Knee-jerk reactions will do no good

There were a couple of comments from Haris’ post HERE that I think are well worth thinking over:

Viveg: The situation in Penang worries me. It seems to me that they are trying to create a massive racial friction here. MCA/Gerakan maybe in cahoots with UMNO in this drama. With Ahmad Ismail refusing to apologise, MCA/Gerakan may organise rallies to high to move the racial friction a notch higher. This may create an explosive situation that BN could exploit to trigger riots and declare emergency. We need to urge all Malaysians not to attend any rally that has racial intonations be it called by MCA, Gerakan, or UMNO. They may even resort to using Pakatan Rakyat perties names to achieve their objective.

They are desperate for anything to save them and this could be just what they are looking for.

The Simple Man: This Ahmad guy, the arrogance of the Penang Umno and sometimes sharp and sometimes senile Tun just leave a bad taste in the mouth. My hope and prayer is that this issue won’t escalate into anything undesireable.

My advise to the our Chinese brothers, show greater wisdom and forgive for the greater good of the nation. Don’t let an idiot like this take you to his level.

In my previous post HERE, I said that nothing should be above intellectual discourse. And I also concluded that there is no question about the citizenship of the non-Malays in Malaysia. When I say that there is no question about the citizenship of the non-Malays, it goes for the Malays as well.

There is no point, I repeat, NO POINT, going after the Malays and saying that they are also “pendatang”. Where in the world would this kind of argument take us?

Probably back to 1969, or 1987, if that’s where you want to go.

We are all Malaysians. Anak bangsa Malaysia. No question about it, no matter what.

Let not the “people up there” dictate our feelings for our brothers and sisters of Malaysia. Let not the “powers-that-be” pit us against each other.

Believe, BELIEVE and KNOW that we are all Malaysians. And as Malaysians, we must protect what we hold dearest. Our brothers and sisters of this nation.


7 Comments on “Knee-jerk reactions will do no good”

  1. KevinP says:

    Confirm the move. My dad witnessed a “demonstration” in Kulim at about 2pm by a bunch of people to “protest” for an apology from the racist bigot.

    For me, whether he apologises or not does not matter now, most important thing is we know what type of person he is.. a racist bigot.
    Thanks for the alert. Let’s hope we keep our wits with us. Nothing untoward happened, I hope? Do keep me posted.

  2. jeff says:

    Malaysians need to be careful of BN especially umno dirty trick after poor election result, they are trying to play out the same scenario during may 13th racial killing to give them an excuse for emergency rule, Viveg is right on that account….everyone need to take that advice seriously, keep out of any rally organize by BN parties.

  3. Antares says:

    Ahmad Ismail’s outburst has little to do with “bangsa” or “agama” and everything to do with losing out on lucrative contracts for his company, Peninsular Metal Works Sdn Bhd – which would have been one of the main contractors had the PORR project not been shelved after Gerakan lost Penang to DAP. Abdullah Badawi happens to be a shareholder in a couple of companies linked to PMW Sdn Bhd. Apart from losing face, these Umno warlords realize they’re on the verge of losing their political milk cow. We can expect a few hysterical reactions and several public tantrums. If nobody gets stirred up these Umno storms in a shitbucket will subside out as quickly as they erupted. Put your energy, focus and will into getting Pakatan Rakyat in power on 916, if possible, or shortly thereafter!

  4. Kevin Phang says:

    Nothing untoward. Just a bunch of morons asking for apology. I really wonder if the only thing that we know is to seek apology. For me, it shows his colours and we as Malaysians collectively must eradicate these mofos from being anywhere near the power. AAB with his tail between his legs accepted his explanation. Whether its before or after independence, there is no right in calling anyone “squatters”. To me that idiot is an idiot and a very big one at that.

  5. patriot says:

    “There is no point, I repeat, NO POINT, going after the Malays and saying that they are also “pendatang”. Where in the world would this kind of argument take us?”

    So very true, because the “malays” will never want to accept the fact that their ancestors too came from another land (Middle East, Turkey, India, Indonesia, etc) like the Chinese, Indian and Portuguese. Just a matter of timing.
    Even a first generation Indonesian/Muslim

  6. meow says:

    what load of rubish. why not extend to the begining of time. Use the out of africa theory and call all chinese, indians, europeans are actually africans!

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