Raya card for RPK

This is probably the crudest Raya card that RPK is going to receive, ever. I addressed the envelope to RPK, dedicated the card and wishes to everyone in Kamunting.

I sent it off this morning, along with a letter.

It’s the least I can do.


2 Comments on “Raya card for RPK”

  1. Drachen says:

    It’s a nice card! I like to look at fonts and yours is nicely proportioned. Can tell you are good at art.

    I’d rather send RPK a book but only if I can get it to Marina.
    Thanks Drachen.

  2. bangmalaysia says:

    Its a great looking card. RPK would be delighted to receive it, all the way from NZ.

    By the way, I started another project called:

    MAY 13, 1969 – LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN.

    Su, please take a look and your kind comments as usual.


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