Sin Chew reporter ISA-ed, Teresa Kok makes 3

UPDATE 2: Teresa Kok the third to be detained under ISA. From Kit Siang’s blog HERE: “I have just been informed that Selangor Senior Exco Member and DAP MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok has been arrested by the police at 11.18 p.m. when returning to her condominium in her constituency.”

It is just painful.


UPDATE: Just in from Haris’ blog HERE, Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng has been arrested today under the Internal Security Act at 8.30pm at her home in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

A tear just rolled down my cheek.

Where is the justice in this?


At a time when everyone is concerned about RPK’s well being, and whether he is being treated right under the custody of the police, and about how the government has, yet again, used the ISA to curb our rights to freedom. Be it freedom of speech, or freedom of expression, the right to legal counsel, the right to defend oneself.. The list goes on.

At a time like this, Bernama has this report:

The arrest of blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin under the Internal Security Act (ISA) Friday afternoon should serve as a warning to irresponsible bloggers who flout the law, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said many bloggers might be thinking that they could get away from facing the ISA if their blogs were based overseas and therefore not subjected to this country’s laws.

“It is not appropriate that the ISA is only been used against Raja Petra while the other irresponsible bloggers are free to do as they please,” he told reporters at Kampung Sungai Burung, here Friday.

I don’t even remember why I bothered with Bernama at all. Might as well check out Utusan Malaysia and see what they’ve got there. (Have checked. Nothing there)

Makes me wonder, who else do they have in mind who are the “irresponsible bloggers”? Somehow I’m willing to bet that if there’s a blogger “next-in-line” after RPK, that blogger will most definitely not be an anti-PKR one.

Apparently, from what I read on the YouTube message from Marina (If you haven’t watched it, go HERE), RPK was arrested under the ISA because he “wrote anti-government articles that could confuse the people”. The other reason being that he was disrespecting the sanctity of Islam.

I don’t want to talk about the Islam bit, you can read what Tulang Besi has to say HERE.

What I’m curious about is the “anti-govt articles that could confuse the people” bit. If we were seriously to take Zahid Hamidi’s advice, and see RPK’s ISA detention as a warning, would it mean that we cannot write anything that is against BN?

Or maybe the “anti-govt articles” that we write don’t have enough oomph to “confuse people”. So is that why up till now, although there are so many anti-govt blogs that write so many anti-govt articles with foul language and photos to boot, they’ve not been ISA-ed? Because as long as we’re not as well-read as Malaysia-Today, and have not reached the level of being able to “confuse the people”, we’re alright?

Could that also mean that if you write an anti-PR blog with anti-PR articles and with a following as large as Malaysia-Today so much so that you could “confuse the people”, you’d still be alright because you’re not writing “anti-government articles”?

Or wait. Maybe the many mushrooming and mushroom-ed “anti-BN blogs” that, although have not reached the level of being able to “confuse the people”, are actually the ones that Zahid Hamidi is talking about. You know, the “other irresponsible bloggers” who are still “free to do as they please”. Maybe.

A prelude of the 1987 Ops Lalang? I don’t know. Wasn’t old enough then to know anything about it.

But on the verge of a clamp-down? Sure has the makings of one.


8 Comments on “Sin Chew reporter ISA-ed, Teresa Kok makes 3”

  1. Hoyohoyo says:

    I’m tearing up as well…

    What did we do to have deserved this…

  2. bangmalaysia says:

    Latest alert:

    DAP’s Seputeh MP and Selangor Exco member Teresa Kok arrested under ISA.

    Star Online

  3. Rakyat Jelata says:

    I was shock when I read about the reporter arrest at

    I am totally disappointed with the BN government.

    An innocent reporter who unselfishly disclose the fact to the public is now a victim of the regime.

    While the culprit who was suppose to be punished by the law had only had his UMNO membership frozen.

    The culprit himself Dato Ahmad Ismail had shown no sign of regret of his action & remark and he said he is going to hold seminars all over the country. Isn’t this culprit is going to create more tension with his seminars? And the government is doing nothing about it.

    P/s :- The Mid-autumn festival is round the corner… the delicious Mooncakes has had it role in toppling the Mongolian regime of the Yuen Dynasty. Let us put all our spirit & prayers together for 16 Sept…the fall of the disappointing BN regime.

  4. Darren Ong says:

    How come the despicable Ahmad Ismail is not arrested under ISA? He’s the one who deserve it!
    Hopefully the 916 Plan would come true and then Anwar would take actions against these incorrigible UMNO fella…
    Nobody deserves the ISA. Not even Ahmad Ismail. Not anyone.

  5. Scott Thong says:

    So let me get this straight…

    Utusan Malaysia publishes a hearsay report accusing Teresa Kok of inflammatory conduct. Teresa Kok is arrested under the ISA on the basis of that insinuation.

    Sin Chew publishes a well documented report of how Ahmad Ismail uttered inflammatory remarks in public. Sin Chew’s reporter is arrested under the ISA.

    And Ahmad Ismail only gets three years… Of being excluded from UMNO.

    Can it get any more blatantly double-standard than this????!!!!
    Any more double standard? I guess not. But then BN might be able to surprise us more.

  6. jeff says:

    Very typical of umnoputra tactic since independence. Expecting ISA on an umnoputra, you must be dreaming, it is a political tool for political suppression not a security tool anymore.

  7. MICHELLE, i have changed my address. Please take note…thanks
    Note taken.

  8. yingwei says:

    what kinda justice is this? Malaysia doesn’t make sense. Though it’s just some issue that was claimed sensitive, for that! She’s fucking arrested? What on earth is on with the government? For God’s sake, it’s just not fair. Malaysia was a multi-racial country, what had happened to it? Or was it a total bullshit right from the beginning? Please, make some sense! I’m so lucky i’m not in Malaysia anymore.

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