RPK in Kamunting for 2 years

RPK was due to appear in court to have his habeas corpus presented today. Syed Hamid Albar signed the papers yesterday night to send RPK to Kamunting. I’m not sure of the nitty-gritty details, but if RPK was to appear in court today, but the minister signed the orders yesterday, I’m guessing the “bringing forward” of the court appearance was just ‘for show’.

And just for the record, I’m pissed with those who say things like “It’s okay, Anwar is going to form the government soon, and RPK will be released immediately”, or “Let RPK be ISA hero!”

Detention under the ISA is no small matter. I don’t care if Anwar’s going to be the Prime MInister tomorrow, I just want to know if RPK is alright NOW!

..Let RPK sit in detention for a few days, and you’re alright with that? I sure as hell am NOT! Wait till Anwar becomes Prime Minister, or Pakatan Rakyat takes over, and there will be rainbows in the sky? I’m definitely not as optimistic as that!

We say we want ‘freedom’, we want ‘change’, we want we want we want. And what do we do? Nothing. We let RPK take the brunt of it. We let RPK go into detention.

Sure, we are ‘waiting’ for Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat to take over the Federal Government. And the definition of ‘wait’ is ‘sit and do nothing’.


A bunch of hypocrites we are. And especially me too. Here I am sitting in the comfort of my own home, typing on my computer, 8500km away from everything, while RPK goes to Kamunting because he was fighting our fight. OUR fight. OUR battle.

Haris and co are planning a Hartal to show protest against the abuse of ISA. I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll be doing everything I can.


17 Comments on “RPK in Kamunting for 2 years”

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    Yes, I am game to Hartal ISA.

  2. meow says:

    ISA is wrong and there’s no two ways about it. BUT what do you suggest we do to a person who keep throwing all kind of accusation into the public without proof? when the court nor the police can stop them, what do you do? just let it be and hope to bring each and every one of the accusation to court based on court hearing of evidence? btw if the court procedures will take 2 years, so he is free to keep throwing more accusations. And after so many summons he no longer care if he is a bancrupt, his resort is just to hurled even more stories. So, when will this vicious circle will end? ISA is an extreme measure, and i sometimes wonder if we are indeed dealing with an extreme case here.

  3. Edwin Ng Say Joo says:

    Everybody is pissed off. So…what the hell do you think you I can do besides registering our anger and concern like everybody else ?

    The BN government does not comply to anything the decent world shout about. That,s the reality.

    Money buys everything in Malaysia…even morality and we chinese have a lot to be blamed. We keep selling ourselves….buying titles…bribing every inch of our way to get things done instead of fighting for our rights, right from the beginning.

    Now the country is in an absolute mess. RPK speaks out deafeningly against all the atrocities on our behalf ….. gets incarcerated…. and none of us can do anything except swearing and cursing.

    I am in the same boat as you… very angry because I do not know what I can do.

    Perhaps, if I have a gun…or a pack of C4.

  4. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Hi Michelle, my apologies for the late comment as I was too devastated with the actions of Hamid Albar signing the papers to amend the charge under ISA which led to Pete being detained under the freaking Minister’s instructions.

    I just got back from the grotto and my heart really bleeds for Marina & the kids. Eventhough she will be seeing Pete tomorrow at Kamunting, one can only imagine the pain & suffering that Pete, Marina & the kids are going through this ordeal. What did he do to go through all this, by exposing the TRUTH for all to read ?

    If you ask me, I had enough of the shit politics from both BN & PR and if there is indeed a change in administration, then be done with it, and start governing the nation. Enough is enough and we, the RAKYAT, are suffering from this political scumbags who keep on talking with little action. Whatever it is, Pete put his hopes on Anwar & PR, and they better get their act together FAST and once the takeover materializes, they need to release Pete and all detained under ISA at once.

    TALK IS CHEAP and I mean from the politicians !

    God Bless, Christopher

    P/S : Sorry for my tone today but I am really pissed off and figuring what to do next
    No worries Chris. Am glad for the updates.

  5. KevinP says:

    I think whatever the government does has been pissing the people off to no end. I got an SMS saying RPK has been sent to Kamunting while in a meeting… I can at last proclaim that I am game for HARTAL ISA too… One day’s unpaid leave is only a small price to pay to secure the freedom of this nation!

    All the wayang… all the sh*t spewed… Damn.. I wanted to be at the courthouse this morning but have a very important meeting to attend to and… I am distraughted, lost for words… Hartal and whatever that needs to be done to reclaim back our country…

  6. […] September 23, 2008 · No Comments RPK in Kamunting for 2 years […]

  7. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Latest updates from my sources is that either late tonight or tomorrow, there will be a PC from Anwar. The deadline was today, 23rd Sept for the emergency seating and they have another action up their sleeves.

    In all honesty, we are all getting fed up and tired with all this. Just do it or let go… until the 13th GE

    Cheers & God Bless,

    Yes, it is becoming stale.

    Thanks, and God Bless you too.

  8. bangmalaysia says:

    Actually I am more than pissed. Sorry for being crude here but when I first saw the news on Malaysiakini, the first word that came to my mind was the ‘F’ word. Anyways it’s a dirty, dirty tactic by Syed Hamid so that the Federal Counsel can avert from the habeas corpus hearing of Raja Petra scheduled today. They will deemed that the habeas corpus application is’academic’since Pete is now detained under Section 8 of the ISA.

    They were scared shit that RPK would be released. The decision to detain a person under Section 73(1) must be assessed and scrutinised objectively and Pete’s detention was far from objective.

    By the way, Su, can you find out whether the book ‘Death of a Democracy’ by John Slimming is sold in NZ. I am doing a research on May 13 and would deeply appreciate if you can find out for me whether it is available in hard copy or in digital form. Thanks.
    Is the book not on sale in Malaysia? I’d look it up for you, no problem. Cheers.

  9. omar qayyum mohan says:


    as much as we r all fcukin’ pissed with wat happened today we r all just able to let the steam off here in d big world wide web !

    we can go on n on writing about how we r feeling from d comfort of our home but the damn fact is guys lets admit it …… besides writing on “web-walls” wat else have we done for tat man tat suddenly everyone claims to be concerned ? 🙂 🙂

    if PR does not move fast i dare say RPK is goin for a long haul journey ….. eventually it will our turn

    no f’cheers

  10. Drachen says:

    Think you can find out what companies SHA is linked to? We should find his weakness.

  11. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Dear Michelle,

    Please note that people have already started to lose confidence in Datuk Seri and I mean BIG time !He is currently in Kelantan with Saifuddin today discussing with the PAS leaders… We need them to re-act fast or face the people’s wrath quite soon

    Cheers & God Bless,


    P/S : I will be going to the grotto later tonight again and will be praying for Pete, Marina, Haris, Zorro, you & all bloggers. May the good LORD bless and keep you safe… Amen

  12. Scott Thong says:

    Poster tributes to Free RPK at here.

    Feel free to use and forward.

  13. jeff says:

    So long as umno-BN is in control of Malaysia’s government, abolish ISA will never take place. Judging from the past 51years of umno-BN politic, this terror act is the most lethal political tool that keep them in power against opposition party and political critic forever, without it, they are a gone case.

  14. bangmalaysia says:

    Thanks so much.

    Nope, can’t find it here. I think its banned here?!?

    After 13 May, ’69, even Time and Far Eastern Economic Review were banned but you weren’t born then. hee hee

  15. Brian Fong says:

    I have given some thoughts on what can we do?

    i think those who are prolific bloggers should continue to blog their frustration, others can play their part by leaving constructive comments – as in voicing real frustration.

    social activist will do what they do – demonstrate, write to MPs etc.

    common folks can participate in peaceful demo organise by NGOs / activist / political parties e.g. candle light vigils etc.

    as haris say in his blog yesterday and i quote: “I’ve learnt over the years : some will give more, others cannot give as much. ….”

    an activist who prefers to stand near the road to protest should not expect the same from a blogger or an anonymous commentator who prefers to pen their thoughts rather than articulate and physically “showing” their thoughts.

    but everyone of us are “involved” in our way.

    and by doing it either as a active social activist or a blogger we are all saying the same thing carrying the same message i.e WE WANT CHANGE – for the better.

    Collectively – we will influence and educate the fence sitter, the youngs and possibly those who was misled to be on the dark side to take the path of righteousness.

    So despair not Michele and folks – in our little humble way, i believe, we are contributing to the momentum of change for a better Malaysia.

    “Just dont stop writing” – this is an advise I got from Din Merican when I last met him at the Corus Hotel.

  16. Drachen says:

    I’ve stuck a little Free RPK banner at the bottom of every email I send out. That’s for starters.
    That’s a great idea to create awareness.

  17. LightsInTheDistance says:

    I too do not know what i can do. All i know is that keeping a man in prison without giving him a chance for fair trial is against the very basic principle of human rights. Even two weeks is a long time, not to mention two years.

    Hartal ISA? Yes, how far would we go in our beliefs? Do i have the will and courage to do that? That is the question many would need to ask of themselves.

    On another note, you probably had read of Anwar’s (possible) next step to meet with the Ruler. I hope he do something fast and effective asap as i’m fast losing hope now…

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