My Merdeka candlelight vigil

This was for the ISA detainees who couldn’t celebrate Merdeka yesterday. It may not look like it, but the candles are supposed to form the bars of a prison cell. May we put this draconian act that allows for indefinite detention, into indefinite detention.

My prayers are with them always.


2 Comments on “My Merdeka candlelight vigil”

  1. basho says:

    As long as they are incacerated without trial then none of us are free. Freedom in Malaysia is illusory if it can be taken away from anyone of us without justification.

    Their struggle is our struggle.

  2. Bow says:

    ISA should be repealed and not abolished. It should only be used on militants organizations like suspected communist insurgent and terrorist groups. Government should only have the power to detain them indefinitely after acquire the court order with substantial proof of engaging in activities threaten national security and peace. During period of detention, government must be in the process of charging them in court under our security law under the purview of our judiciary.

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