Pak Lah and Najib switch jobs

Now Pak Lah is Defense Minister, and Najib has taken over the Finance Ministry.

Could this mean that Pak Lah is giving more and more power over to Najib?

Najib is quoted to have said:

“Giving me this post shows he is magnanimous, it shows his sincerity in picking me as his successor.”

Whether it shows Pak Lah’s sincerity, I don’t know. But it shows to me that Pak Lah is trying to keep Najib on his side. And Pak Lah wants this enough to let go of the most important portfolio in Government.

But then again, if we were to think on the other side of the coin for a minute, could it be because of this?

“In terms of qualification and intelligence, the most qualified person to become prime minister is Najib,” an economist with a local investment bank who requested anonymity told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“He has an economics background, and in terms of getting into and understanding issues, he is in a better state than the prime minister.”

The link to the article in Malaysian Insider is “dead”, I extracted this from an email I received of the same article.

If Najib is indeed better qualified in terms of the economy, then this might be a good move. But with the Budget still hanging and awaiting the final reading in Parliament, I wonder if this is the best time to do this. Would Najib then change the proposals in the Budget?

Then yet another “reason” behind this sudden switch in portfolios could be due to the sudden pressure from the likes of Ku Li, Muhyiddin and the pending ‘return’ of Dr M into the scenes. Making it all crowded in the top end of UMNO, where the powers dwell. Pak Lah must be getting hot under the collar by now, if not earlier than this.

As for Pak Lah taking over Defense, I have no comment. I don’t know enough about what the Defense Ministry actually does to pass anything off-handedly. I don’t even know whether the military falls under the Defense Ministry or under the Agong entirely.

And apparently, Nazri will be named the person to take over Zaid Ibrahim’s place as Law Minister, following his resignation due to his ‘difference of ideals’ about the use of the ISA. This is unconfirmed as yet.

And what do I think of Nazri? I don’t have good things to say about him. Nazri and Zaid had a debate a couple of years back about the setting up of a judicial commission in regards to appointing judges, not unlike the one that Zaid was proposing in the Cabinet that got shot down. I’ll post the link here when I find it. (Added: Read HERE) From reading the debate that went on, I would say that my impression of Nazri was not good.

And then, let’s not forget that Nazri was the guy who said that the government was keeping the ISA intact because apparently ‘the people want the ISA’. His logic? Because if the people didn’t want the ISA, the people wouldn’t keep voting BN into power time and time again. (I’ll try to find a link for this one as well.)

He equated BN to the ISA? Not a very smart move, now is it?


10 Comments on “Pak Lah and Najib switch jobs”

  1. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:


    We can come to a thousand assumptions and scenarios but it actually only boils down to 2 main ones, based on reliable information but then again the only person who can confirm this is our Flip Flop PM, the Sleepy One as named by the Red Indian warriors :

    1. He is killing 3 birds with one stone (A. Cooling down the grassroots that are urging Najib to wrest power from him during Dec UMNO elctions. B. Making Najib feel comfortable that the transition has started and that he is the annointed one. C. Getting ready to declare state of emergency when Datuk Seri Anwar makes his move to meet DYMM and detain him under ISA for threatening peace and stability of the county) – By the way, he already gave a hint during his PC earlier !!

    su: A hint? Really? Any idea where I can watch a video of the PC?

    2. He is doing Datuk Seri/ PR a favour by moving Najib out of the Defense portfolio so that the latter will not have the power to apply any emergency rule in the event that Datuk Seri meets DYMM. Secondly, he may also laying a trap for Najib as the economy is at the lowest now and if it can’t be improved, he’d say that Najib was a failure. There wold also be a twist in the ongoing Altantuya murder case, check it out yourself and follow up the last few court sessions. You’ll know what I’m talking about…

    Whatever it is, do not pick the wrong solution as there will be a rise of all ANAK ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA and we will cause havoc for the widked UMNO/ BN regime.

    All MT readers/ commentors, are you game on for this ? For our beloved country, our future generation, our beloved Pete, Teresa and all under ISA ??

    I AM…. !!

  2. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Yup, I watched just now on Bernama TV via Astro and it should be uploaded onto the Star online and Malaysiakini sites shortly, I reckon…

    Cheers, Christopher
    Thanks. I’ll be on the look out.

  3. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Just received word from a reliable source that they are planning to pick Datuk Seri Anwar earliest by tonight or latest by Saturday under ISA.

    Stay tuned for more.
    Thanks for the heads up. Will be keeping an eye out.

  4. KevinP says:

    Got this gem of a rubbish from nst…

    [i]Abdullah, when asked about the drop in the world crude oil price, said: “The more it comes down, the better.”

    The world crude oil price dropped to US$92 a barrel yesterday.

    However, Abdullah said the price decline would also cause a drop in Petronas’ revenue.

    Asked whether the petrol and diesel pump prices would be reduced, he said:

    “Wait lah…next time.”[/i]

    I have never known a PM so irresponsible… and I really wonder what is his logic!?

    Crude down, petronas profits down, petrol pump price stays as government revenue also Down.. because petronas make less money…

    Crude oil UP, petronas profits up!, petrol pump price UP.. because govt cannot subsidize.. Petronas money is Petronas money…

  5. KevinP says:

    Yes Mich, I think we are on the same wavelength on what the PM intends to do with this portfolio switch… I doubt its giving Najib more power… its more like him wanting to have the military directly under his thumb… survival is more crucial than money …

  6. KevinP says:

    Mich… I think our nation is going to the dumps.. they have got Kickdafella under ISA. Keep those candles burning my fellow Malaysians… indeed its a very dark period for Malaysia.
    ISA?? ISA???

  7. KevinP says:

    Sorry my bad… got the news as I was about to leave office and it was sketchy… source was brief and there were rumours that its ISA… my humble apologies.
    No.prob. It’s fine. We need to keep each other updated.

  8. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    I have confirmed info from sources that there are plans to detain Anwar between tonight and Saturday which is being mentioned and highlighted by sjs.

    Michelle, please get this information out to all our blogger comrades.

  9. KevinP says:

    Ta daaa…. and dear ol Nazri got his ol job back…:). Reforms? Or taxi permit forms? i think your guess is as good as mine…

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