A conversation with Dad

Dad: This Ahmad thing is getting out of hand lah. When is UMNO finally going to make a decision on what to do with this fella?

Me: I think they have a supreme council meeting happening soon. Reported that they’re going to make the decision during the meeting. Wonder what they will decide…

Dad: At this rate, nothing short of firing Ahmad would do. I mean, he’s made it go from bad to worse! It wasn’t even this bad to start with! Especially now after the second press conference.

Me: But then 13 UMNO branches in Penang came out to support him. So then is Abdullah supposed to fire all of them? How can?

Dad: If it was Mahathir who’s the leader, he’d be able to do it (Fire all of them). That’s why he could claim the respect from fellow UMNO members. Because they knew that he would dare to do it. Not like Abdullah now, not daring to do anything. After all, like what Malaysian Insider said is correct. What have Ahmad and his gang got to lose? But then lah, if it’s Mahathir who’s the leader, he wouldn’t have let this get so out-of-control. He would have nipped it in the bud.

People can say what they like about him, you know, like he’s totalitarian lah, or authoritarian lah, or dictator lah. Whatever. But he knew what he needed to do, and he did it quick. No dilly-dally. That’s what we need now. Someone who can make decisions, and do them quick.


So, what’s UMNO’s verdict going to be?


**I realise that I’ve been posting some of the conversations that carry out between me and my dad. It reminds me slightly of kak Nuraina’s “Tuesdays with Bapak”. Sadly Pak Samad passed away not too long ago. Let this be a tribute to the family he left behind. Fathers are precious people, and ought to be cherished.


12 Comments on “A conversation with Dad”

  1. KevinP says:

    Umno will buy Ahmad’s tale that he was forever misquoted. Severe punishment in the form of a “STERN” warning.. all other component parties will say justice has been served. Everything OK.

  2. Surely, someone is behind this guy for him to act defiantly. Cannot be those steroids or botox jabs to his scrotum that is boosting his guts to react this way all out of a sudden.

    Dr M is a sadist cum destroyer. His appetite for fame and attention is insatiable. It does not matter how he is going to get his daily dosage… as long as he gets it.. he doesn’t give a hoot about those destruction that comes with it.

    Meanwhile, we just wait for the outcome. This outcome could somehow shed some lights into this saga.

  3. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Hi, someone suggested that UMNO would either suspend or sack Ahmad after the Supreme Council meeting today. It is a ploy to show that UMNO is not a racist party by doing that. MCA and Gerakan would then be shown to have play their parts in appeasing the chinese communities. And Ahmad is just a pawn in this high-stake game!

    It is a win-win situation then for both UMNO and MCA/Gerakan as they would be seen as having their respective community’s interests, if not the “rakyat’s”, in mind. It is still unity of the respective race and not unity of Malaysians. Most of us only still care for our own communities wellbeing, although i hope that is slowly coming to an end.

    Well, at this point i do not know anymore. It could be true and perhaps there are many people who would buy that.

    We’ll just have to wait and see the outcome, and then decide for ourselves. Sigh…

    On another note, yes, fathers and especially mothers are to be cherished. Have a good day.

  4. Leow says:

    when some camera man whack some guys, oh that may not be our guys. when some adun charged by ACA for corruption, oh it’s some political trap. PKR forever with conspiracy theory! what’s the difference. Everything also OK maaa.

  5. Chea says:

    Lets not look at face valve on the Al furor. The unacceptable act and afterward defiance his boss are clearly intended to deal AAB with a big blow. The 13 divisions behind him is not the only support, but I think he have supports of greater forces. There are two camps who will benefit from this deed.

  6. meow says:

    su, good to see you reading JMD site. We can all agree to disagree but with an open mind hopefully we will see some common ground.

  7. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Just read that Ahmad was suspended for three years and stripped of all party posts too. Great, only a suspension and not sacking.

    Badawi also said “If it is necessary, the ISA may be used on those who stoke racial tension”-The Star. Duh?

    ‘What Ahmad said was not so serious-lah. We will suspend him for three years and hope that he repents during that time. Three years is a long punishment-lah.’

    As i see it, this is only to appease UMNO’s component parties, particularly the chinese-based. Let’s all see what they say in tomorrow’s news.

  8. Patricia says:

    I think your dad is spot on!

    The only reason this radical has supporters is because the current PM is perceived as weak. If indeed it was Mahathir, it wouldn’t have come this far. No sireeee.

    And yes, we need someone strong and quick and sure at the helm now. Like Mahathir was. Because say what you like about him, he got the job done. Which is what we so need now.

    BUT. And there is always a but: Look at the price we paid for having a Mahathir.

  9. cendana287 says:

    Fathers are precious people, and ought to be cherished.

    Sorry for digressing from the main topic.
    But to me/for me, your sentence above is a lot more important than Ahmad Ismail, Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Pakatan Rakyat, Bangsa Malaysia and whatever else.

    And I had been wrong for so long when it came to treating my father … of my rudeness and arrogance, and of not cherishing him when I should have.

    It’s fortunate that God had not taken him – and my mother – away. If not for this mercy, I don’t know how I will ever live the remainder of my life; of regretting my past actions and wrongs towards them, and be tormented by it.

    For what it’s worth, my father was my main supporter when I was at the Gambang pusat serenti for 13 months … always sending letters to advice and encourage me. And sending things that are of extreme value when one is in such a place.

    Yes, su; fathers are to be cherished. People like my father, at least … someone whom I’m not able to emulate at even 10% with my own children. I only hope that God will give me the strength and will to TRY and improve myself – as a good son and a good father.

  10. Blogreader says:


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