Enough of racial discrimination

Bangmalaysia has left me a comment for us bloggers to unite in the call to disband the Biro Tatanegara (BTN), which has time and time again seen complaints after complaints about the racial discrimination that it not only allows, but encourages and disseminates to unsuspecting students.

Refer the Lim Kit Siang’s message HERE:

Veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to disband the Biro Tatanegara (BTN) for undermining national unity.

The Ipoh Timur MP faulted Abdullah for retaining the BTN, an agency within his own department, eventhough he claimed it undermined national unity.

“The BTN had been assaulting the national ‘bulwark’ and chipping away the Malaysian ‘cornerstone’ in the past quarter of a century, with its unrelenting and unashamed purveying of racist poison among government servants, PTD scholars, university students and youths — using public funds running at RM76.3 million last year and RM72 million next year — to destroy the public policy of creating a Bangsa Malaysia out of the diverse peoples of Malaysia,” he said.

He described the BTN as “a Trojan Horse in the Prime Minister’s Department which undermines and subverts the Prime Minister’s National Day message of national unity and solidarity and Vision 2020 objective of Bangsa Malaysia.”

In a blog post yesterday, Kit Siang posted a letter from one very frustrated and angered parent of a child who was subjected to BTN’s indoctrination:

As part of the course (A BTN 5-day camp programme), which is mandatory before they are sent overseas, all non-Malays are segrgated and given lectures on the history of the country and how the immigration of the Chinese and Indians had taken place. And finally how the Chinese and Indians were given citizenship. The Malays too had their own similar sessions.

The instructors blatantly told them that they should not question the rights and privileges of the Malays as the non-Malays should be thankful that they were given citizenship status and a place to stay on their soil. My daughter together with the other non-Malay students was shocked and went back to their dormitories depressed. And to the Malay students, the instructors told them to be aware of this fact and not to mix too freely with the non-Malays.

A Malay friend of my daughter came back crying to the dormitory saying that she could not take the racist position taken by the government authority. My daughter then began questioning the bumiputra policy and was disgusted with such blatant indoctrination. This incident has also made the students harbour anger and resentment. Their fear for the authorities and losing their scholarships made them keep their cool. I am not exaggerating here – ask all the JPA students to write in anonymously and you will know the truth.

If this doesn’t make you sad and angry, I don’t know what will.

Isn’t it time we put all this “racial difference” and “this is my land, and be thankful that you are even allowed to be a citizen” nonsense in the rubbish bin where it rightfully belongs?


2 Comments on “Enough of racial discrimination”

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    Thanks Michelle, boy that was quick.

    This whole BTN issue hurts me a lot because I was also a victim of this racist subversion by BTN.
    There can only be victims if we allow ourselves to be victimised. Let’s just stop letting these things happen.

  2. Tan says:

    I just completed BTN last 5 days. It is the totally the same wit what have said above. I feel depressed , sad and angry why Malaysia is still like that. They are very racist and extremism.

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