If 916 really happens…

… UMNO Youth Secretary predicts THIS:

“If Sept 16 does occur, it will not be a surprise if Barisan supporters go to the streets to challenge the legitimacy of a government formed through undemocratic means. And all this is because Anwar wants to be Prime Minister.”



The PROTES rally: Illegal
The Penguin March: Illegal
The BERSIH rally: Illegal
The Hindraf rally: Illegal
The Black 14 rally: Illegal

The BN “challenge of legitimacy of Anwar’s govt” rally: Legal?


3 Comments on “If 916 really happens…”

  1. meow says:

    i sometimes wonder what your intentions are when writing such narrow interpretation of matter. One can easily show that ‘the other side’ too has all the inconsitencies that you try to potray with ‘this side’. Example, when hindraf calls malay chauvenist they are not shouted as racist, when pkr fella go against bar council no actions taken until now, when karpal go against perak royalty no comments at all, when limkitsiang asked pahang adun to be suspended from duty until ACA review..the same is not applied to pkr mp for perak under ACA court charges…etc etc.

    so it appears that you are just gunning down the people to just support your side. you give the picture that you are not interested in fair and just but just to promote that you favour. i wonder what is truly the purpose of this site.
    The purpose of this blog, as I’ve written previously, is simply to put into words what my own opinions are. We cannot all agree on everything.

    The inconsistencies that you’ve pointed out, I do not deny. But there is only so much that I can write about. And I also don’t deny that I hold support for one side. You also, I would think, have chosen your own side to stand on.

    Perhaps there is a chance that we can agree to disagree?

  2. KevinP says:

    Michelle, this just proves one thing. There are 2 sets of laws governing this country. Umno for all they are worth has been living in denial mode since 308.

    They still think that threatening people with 1969 hoping that will invoke fear… and I think they are trying to cause another 1969 going by the bigot’s statement in Penang. Now that is cause for concern. We Malaysians must be steadfast in remaining peaceful.

  3. meow says:

    No doubt that it is your right to put into words what you want to express your opinion about. After all it is your site. It is your right too to take sides. If there is one side that I have taken it is the side to tell a fair account of things. Unfortunately by your own admission, you have taken sides and paint that side’s picture alone, never mind whether it is fair or not. On that account I find it hard to understand why someone who seems to screams for fairness and yet compromises it at its convenience. You may find that acceptable but I guess here we can agree to disagree.

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