kickdefella under Sedition Act

Kevin gave me a heads up about Sheih aka kickdefella being arrested.

Just confirmed this at Haris’ blog HERE.

Sheih was taken in under the Sedition Act.

To call this crazy is an understatement.

4 Comments on “kickdefella under Sedition Act”

  1. equaliser says:

    Read that those thugs in Balaclavas might act on Anwar as early as tonight. Any news on your side??
    No. Not as yet. Will update when I do.

  2. Pissed says:

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Abdul Razak,


    It has come to our notice that Anwar will be arrested under ISA by Friday night or latest Saturday.
    You may try to make your moves as early as tomorrow night! His arrest which is supposed to take place on Saturday 13th September was saved by the Sin Chew reporter!

    Please take note; we are aware of your every move from now on! We are not fools as not to know the reason for you to switch your portfolios! The blame will not be shifted to Najib Razak, formerly from Defence, as he has many unsolved issues with Anwar! Do not involve the nation’s military for your self-gain! Leave the king alone! MT Harapan Malaysia bloggers will keep taunting you with your every move! Please remember you can detain ONE Raja Petra Kamarudin, but you fail to realize the man we worship as our hero, has created many Raja Petra Kamarudins in us! We will expose both of you and your evil actions that have besieged this nation for a long period of time!

    Unlike both of you, who are so pretentious in calling for racial unity, with full vengeance at hearts, the people of this nation did not take to the streets upon the arrest of Raja Petra Kamarudin! They never take to the streets upon the arrest of Teresa Kwok. Only for one reason: we are united in our efforts to liberate this country from the tyranny of your regime! But you never stop! You continue and keep on repeating your cruel dictates to protect your corrupt activities! But this is the end of our patience!

    Please also note that your Charge d’Affairs at Washington DC and your ambassador, will not be called and warned this time, for all we know they may need to be recalled indefinitely by you this time around! We will not stop at this! We will not stop until proper justice is served upon you!

    This posting serves as warning to Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak to stop their next evil move!

    We have informed the relevant organizations of your next course of actions and have appealed for their immediate interventions!

  3. jeff says:

    Series of ISA and seditious act arrests show once again this umno-BN government is headed by power crazy dictator and political party, who has no regard for citizens constitutional rights and basic human rights.These thugs will do whatever is necessary to remain in power.

  4. bangmalaysia says:

    We have reached crisis stage here in Malaysia. The Agong or the Council of Rulers must take the initiative and intervene.

    Is there anyone who can communicate to perhaps Raja Nazrin.

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