why were they detained under the ISA? And why have we not heard anything? This breaks my heart. Truly.

I posted a question from Haris HERE. I’m going to repost it again.

Until these men [the Hindraf 5] and more than 70 others are freed from Kamunting [under the ISA], can we in all good conscience find a reason to celebrate Merdeka this 31st August?


One Comment on “6 more under ISA?”

  1. bow says:

    ISA originally was used to counter the spread of communism through arm struggle during colonial era,over the year, it becomes a convenience political tool for ruling elite to silent political n civil leaders criticism,the repeal of ISA should limit its power of indefinite detention solely on militant groups and armed communist insurgents.

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