Communication breakdown?

It was reported yesterday that PKR was having ‘negotiations’ to meet up with Pak Lah. I think the reporter quoted Tian Chua. Of course, Pak Lah denied that there were such arrangements.

And I thought, well, all in a day’s work. It’s been like this for weeks now, where PKR says something, and Pak Lah says there’s no such thing.

But then of course, it has never been the case where Anwar Ibrahim himself says he knows nothing of these ‘negotiations’.

From Malaysian Insider:

Opposition leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he was unaware of any negotiation between the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Yesterday, PKR information chief, Tian Chua reportedly said that the federal opposition has been negotiating with Abdullah through intermediaries; the Prime Minister later issued a denial.

“I am not aware of any negotiations taking place between Pakatan Rakyat and the Prime Minister-statements made yesterday suggesting that a line of communication was open were misinformed,” said Anwar in a statement.

Sounds unnervingly like Pak Lah at times, when he himself is also all blur about what is happening within Barisan Nasional and UMNO.

Hello? Tian Chua said it was the ‘Federal Opposition’. Shouldn’t Anwar know something about it, especially since he’s the leader of PKR?

Or is Tian Chua moving by himself?

Or maybe Tian Chua just jumped the gun and said something that isn’t real?

Or maybe there is such a thing going on, but Anwar just doesn’t want to admit it for whatever reasons he may have?

Tian Chua and Anwar both lost their cell-phones? No communication?

AH, there will be countless reasons/excuses that we can come up with. We ain’t with the ‘big boys’, so we ain’t got no details. But whatever it is, this looks like a communication breakdown, big-time, during a time when there shouldn’t be any at all.

UPDATE: I left a comment on Din Merican’s blog in regards to this. His reply:

Su, no talk with Pak Lah. Anwar Ibrahim, Ustaz Hadi and Lim Kit Siang wrote officially seeking an appointment. When he turned it down, we made no new attempts. It is Tian Chua’s cock-up, that is all.—Din Merican


3 Comments on “Communication breakdown?”

  1. meow says:

    I hate to burst the bubble but do go and read further;

    I’m sure the list will only get longer. Reminds me, has they take action on that Bar Council stroming guy yet?
    Just read him about half an hour ago.

    And to answer your question, I don’t think they have.

  2. Drachen says:

    If AI has been talking to AAB, I don’t think they want N or M to know about it.

  3. walski69 says:

    What’s happened to RPK is proof that the current incumbent government will stop at NOTHING to stay in power. Therefore a full-frontal, with media-guns blazing sort of approach is only going to be detrimental to PR’s chances of bringing about change.

    I’m not sure what Tian Chua was thinking, but his jumping the gun really caused some hurt to PR’s credibility.

    I echo Lim Guan Eng’s sentiments – let Anwar do the talking. And to Anwar – now’s not the time to act loudly and boldly. It’s the time for stealthy action… I’m confident that he has the support, but I’m not confident that he can pull it off if it’s done with too much fanfare.

    Ground-water erosion can do tremendous damage… silently.

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