Questioning the citizenship of Chinese Malaysians

Ahmad said this:

“If the Chinese can question the special rights of the Malays, the Malays can also question the citizenship of the Chinese.”

I’ve previously said that nothing should be beyond intellectual discourse.

So let me put this straight. Ahmad is now questioning the “citizenship of the Chinese”.

For clarification purposes, I’ve looked up the definition of the word “citizen” in the dictionary.

Citizen: (1) an inhabitant of a city or town, (2) a native of a country or state, or a naturalised member of it.

Inhabitant: a person or animal that lives permanently in a place

Native: a person born in a certain place (there were others, but this one is sufficient to make the point I’m making)

Naturalise: to confer citizenship on (a foreigner)

Yes. In the history of Tanah Melayu, the Chinese CAME from China. Hence why they were called Chinese to start off with. And contrary to what some people would want us to believe, the Chinese did not only start coming to Tanah Melayu during the British rule. They were found abundantly in Melaka, even before the Portugese came.

But that is NOT THE POINT!

The point is, we have all sorts of people who have become citizens of Malaysia. Be they naturalised members, meaning first generation Malaysians, or immigrants, if you want to call them that. Or be they “natives” in the sense that Malaysia is THE country that they were born in, and is the only country that they relate to.

There is no question involved in the citizenship of non-Malays in Malaysia. We are all citizens of Malaysia, through and through. And as citizens of Malaysia, we are all entitled to equal rights as protected under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, just as how we are all under the same laws of Malaysia.

Now, Ahmad. Have I answered your “question”? Or are you waiting for the likes of MCA and Gerakan to give you a “reply”? I seriously doubt you’re going to get even a hiccup out of them though.

**And just a little note to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, this is the PENANG UMNO we’re talking about here, who has come out full force to support Ahmad Ismail. It’s the UMNO that’s supposed to come under YOU! Where now, are you going to put your face?


5 Comments on “Questioning the citizenship of Chinese Malaysians”

  1. Syazwan says:

    Yes Badawi is probably not in control. He is so weak as a leader that he can’t even get hold or call Ahmad when he went missing for a few days. Imagine that, a PM cannot call his own people…The PM is lost in his own world.

  2. Bert says:

    Some Malays are also not come from Tanah Melayu, from Sejarah Form1 and Form2, you can see that Bugis are come from INDONESIA. Bugists stay in Selangor and naturalized to become Malays here . So, apparently, stupid and uneducated persons like Ahmad Ismail are talking nonsense and do nothing…just hurting other uneducated persons. Stupid Ahmad Ismail, he thinks PM will continue support his “Pendatang” nonsense…hope that PM and Yang di-Pertuan Agong will get mad and …throw him into jail.

  3. Paul Warren says:

    The Star today reports Ahmad’s statement where he says: ““I am not denying that I made the statement but I had merely said that the Chinese were squatters in the country then because that is a fact and furthermore, at that point in my speech, I was referring to the pre-Merdeka days,” he said.”

    Now, this statement of his was only reported by the Chinese Press.

    Honestly, right now I would like to see or hear a recording of what he said. Because if had indeed said what he reports here to have said, then indeed a totally unnecessary storm may have be raised over this matter.

    It is not unusual for spinning things out of contexts. Or for that matter if only part of this speech was registered in that reporter’s head then obviously the reporting would come out as it did.

    If reporter’s version was the correct one and it was correctly reported in the context that it was then Ahmad would need to apologise. However, if Ahmad’s version here was indeed how he had presented his speech, the we all owe him an apology.

    I should nevertheless not ignore the fact that the response from the Chinese based parties especially, as well as the UMNO leadership, might have been the correct one at the time based on the version and context reported by the Chinese Paper reporter as well as all the others based on that reporting.

    However, at this time, as Ahmad as now stated the context in which he said what he said and the time reference to which he said what he had said, this throws the spanner into the works.

    At this time, until a recording of the speech is published, video or audio, I think we got to rein in the horses.

    Meanwhile, it has to be said that if Gerakan and MCA have taken the stand that they have, is that because they have assumed that they now can afford to take such a stand? Is it because they think UMNO and its leadership is now weak?

    The forced the issue and Najib came out apologising. Now if audio and video recordings can prove Ahmad to right, then I will have to warn both MCA and Gerakan that they are going to be taken to task by UMNO for pushing it without first establishing anything. After all everyone was only relying on the Chinese paper report. Problem of course is Najib was on the stage when these words were spoken. He should have known the context in which they were spoken. unless of course he was thinking of Rosmah while on stage. Assuming he knew of the context, why then did he apologise?

    Obviously the apology has put UMNO in a certain unfavourable position. Was that by design or am I giving too much credit to UMNO for their level of intelligence?

    So many more postulations. But for the immediate next step I think we got to force out a video or audio recording. not that UMNO deserves any quarter from anyone. But I think we got to make sure we have not been misled.

  4. Rakyat Jelata says:

    To Begin with….

    Parameswara who established the Malacca Sultanate was a migrant from Indonesia.
    Today, the Sultan & royalties of Perak are all his decendences.

    The Indonesian’s Bugis immigrated & rule Selangor.
    The Indonesian’s Minangkabau immigrated & rule N.Sembilan.

    It is obvious that everyone came from somewhere sometime in the past, not just the Chinese & Indian.
    But today, we are all MALAYSIAN.

    So please stop talking & emphasizing on the Chinese & Indian as immigrant.
    All Malysian deserve to be treated equally.

  5. crisscross says:

    I’m actually so sick of people trying to be what they are not…Please lah….Chinese decendents of mainland china….correct me if I’m wrong???? It seems that you can find chinese people all over the world and they are citizens of every country .(where there’s money to be made). In all the continent they have crept into, they are citizens of that country, correct? So does that make them own the world or they are citizens of the world? and with that, do they have a right to the world.

    Is there a difference between an american or british or canadian or australian compared to a chinese american, chinese british or canadiqan chinese or a australian chinese???? The hell there is of course, the colours of their skin and name….and roots….numbskulls – the chinese come from CHINA, thats where they started from < GOD made them in CHINA not in Americas, Europe Australia, Arabia, Africa and certainly not in Malaya. They are wanderers, looking for wealth cos’ they aren’t enough back in the mainland. From this simple events you can say that there is a differance and that you are a wandering lot, aren’t you all. I am yet to see a US Chinese American Senator? or a british Chinese MP or a Chinese-French Minister????? Yeh man citizenship does not mean you are native…ya? it’s a just a passport…But only in malaysai it has to happen, there are chjinese minister and Mp’s and everything else.. The malay are so so so…. that they even gave an island temasek to the chinese. I hope they won’t be duped in giving Penang away too. Are they turning Persekutuan Tanah Melayu into A republik too, maybe in their 100 years dominance programm. Shit who knows.???

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