Ahmad slaps Najib right in the face

Ahmad is reported to have said:

“Why should I apologise? I didn’t do anything wrong. Those who do wrong should apologise but I haven’t done anything,”

Najib said that day:

It is totally unwarranted


I describe the statement as something that Umno and the Government very much regret

I didn’t regard Najib’s apology as a real one. But certainly with Ahmad saying that he did nothing wrong, and has nothing to apologise for, Najib’s “apology” is now left hanging.

Wonder what Najib has to say about this now?


6 Comments on “Ahmad slaps Najib right in the face”

  1. bangmalaysia says:


    Uncle Kit recently exposed Biro Tatanegara (BTN)racist indoctrination programme which every government scholar, civil servant, PTD officers etc has to undergo. Uncle Kit also has called the government to disband this hateful and despicable racist programmes by them.

    This hate programmes are particularly undermining the objectives of Bangsa Malaysia. See:


    I do your assistance and the assistance of all bloggers to assist in putting a stop to this nonsense once and for all.


  2. i dont know what Najib has to say about this,but i have this to say to Najib… Give the HOMO MORONUS a show cause letter!

  3. Kevin Phang says:

    Yeah.. Najib got slapped and AAB was waiting… and no action forthcoming from Najib to deal with this fler… maybe he wants to be righteous and offer Ahmad to slap him on the other cheek? Maybe?
    Quite honestly, I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used to this coming from the likes of them, or if I’ve just had about enough from them. Either way, it has got to stop.

  4. Rakyat Jelata says:

    Ini adalah amat jelas sekali perlaksanaan dwi-piawai (Double Standard) oleh BN
    Adakah Dato Ahmad Ismail berhak bercakap apa saja oleh sebab beliau ahli UMNO?
    Adakah ini merupakan satu lagi “Keistimewaan” kepada ahli UMNO?

    Semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira bangsa dan latar belakang harus bangkit
    membantah sekeras-kerasnya percakapan Ahmad Ismail & pemimpin UMNO yang tidak bertindak.

    Rakyat menyeru supaya bebaskan tokoh Hindaf ataupun penjarakan Dato Ahmad Ismail sekali.

  5. bow says:

    These two BN leaders are so weak that they even need to apologize for a middle level leader’s stupid statement, how are they going to stop racist and religious extremist from causing trouble in Malaysia?

  6. stcin says:

    Finally, the sial BN @#$%^&* losted by 2631 = thanks to ppls like ahmad lah, sil& kerisman lah, ‘i NO no ingris one’ lah, malacca cm lah, botak lah, rosman & zzzz lah,
    ‘dun like polis here dun come’ lah, ….lagi&lagi ….
    countless ….!!


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