Good-bye to racial politics?

I have a Chinese friend. She went to Singapore to study for about 5 years all through secondary school, before coming to New Zealand. So I know her from uni.

That day, we were talking, and she said to me, “You Chinese in Malaysia have it real bad, haven’t you?”

I was like, huh? No…why?

She said that according to the Malaysian Chinese friends she made back in Singapore, most of them hated Malaysia. They said that they have no status in Malaysia, and that everything was given to the Malays. They were glad to be away from Malaysia, and never plan to go back. She said, “In general, all my Malaysian friends say that the Malays are lazy people who don’t do anything, and yet get everything, and the Chinese are left to fend for themselves. Is that not true?”

I had a hard time trying to explain to her that this wasn’t the case. She didn’t really buy my reasons. She said again, “But the government only helps the Malays right? They don’t give Chinese scholarships or places in local unis because they want to give it to the Malays. And the Malays don’t even deserve it, because they score so much lower than the Chinese!”

“All my friends don’t like the Malays.”

In the end, my friend said to me, “You’re the first Malaysian I’ve met so far who doesn’t hate the Malays.” You think I feel proud? It makes me feel sad.

And we wonder why racial politics has flourished in Malaysia for 51 years.

I wrote an article for Project Malaysia about racial politics in Malaysia. I wrote about how political parties based on race are detrimental to our well-being as a nation. Click HERE to read.

But it doesn’t really stop there. We can’t afford to push all the blame onto the political parties up there, and wash our hands of all responsibility for our own actions, words, and thoughts.

How many of us can really say that we’ve never felt like how my friend’s friends felt? How many of us can truly say that we don’t know people like that? How many of us can say that we’ve never been like that before? How many of us can say that we aren’t like that NOW?

Sure, we can say that we are the minority, and that the government is unfair in their policies, and that we are subject to discrimination. And it’s all probably true too. But argue we may till the cows come home, nothing is going to change if we don’t stop thinking of ‘us the minority’ against ‘them the majority’.

We’re not the only ones who are subject to discrimination and “racial slurs”. We’re all guilty of being myopic every once in a while. We’ve just got to see it, acknowledge that we’re still a work-in-progress, and stop turning around in an endless cycle of defensiveness.

When I wrote about the Ahmad Ismail case, where he called the Chinese in Malaysia ‘squatters’, I said that there is no question about the legitimacy of Chinese as citizens of Malaysia. Comments like “Yeah, if we’re pendatang, then the Malays are pendatang too!” only do more damage to an already crazy argument that was doomed to go nowhere.

If we really want to see an end to racial politics, we’ve got to start acting like we want it. Dr Mahathir, I believe, was not all wrong in his writing about how racial politics has stuck and grown roots in Malaysia. It is not entirely their fault. We have to assume some of the responsibility as well.

Don’t even imagine that racial politics is going to stop cold-turkey once Pakatan Rakyat takes over. Things don’t miraculously happen. Change takes time, and commitment. You want change? You BE the change.

Read A. Asohan’s piece HERE. He’s probably summarised everything up better than I have.

We need to stop reacting to racism with our own bigotry. We must be willing to risk being labelled “traitors” to our own race for the sake of the nation we all belong to. We need to walk a mile in each other’s flip-flops.

Most of all, we need to stop ignoring each other’s pain.


18 Comments on “Good-bye to racial politics?”

  1. Patricia says:

    I think the difficult thing about race, is that it is an integral part of who we are. Unless you are a little rojak like me, lah. Then, very the-difficult for me to define my identity by my ‘race’. It’s the same for both my children.

    I think what we want to do is celebrate our Bangsa Malaysia-ness, but at the same time acknowledge our roots (I am proud that I have roots in India and Sri Lanka).

    Telling someone to ‘forget’ being chinese, malay or indian is asking a difficult thing. But be that as it may, we should stop letting that be the be all and end all of who we are.

    I am memang anak bangsa Malaysia – because I am ‘mixed’. But someone who is ‘pure’ chinese or indian or malay – may find it hard to say the same. We need to find a reason to be proud to say: I am Malaysian – like you do above.

    Perhaps if we had a government which seconds this, and takes away that column in forms, and stops with the mca/mic/umno-type divisions… that is the way forward for us.

    Otherwise, it will continue ad infinitum – a kinda chicken-and-egg thingy – because, people DON’T want to be known as Malaysian!

    I wonder, have I made any sense? 😦

    No worries Pat. I think I get you. It’s just that we need to know that no matter what race we are, what creed, what colour, ultimately we are Malaysians, and we all need to look out for one another. We need to learn how to truly celebrate our diversity.

  2. To:-

    Teresa Talk-Cock,

    Please…… just study your roots & history lah.

    Ask your father & mother, who their great, great-grandparents were, a long, long time ago – even before the day you were born.

    Ask yourself – why had they come here? Why had they migrated here to Tanah Melayu a long, long time ago? Was it perhaps to seek refuge from the turmoil in Mainland China, or to seek some greener pasture or was it something else!?

    I can bet my last Ringgit that your great grandparents who had migrated here, were not of Chinese noblemen or aristocrats, trying to make some diplomatic relations or trade with the Malay Rulers in Tanah Melayu at the time. Most of them who came here were destitutes.

    But who had instigated or encouraged them to leave their ancestral homeland!? Were the Chinese and Indians who had ‘migrated’ to Tanah Melayu – were perpertrated by those British Imperialists and colonial powers? Did they not allow and encouraged Overseas Chinese to overwhelm South-East Asia urban areas – especially places like Tumasik or is it today – Singapore!?

    Or, maybe your ancestors were of some refugees, that perhaps they were like some of those Vietnamese ‘Hai Hong’ boat people, huh?

    Whatever it is, why don’t you just make a study of how the Imperialistic British & Western Powers had manipulated & pitted the Asian people and nations against themselves – for the further influence & material advantage of the imperialistic colonial powers.

    Try to understand that even the once ‘technologically backward’ Japanese were also ‘groomed’ to become an ‘industralised’ nation hundreds of years ago by those Western Imperialist for a world agenda – i.e. to loggerhead these ‘quiet’ people (Japanese) against their much bigger ‘neighbours’ i.e. your fore-fathers in Mainland China.

    See how these evil and manipulative powers work – creation of strife & wars between people and Nations – through deception !!!

    One present-day example is – The September 11, 2001 incidents & tragedy in NY City & Washington DC – that was actually planned & perpertrated by these same ‘hidden’ & evil Western powers – Who had just almost managed to ‘create’ The Clash of Civilisations – i.e. The War between The Western Nations against Islam i.e. The Muslim Nations.

    But that was not to be, and one of the culprits and perpertrators behind such 9-11 incidents – is STILL in The White House !!

    Study how even the great civilisation of China were brought to her knees by the deceptive Western Powers. How the island of Hong Kong was forced upon the Chinese Emperor at Gunship point to be surrendered as a colony of The British Crown.

    Some of the ‘residue’ of all these history, is that we get some fifth, sixth or even seventh generation Overseas Chinese in Malaysia and all over the whole world – who don’t realise their own roots!! But worst still is when they feel they are economically powerful enough that they now try to ‘uproot’ other races!

    So understand and appreciate how we all came to be here, today – in great and wonderful nation of Malaysia. A people’s tolerance and accommodating attitude should not be taken advantage of by the other group. And above all, make sure that are not being ‘used’ by unseen hands – without you even realizing it, to suit their Global Agenda !!!!

    Understand what we’re sayin’ here!!!?

    And P.S.> When it comes to historical facts – then Ahmad Ismail is very, very right.

    Malays are a very, very tolerant and accomodating specie of people – but don’t push them too hard and don’t push your luck too far, or something ugly might ensue.

    Don’t ever, ever under-rate the ‘Amok qualities’ of the Malays. It’s inherent in them, even without them realising it!

    So, don’t try to earn some ‘political mileage’ by harping on issues you might regret touching !!!

    Even in local politics, you still have plenty to learn. And don’t use the political platform as a place for your own ‘glamour’, as well. It is very, very noticeable !!!


  3. mwrmmg says:

    You should have asked her: how did the malay in singapore felt about the chinese there.

    What we have here is social engineering to balance the economics differentiated thru race. If not, the Malay will really really really hate the chinese. Now that is real bad.

    We have seen just recently, 10 years to be exact, how the indonesian chinese flee under the economic upheaval.

    After 52 years of BN social engineering, Is there anything else not enough?

    Nothing in this world is really enough.

    So there must be a formula of sharing.

  4. jeff says:

    British colonists imported large number of Chinese, Indian n Indon-Malay cheap labors in this small colony of them to build road, highway, plantation, tin mine and others industry, many of them settled in Malaysia after generation of living here, nothing with that, except these facts are constantly being twisted by umno politicians as a way to divide Malaysians into race n religion politic.It is our fault by electing them into governing our country, it’s that simple.

  5. bow says:

    Most of the non-Malay Malaysians hated umno dominated BN , not Malaysia. Your Chinese friend doesn’t know the different between both. She probably believed Malaysia is umno-putra. BTW, i do not think non-Malay Malaysians especially those of Chinese ancestry really hated our fellow Malay citizens, it’s just not true. Majority of us know that umnoputra unfair government policy has nothing to do with many Malays in the country, it’s called racist politic. I personally has many Malay friends while in primary n secondary school.

  6. justmy2SEN says:

    I now question Malaysian Chinese loyalty, bad mouthing the government in that way..actually when i was in oversea studying, most Malaysian chinese don’t admit they’re Malaysian…from then on i’ve bad feelings towards chinese (can’t help it)…AND I DOUBT THAT IF ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN TO MALAYSIA, THEY WILL FIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY..

    Please tell me now what do Malay get that chinese doesn’t?…we may have a little bit advantage because of the social contract..(which by the way we sacrifice having to accept you lot to be citizens)

    ON THE CONTRARY, i think it is Malay who are being bullied in this country..private sector discrimination…telling history of pendatang, we are called racist but what do you call about telling people malays are lazy??…hina agama rasmi by amending song pun chinese called a hero..malays terpaksa telan semua ini…tapi cina tetap nak bising lagi dan lagi dan lagi….u see what i mean?

    Please la look around..45% scholarship to non malay….and check the recipients of government grants like MTDC and MDEC…most are chinese who got the grants (tgk WINNERS at TV3 pun boleh tau)…and YOU GUYS STILL BADMOUTHED THE MALAYS?…I THINK THE ONLY TIME YOU CHINESE LOTS SHUT UP IS WHEN LIM KIT SIANG IS THE PM OF MALAYSIA…


    ps: About Teresa case, i truly hoped kes ni masuk we will know whether she really did gives the petition regarding azan or not..If she did, govt need to sue her and also vice versa….
    Let’s not take this personally. You are talking about Chinese as one big giant entity who all think alike, which is clearly not the case. Nor do all Malays think alike. In fact, no two people think alike and agree on everything.

    You speak of Malaysian Chinese who won’t admit they’re Malaysian. True, there are such people. But I also know of Malaysian Chinese who simply refuse to be known as Chinese, and then make up a Malay name to introduce themselves with.

    We’re just a huge mix of different people.

    I wrote this in hopes that we can all learn something from it. There are times when we get all judgmental and go blasting off at someone else, and we don’t even realise that we are exactly what we condemn.

  7. meow says:

    UMNO or United Malay Nation Organization is a political body that has its members form the Malay people. Simply put, it is an a grouping of malay people. A group that shares one vision and aim.

    Now, similarly MIC, MCA and others are group based on race sharing their same vision and aim. It should also be known that there are hundreds of not thousand more groups of this nature in our country. As an example, Persatuan Au Yong, Persatuan Lim, etc. In fact there are many especially chinese family groupings of this nature. They are from one race, sharing the same vision and aim.

    To claim that UMNO is a racist party would also makes all these groupings racist as well. In fact, a family one could argue is a small group and hence almost all the malaysian family are racist as well. So, we are all racist. What’s new?

    The twist is calling a race based political party racist. It is really sickening to see the opposition making this claims knowingly that it is not true. They are just playing with race sentiments to garner support. If Malaysia has been practicing racist politics believe me, we will be worst than Apartheid Africa. But that is just so far from the truth.

    For those who are ashamed of our country to me simply does not know our history well therefore could not defend our unique condition. Must we be the same with others to be respected? So what if another country has different policy than us. Do they have the same history, same composition of people, same economic distributions of its people? Have the malays really deny all the other races to earn and be really wealthy in this country?

    It is just amazing when one harps so much on policies and yet ignore the reality. You can give the malays all the chances to be rich but do we really stop and count how many of them against other races? On the other hand, if we so much wanted equality for all, one race, one bangsa malaysia, are we willing to close all the chinese and indian schools and just have one sekolah kebangsaan?

    su: I actually think we should have just sek keb. Contrary to what so many Chinese educationists are saying, it is my belief that Chinese schools are not a right, but a privilege.

    So, please do get into this trap of race based politics is equal to being a racist. You very well know that as a nation we are not and never will be. All our previous leaders and government has tried hard to enabled us to work together to build this nation. Do screw it up!

    su: Not sure if you meant “don’t”. But do realise that I have not called anyone, or any party ‘racist’.

  8. bisu says:

    Most Malays don’t trust the Chinese because of such stories. Because they know that some Chinese and other races bad mouthed Malays and the country to outsiders and among themselves. They perpetuate the notion that Malays are less clever than other races and lazy.

    su: This is, like Pat said, a chicken-and-egg situation. Because on the ‘other side’ of things, there will be others who lump Chinese into one big group of selfish ingrates who keep their wealth to themselves. This tit-fot-tat is no good.

    They use that ‘knowledge’ to avoid hiring Malays in the private sector by imposing Mandarin language qualifications. I know for a fact that a Malay and Chinese working in the same company received different wages (the Malays get much lower wages) even though they do the same job and are at par in terms of job quality because the towkay held the same mistaken believe.

    Contrary to popular belief, lots of Malays wants to work in the private sector. But because of lack of capital or skill and no opportunity to gain the skill needed by working with private companies, they don’t have much choice but to go back to public sectors.

    I’ve personally faced racism too such as when i saw an Indian dentist who openly said to her nurse that she ‘hates and can’t stand my race’ thinking that i don’t understand English.

    In this same year, a Chinese shopowner treated me very badly when i was checking out flowers in his shop, saying i shouldn’t be touching anything if i can’t afford to buy it.

    Some Malays also questioned the loyalty of the Chinese in terms of defending this country if things became unstable or open to outside influences if they can openly and freely bad mouth the country in times of peace. Older generations of Malays still remember what happened during the ‘Bintang Tiga’ phase in history, how the mostly chinese communist tried to take over the country and throw the Malays and its rulers out.

    Malaysia today are still strongly intertwined with the past. We are shaped by our surroundings and value system. My experiences did not help lower my distrust. I know that these are issues that needs to be looked at. How do we reduce the distrust that have brewed for so long? As many times that I looked into another Malaysian’s eyes and saw a smile no matter what race he/she is, many times i would also look into eyes that reflect hate and distrust. It’s a vicious circle really.

    su: It is, if we keep it this way. The way I see it is, it’s really up to every single one of us to break out of the cycle.

  9. meow says:

    Su, I am not accusing you personally. I specifically mentioned the opposition party. One cannot deny that this race issue has been brought into the spotlight by the opposition. Originally is was to condemn ‘the failure’ of race based politics, and later on as you see thru many sites, supporters are calling the present ruling party as racist. After all no harm in race based but racist sounds more dramatic. My point is mainly to drive the fact that this race issue was not prominent before and was given more attention in recent election by the opposition. This is especially so because DSAI was driving for the other races support, and what better that to harp on this. I feel this is so irresponsible since it will undone all the works by earlier leaders of each community. Younger people with little historical perpective, and very idealistic by nature, would easily buy into this whole heartedly. But at what price naivitae will cost us?

    Your stance on the sekolah kebangsaan issue is noble but you must know that you would be the minority of the minority. The challenge face by our country is vast to say the least. There are many like you whom have started as a very idealistic individuals that only wishes for the best for this nation. Believe me, TDM, DSAI, many many leaders have threaded the path only later having to accept the reality of things. We will not change Dong Zhong, PAS radicals, UMNO ultras. Not until when the society itself is mature enough and reached alevel where it will correct itself.

    I believe for now the best thing to do is to correct the thinking within ones own group. You try and convince the chinese community that we should do away with Chinese schools and if you are successful then tell the others that we are ready for change. But as you see even from the response to this site, a chinese trying to correct the malays will only be seen as pushing your luck! Stop telling the malays what to do. All you are going to get is a defensive statement the likes of Ahmad Ismail. Is he wrong to push back when someone pushes him first?

    We really don’t have to go far. I’m sure you will find that you are a minority just among your chinese friends. Maybe your dad will never agree with you either. If shouldn’t stop us from being a catalyst of change but we should know the size of the grain of salt and how big the pool is.

  10. jeff says:

    Calling Malaysians of different race as “Chinese” or “Indian” , treated them with discriminatory policy and quota , then label them as disloyal to defend the ruling elite against enemy is preposterous and pathetic.

  11. bow says:

    So far only those lapdogs in the Gerakan and MCA are constantly refer non-Malay citizens as “Chinese” and “Indian” and refuse to accept the fact they are non-Malay Malaysians.

    Most of these jokers are living in their own Disney land and immigrants of past time. Show that “racial politic” is a leftover from the past which is not suitable for us if we want to move forward.

  12. jeff says:

    The way i see it is the sooner Malaysian voters can export umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan out of Malaysia to their country of origin, the better chance for us all to stay afloat in facing ever rising globalisation challenge. By keeping these morons out of government, we Malaysians are doing Malaysia a favor of not being a laughing stock for the world.

  13. justmy2SEN says:

    Tengoklah…i kasi hard facts on majority of Chinese pun still tak nak terima.(yes i was babbling on majorityyyy not minority of chinese)…still nak pusing my seems to me that how Malays feel is NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL…IT’S ALL ABOUT CHINESE CHINESE AND CHINESE…..These majority of chinese gives bad name to the sincere chinese who really sincere with no ill-intention towards other races but heck I’m still not convinced

    Let me ask you, how would a Malay feels about a chinese who became MP and the first things they do is kacau everyting got to do with ISLAM like azan (Tan Seng Giaw and supposedly Teresa- this one also i pening, first said no petition made then when the muazzin actually comply to Teresa, comes a statement from blogger that this is what Malaysia should be bla bbla bla…memangla bila org islam LAGI SEKALI MENGALAH THIS IS THE MALAYSIA CHINESE WANTS), supposedly 30% JAIS money, kandang babi in malay community (this is totally heartless of Selangor govt..we Malay don’t protest about kandang babi…but location must be in chinese settlement), protes di majlis pembinaan surau (this bugger is useless…just go to his blog and see what he has done for his constituent…nothing but trouble) and these people are the SO-CALLED CHAMPION of EQUALITY)…AIYOOO THERE’S LOTS OF WORK TO DO AND THEY BOMBARD THESE ISSUES FIRST?…DO THEY EVEN DO ANY WORK? OR THEY ARE JUST TESTING MARKET (keluarkan satu persatu isu melibatkan Melayu to see reaction, if OK then go to next agenda and so azan…since muazzin has supposedly reduce the volume, perhaps next agenda is eliminating azan altogether..that’s my perception towards them given their action all these while)

    How would a Malay feel when she go to her MP website to
    see what he has done and it is written in chinese characters….You know the only MP that I sokong all the way is HANNAH YEOH…SHE DON’T GO BABBLING KACAU ORG MELAYU/ISLAM BUT JUST DO HER WORK (but donno la if future she also changed).I WOULD SAY I’M AN ADMIRER…if there’s more chinese MP like this, then i’m convinced that there are chinese who are sincere


    PS:- if you want Malaysian Malaysia….equality must be across the board…not from one side only….must have give-take not just take take take
    And I agree that everything has to be a give and take. And that’s why I wrote this. So that those who do speak like my friend’s friends will realise what they are talking about. I KNOW there are people like this. And we should all realise that there can be no ‘equality’ or whatever, if we stick to the generalisation of saying that “Malays are lazy”, or whatever else.

    So what if there are lazy Malays? But are ALL of them lazy? Surely the answer is NO. There are lazy Chinese and Indians and mat sallehs too. They aren’t ALL lazy, there are just lazy ‘people’. And we just need to stop looking at these things like as if, for example, “laziness” is something that belongs to the Malays, or “selfishness” is something Chinese. Laziness and selfishness can be found everywhere in every single colour.

    I’m not replying to offend you. Just that I think it’s a mistake to generalise people. We’re all individuals. I don’t know if the majority of Chinese are as you paint them to be, but if they are, perhaps it’s a little unfair to be painting the minority with the same brush.

    ps: Just for the heck of it, I have to agree with you about some of the MPs. About the muazzin, I think it was gracious of him, and we need more people like him who are understanding (from ALL Malaysians, not just the Malays, in case you’re wondering). If Teresa was never in the picture, it would have been great. I have to say, Teresa spoilt it for me, especially what she said after her release from ISA. It’s about time they stopped spouting nonsense, really.

  14. meow says:

    Looking at things from a distance gives you the impression everyhting is easy. When you are on the other side of the counter it always baffles you why the public service can be so slow and inefficient. After 50 years of independence you wonder why on earth are we still divided as a nation; by race, by religion. Amplify that with this ‘new’ inteligence by studying abroad and having a taste of the ‘democracy’ of the outside world, wah why on earth is my country so backward! Those are the symptoms are the young minds, naive and full of drive to change things.

    Reckless with their action and words, they start calling people names. Whatever that they disagree they easily branded them as lapdogs, racist, export to country of origins ..etc. It’s easy to be irresponsible isn’t it? Little they know that they are among the cause of distrust that is being promoted again and again. The very thing that they wish to promote, the change for the better, respect for all races, have become the opposite what people will see them by. Their image is now completely opposite of what they try to sell. In malay they will be called ‘kurang ajar’ rather than wise.

    The old system and guards may have their flaws and yes we should work towards improving them. But do remember, when they started 50 years ago, they too were the winds of change. What we have now is not because some morons stumbled upon a bad joke. These are the leaders whom have brought us to where we are from humble beginings. If we think we are wiser now, show some wisdom in the process of change. You don’t go around calling names, accusing people as racist, change at all cost by promoting frog jumping backdoor execise. This change seems to me have brought more bad ‘kurang ajar’ culture than anything else. Show some respect. If you disagree with your dad, you never call him an old fart will you!

    Come back down on ground earth. See for the last six month of the changes in all the new opposition states. Now see it closely from this side of the counter for yourself. Have we really see the changes that you dreamed off? Do you think by sending people to their country of origin have changed these new elected people into race loving nation? Have we remove all the corruptions, hate politics, race based politics, ..etc.

    Hah, get real people. Grow up and just start with being polite and good manners, then come back and try changing the society!

  15. jeff says:

    There are some in Malaysia thinking that criticizing the government policy is equivalent to hating the country, and disloyal to Malaysia. Some of these hardliners and terror worshipers want us to think like them, act like them and conform to their sickening idea of race n religion in Malaysia as way to show us he is the true Malaysian. Thinking of changing the country into a islamofacist nation instead of democracy.

  16. massa says:

    So let me get this right, Michelle. Am I right to assume through this article that the Chinese in M’sia are actually…gasp..RACISTS themselves?!! And of all people, to the Malays?!! Wow. Who would have thought that huh? Judging from how much noise they make and how “RIGHTEOUS” they sound when the Malays point out the VERY OBVIOUS… one would never have assumed that they are racists themselves. Tsk Tsk. Now I understand why a young chinese adult told my grandma “Oi orang tua balik kampung la. Melayu bodoh.” when she politely told him his car was blocking hers. I quess he was just being “himself”…
    The way I see it Michelle, it’s the Malays that are being bullied left ,right and center and not the other way around. They’re not able to speak their mind or express dissatisfaction without getting hit back by the racist word. But when its Teresa Kok being her “true self”…oh wow..she’s the hero and saviour. She can speak her mind. No one can deny anymore how racist Malaysia has become. It’s sad but that’s the reality. So how we go about settling this major problem should be the MAIN issue in the country. Not about freeing a crazy botak man from the ISA or about a crazy ex minister forming a new kerajaan langit. That’s all crap. What’s more important now is how to teach Malaysians to have respect for each other, their race,their ways and culture and their religion. Nothing else.

  17. Drachen says:

    Someone asked Mother Teresa, how do you help a million poor people? She said, one at a time.

    I have no solutions to Malaysia’s race problem. But I will show friendship and kindness to the other races I meet – one at a time.
    Thank you.

  18. The Me says:

    Reading the articles and comments above made me realize that both Malay & Chinese have their own fault and both seems to inspire the same thing. So where do we start? Goverment, opposition?, the Chinese? the Malay? the Indian? BN? Pakatan? UMNO? MIC, DAP, PAS, MCA, Anwar? Dr. M? If you point to any of the stated name, then our hope is loss. Its us, if we aspire change, be that change, stop generalizing our Malay friend, Chinese friend, Indian friend or any other ethnic, let and encourage our children to befriend of different races, start respecting, stop name calling, etc, etc. In short, we get what we do to others.
    My point exactly. Thank you.

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