Free RPK and all other ISA detainees

UPDATE: RPK’s habeas corpus is now scheduled for tomorrow (23 Sept 2008) morning at 9am. For information, read Malik Imtiaz HERE.


UPDATE: An ‘Abolish ISA’ forum will be held:

Venue: KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Date: 23 Sep 2008 Tue
Time: 8:00 pm

Admission is Free; Bring Friends

For more info, go HERE.


UPDATE: Online Petition to free RPK, Teresa and all others held under the ISA. Click HERE to sign. Thanks to wvrne for the heads up.

I’m signature #814. Up to 10,582 signatories at 10.12am, 21 Sept. If you’re not sure of whether it’s a good idea to sign, please read THIS.


UPDATE: Thanks to Bangmalaysia for the update. Teresa Kok has been released from the ISA. The StarOnline has the news HERE. Let’s take a moment to rejoice in her release. But let’s also not forget about the others who are still being detained under the ISA.

Teresa Kok’s press statement HERE. She has said that she will sue the Barisan Nasional government for unlawful arrest.


UPDATE: Sheih is now no more in jail. It is likely that he will be charged under the Sedition Act.


UPDATE: Are you up for Hartal? Go read Haris HERE. I’m in. Are you?


Marina, RPK’s wife, says thank you for all the support. Continue to show solidarity for the ISA detainees.



20 Comments on “Free RPK and all other ISA detainees”

  1. basho says:

    “and we shall overcome…”
    ‘and so it is said, and so it shall be done’. We WILL overcome.

  2. cendana287 says:

    To: Michelle
    I’m starting another blog, tentatively named Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at cendana287 to deal “with everything else” – especially on things political

    (Yes, it is influenced by “Borneo Blues” of Mat Salo. Am also thinking a spoof of “Cendana’s Bru” because I hope to make this blog `different’)

    That’s because I don’t want to pollute and contaminate my existing Recovery from Drug Addiction blog, which is “inclusive” and is trying to be spiritual in nature.

    It’s still in the works but I hope to launch it `soon’. Hope you won’t mind the advertisements, because I’m also doing it for the money. Hey, I have to make a living too now that the prison and pusat serenti don’t want to take care of me anymore! 🙂

    BTW, you are included under my list of Arrest them first! 🙂
    As the Kiwis say, “Good on you, mate!” Looking forward to reading your views.

  3. equaliser says:

    Heard disturbing news that Haris have been arrested:

    Please confirm
    Saw that too. Have tried calling. Phone goes straight to voice-mailbox. Haris is anticipating that they are going after him.

  4. bangmalaysia says:

    Saw this on Bernard’s blog:

    zorro said…
    Haris is still with us.

    He needs to lie low ….
    That was at 3 in the morning. Haris has since posted something on his blog as well. But he’s anticipating arrest. Let’s pray for them.

  5. bangmalaysia says:

    Thanks Su, he is truly one great guy. I met him at our Anak Bangsa Malaysia gathering in Blog House Damansara last year. Glad to hear that he’s well. Heard from NTV news that there may not be any more detention and that Tan may be released today.
    My prayers are with them.

  6. tinyvoice says:

    It’s a sad situation, just before the arrival of 916. 😦

    I thought ISA were only used on really serious matters.
    Perhaps they should consider using ISA on those clowns seen on video streams from the parliament?

  7. tinyvoice says:

    Another solidarity vigil will be happening on 15th August 2008, 8pm at the Kelana Jaya stadium. <=— Is this correct? 15th August was a month ago! Or did I miss something?
    My bad. Have corrected. Thanks.

  8. […] to visit Solidarity Vigil for RPK, Teresa and Tan Hoon Cheng as […]

  9. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:


    We should create a wave of candle vigils around whole of Malaysia starting tonight at Bukit Aman, KL & Dewan Sri Pinang in Penang. This is the time to remind those idiots that March 8th was achieved out of solidarity for a new beginning. Peace is the way to go and we should get the world to notice that we, the new Malaysia, are people of peace !!!
    That’s the way to go.

  10. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Our country enters the phase of naked display of aggression. This happens when a regime is morally bankrupt and it will use immoral means to hold on to power. We might be weak but we still have the power of prayer and silent witnessing. After sunset mass this evening, 13th sept, there will be silent adoration until tomorrow morning at St Francis Xaviers church @ Kangar, Perlis.

    The unjust may try to break our bones but they can’t break our spirit. Please distribute this to all peace loving Malaysians and people of goodwill.
    Thanks Chris

  11. Patricia says:

    Candles it is – on my porch in PD tonight.

    God bless you Pat. Thanks.

  12. cakapaje says:

    Hi Michele,

    I hopped over from Tehsin. Keep up the good work. If I may add, try spreading news via egroups like yahoo! and google, it does work! I was doing it for more than 4 years and you wouldn’t believe the feedbacks I received! But since PRU12, I stopped as I was going near crazy doing the work all alone all that time.

    Again, great job!
    Actually, it’s exactly because it’s so much work that I’ve tried to stay away from creating forums on my own. But I see that sometimes what I write gets posted by forum-goers, and they do come in from the forums to see what it’s all about. And I don’t mind. As long as the news gets spread, by all means!

    And you keep it up too. We need everything we have at a time like this.

  13. jeff says:

    Every one please light a candle in show of solidarity with our fallen freedom fighters, to those Malaysians who lost their freedom in their fight for our freedom and rights.

  14. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Thank Michelle for the link to the petition for Teresa. I just signed it @ 5814 and my wife @ 5817 and will continue to disseminate to my comrades.

    God Bless, Christopher
    Thanks Christopher.

  15. bangmalaysia says:

    Haris says that RPK is in DANGER. They will eventually sent to us his body in a coffin. PR must act now.

    Please read his posting.

  16. KevinP says:

    Mich, I do not think the amount of candles burnt will do much difference. Many lighted.. so have I but we must do much more… I do not understand why they are targetting Haris…
    No, doesn’t seem to make a difference. But that was just a way to show our support, the amount of support of the rakyat. Why they are targetting Haris? I don’t understand either. But then again, neither do I understand the arrest of Teresa and Tan, and all the others of course.

    I’m still looking out for what course of action will be planned. Keep an eye out for Haris’ blog.

  17. tinyvoice says:

    Let’s just hope for the best.

  18. bangmalaysia says:

    Latest Update: DSP Ibrahim Jaffar called Madam Marina at 12pm (15 Sept 2008), to inform her that her family can visit RPK in Bukit Aman at 11am tomorrow. His laywers are also allowed to do so at 11am on Thursday (18 Sept 2008). – admin

    Lets wait and see – news on Pete’s medical and mental condition.
    Thanks for the update, to you and some others who are really keeping me in the know. I’m juggling a few things at a time right now, trying to catch up on all the latest updates. Really appreciate it.

  19. KevinP says:

    Mich, Zaid Resigns!

    Haris is one of the thorn in BN during last election. He has been vocal and one of the voices that BN can never challenge. BN will go for all these ppl. But God forbid that to happen!
    Really? Checked the StarOnline after seeing this comment, but it says it’s only speculation. Not confirmed yet.

    But I reckon this guy walks his talk. And that’s what we wanna see.

  20. Jeremiah says:

    This ISA farce is a very dangerous tool to play with when innocent and God-fearing people are arrested. Mark my words.

    Reminds me of a true story in ancient times where Daniel, a government advisor was falsely accused and thrown into the lion’s den. When the lions refused to attack him, he proclaimed he was saved by God the next morning. Then the King threw the false accusers and their families into the lions for their breakfast.

    Malaysia will soon enter the lion’s den experience when there is confusion and intrigue…either this year or 2009. Stand firm and pray to your God that the innoncent will be saved and released and the tables will turn on the wicked and puppet masters behind the throne.

    For those who don’t have any beliefs in God, what can you do but leave the country and watch in tears and shame.