And this is what understanding is supposed to be

Popped into Patrick Teoh’s Niamah!! today. He “swelled up with emotion” when he read an article in The Sun, and I can’t blame him for it.

The Sun article he was referring to:

An official of the Al-Ehsan Mosque, in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong was today called up to give a statement on the petition received by residents in the area on the ‘azan’ issue.

Bahrudin Maskor, 47, the muezzin of the mosque, was seen entering the Dang Wangi District Police headquarters at 1.30pm and completed giving his statement two hours later.

Bahrudin told reporters that he had been called up to give a statement to the police concerning the contents of the petition sent by 100 residents of the area several months ago.

“In the petition, the residents wanted the volume for the subuh azan to be reduced and the ‘subuh‘ ceramah on Saturday and Sunday not to use the loud speaker. We complied with their request,” he said.

To quote Patrick:

Here was this Muezzin of a mosque, listening, understanding and accepting a request from his ‘neighbours’. He apparently did not cry Infidel! Traitor! Pendatang!

And isn’t this the Malaysia we want to have?

So tell me again, why is Teresa being held under ISA?

7 Comments on “And this is what understanding is supposed to be”

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    Teresa has been released. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God… GOD… i’m so so elated at the news..
    Thanks for the update. But no reason to let the strings go loose yet. More detainees to free still.

  2. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Yes, great news. Let’s hear what she’s going to say in the press conference later today.

    Well, let’s keep the pressure on for the release of RPK and all others still under detention then.

  3. Scott Thong says:

    Tan and Kok released from ISA – celebratory poster tributes
    Thanks for all the links and posters Scott. Great job.

  4. jeff says:

    Police force is so professional, illegally detain an accused for questioning for a week instead of accuser for insult on islam??? The mosque keeper only call in by police to give statement after she was in the cell for a week, what kind of democracy is it where a illegal detention come before an investigation?? No wonder we are enjoying such a high crime rate in Malaysia.

  5. Joe Spore says:

    Dear Michelle,

    Give that man a medal. Bahrudin Maskor, the muezzin of the mosque is the peoples man.

    Throw out Theresa whoever. She should have handled the matter discreetly, in the first place talking to Bahrudin. Thats what we do in Singapore.

    We dont make cheap political mileage and scream foul.

    I have lived thru two race riots. That was largely because of the indiscretion of politicians, the likes of Theresa.

    Wishing Malaysian more enlightened people like Bahrudin.


  6. bow says:

    UMNO desperate attempt to incite Muslims hatred and disorder toward a PR member and member of representative, to portray themselves as the defender of Islam, it’s such a low life tactic constantly used by umno to gain supports among Malay/Muslims, such a predictive political maneuver whenever they can not deal with challenges.

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