SAPP is BN no more

So far, all I know is that SAPP has decided to pull out of BN, and is going to remain an independent party. Not ruling out anything at this point though. (My thanks to Christopher again)

Added: The StarOnline reports that SAPP deputy chief will resign from his post because he doesn’t agree with SAPP’s decision to pull out. He will continue to be a member.

This is becoming rather eventful, much unlike yesterday, which was rather an anti-climax.

But with SAPP pulling out, could this get the ball rolling for the other component parties?

Gerakan, who was contemplating about pulling out from BN about a week or two ago following the Ahmad Ismail saga, might take this chance.

I wonder if they will..

4 Comments on “SAPP is BN no more”

  1. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Hi Michelle,

    The atmosphere is absolutely jovial in Sabah with the pull out and it’s just a matter of time b4 they join PR, just like Zaid also mah, first things first, getta out of the sinking vessel…

    As for MCA, Gerakan, I just got off the phone with my comrades within the inner circle and there seems to be massive issues within the parties as there are fractions against/ for the pull out. They told me that the next few days would be crucial and that they’re waiting for DSAIs next move…

    Stay tuned… Christopher
    I think almost everyone is waiting for Anwar’s next move. And BN’s next move too.

  2. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Ya lor, it’s getting so exciting & intriguing that I’ve made some proposals to get someone write the script and make a movie out of it (Of course, I’d like to be Anwar but just need to maintain my beard and reduce some weight)

    I was jokingly talking to John Khoo that it is sad that all this problems we’re seeing didn’t come by during Dallas/ Dynasty days… it would have been awesome…drama, love, deceit, murder, sodomy, sleepy one…

    Ah, a lot of good material to make a good movie too! If you DO end up getting someone to write up the script, do let me in on some action too! You’re speaking (figuratively) to an aspiring writer here! 🙂

  3. bangmalaysia says:

    Mich, theres actually a better way out of the current political impasse below:

    Your views please….

  4. what say you says:

    Nope, Gerakan would not pull out as easy and as quick as that yet. They are waiting for the next big opportune time for Umno to screw things up in a more severe manner, then they will make their move, justifiably then, after serving warnings after warnings to Umno chiefs.

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