Erti Kasih

Maklumlah that two days from now, is our 51st Merdeka.

I remember when I was in Form 4, I participated in the Merdeka celebrations, as part of the school. We played the kompang, sang patriotic songs, and wore the baju kurung, tudung, and the boys wore the baju melayu (I forgot if they wore the songkok as well…) in the colours of our national flag (we sat in the flag formation). It was a whole month’s worth of training with the kompang and to get our timing right. That translates into one whole month of sitting in the middle of the padang, wearing long sleeved t-shirts and trackbottoms, playing the kompang and singing till our voices went course. And of course, by the 1st of September, no one could tell if we were Malay, Chinese or Indians by the colour of our skin anymore. We were all truly sun-tanned.

That was the first time, I have to say, that I watched the Merdeka Day parade. From the beginning till the end.

Today as I think about it, I wonder what it is that we really celebrate every year on the 31st of August. It is our Independence Day. Hari Merdeka.

Sure, Hari Merdeka is a day to be happy about, because we are no longer colonised. Most people are happy because they get an extra day of holiday.

But Merdeka is also a day of contemplation. It is a day we use to reflect on ourselves, and what we have done in the past year(s) to improve ourselves as a nation. It is something like the new year resolutions and reflections that we as individuals do on New Year’s Day.

Hari Merdeka is supposed to be a day when we reflect on our past, when we honour our forefathers who fought hard battles to give us the independence we have today. It is also a day where we review the country we are in now, and ask what we can do better in order to provide a better future for the next generation.

Haris asked this question in one of his posts:

Until these men [the Hindraf 5] and more than 70 others are freed from Kamunting [under the ISA], can we in all good conscience find a reason to celebrate Merdeka this 31st August?

I leave you to think about it.

And I also leave you here with a short video documentary that my friend produced for her assignment in college. It touched my heart, and with Hari Merdeka and Hari Raya coming up soon, I hope it will touch yours too.

*ps: Watch for the part where he goes “Saya tak mau bilang dia kawan, sebab saya mau angkat dia saudara”.

**If you can’t see the YouTube thing here, please do click on the link HERE to go to the YouTube page.


6 Comments on “Erti Kasih”

  1. Din says:

    Where is the video doc? I admire your thought. Stay positive!
    The video is right there, isn’t it? Youtube video.

  2. galadriel says:


    tomorow, I’ll go back to my parents’ home and fall at their feet for their forgiveness and blessings. I have not seen them for nearly a month cos work kept me away, though we speak on the phone often.
    You made me realise how much they yearn for their kids’love.

    whoever and wherever you are, God bless u.
    Selamat Hari Merdeka.
    galadriel, we’re sisters. 🙂

    God bless you too.

  3. Din says:

    What’s your e-mail?

  4. Michelle,

    As a dad to two daughters around your age, it is every parents’ wish that their children would grow into fine people like what you have shown me thus far. Full of Wisdom And Compassion and knowing the Right from Wrong.

    Your parents should feel proud as i would when i see my children turning out to be fine individual.

    Nevertheless, i still feel proud knowing a fine blogger like you..

    Go tell Papa and Mama.. Uncle Whisperer Salute Them Wholeheartedly!!
    You have me all blushing now.. Thanks.

  5. Ginger says:

    I couldn’t stop my tears when I watched this clip.
    It reminds me of the old folks that we visit every week.
    They keep to themselves with no expression on their faces. All they ever wanted is a bit of patience and concern from their grown children.
    What has become of us? Abandoning the parents who would never hesitate to protect us whenever we felt unsafe and took care of us when we were not feeling well.
    It’s so sad……………
    It is sad. But thanks to people like you, at least they have visitors to keep them company. God bless.

  6. bow says:

    Our country is nearing 51 years old but our struggles toward an equal and free society continue, Malaysia record on individual liberty and justice are nowhere close to true democratic country like USA, let’s all Malaysians remember to defend their rights and liberty in this Merdeka day.

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