RPK under ISA?!


The StarOnline:

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin was arrested Friday afternoon under the Internal Security Act.

From Din Merican’s blog:

I have just received (at 1.24 pm) a call from Raja Sara that her Dad, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, has been taken in under ISA and that their Police are at their residence. Dato Ahmad Ismail, UMNO Bukit Bendera Division Chief, gets away with a 3-year suspension for his racist remarks with intent to incite unrest, and Raja Petra gets the ISA for being “a threat to national security”(?). This makes a mockery of the Rule of Law.

Coupled with the show cause letters issued to three newspapers, it seems to me like the nation is heading towards a clamp-down.

Blatant abuse of power. And to parrot Din, an absolute mockery of the Rule of Law.

***30 minutes later, I realise that there is a need to remain calm, despite the absolute madness. The last thing we need is chaos mixed with angry reactions. Let’s all remain calm, keep our heads above water, and our wits together.

***Sin Chew reporter also detained under ISA. Read HERE.


9 Comments on “RPK under ISA?!”

  1. KevinP says:

    Mich… looks like Ops Lalang all over again… This is disgusting… and they cannot make up their mind if he had insulted Islam or Muslims… and to think that that bigot has yet to be sent to Kamunting makes one think that Malaysia is a land of perverted law.
    To quote Nat again, this stinks like hell!

  2. basho says:

    The reality is that so long as the ISA, Sedition Act, Police Act and other repressive laws continue to exist, none of us are free. Freedom in Malaysia is an illusion.

  3. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Damn this government. Have a troubling thought in my mind that the ‘May13’ article was what set the alarm bells ringing. To them, it is really a ‘sensitive’ issue not because it would cause a repeat of the same incidence but because of the hint of truth in it.

    They are afraid of the truth because the truth will set us all free. No, they do not want that. They want us to be ignorant until the day we die.

    I am so angry reading this even though it comes with no surprises. You take care now.

  4. KevinP says:

    We need a closure… we need an end to all these madness.. we need 916 to come sooner rather than later. I do not know how you feel but I feel great disappointment, sadness and anger.. I hope Anwar will make good his pledge of 916.

  5. bangmalaysia says:

    This is really bad, ISA is indefinite and they can humiliate a detainee till he breaks.

    Just read munawar anees SD here:


    Like Nat says, it sure stinks. I met Nat after his release and even then there were SBs hounding him. I am sure they would not leave Marina in peace even now. Somehow we have to get RPK out. The question is how.

  6. Patricia says:

    I am disappointed and saddened by this news. I feel a deep sense of grief both for RPK and my country.

    But at the same time, I second your call for us to be calm and THINK. Whatever we do now is going to matter. It can work for us or against us; for RPK and against him.

    Don’t take to the streets. It will be proof positive that he did indeed ‘incite’ us into action.

    May peace bless this land we call home.


  7. bangmalaysia says:


    Latest news… Sin Chew reporter arrested.
    I just saw from Haris’ blog. I simply cannot believe it..

  8. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Just heard that even MP Teresa Kok was arrested. What is this country descending into? Madness?
    She was arrested under ISA at midnight when she was returning home from her constituency.

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