“We did not ASK for the women”.. BAH!

Two PKR men have recently admitted to having sex with two women from China. Apparently, the ACA caught them red-handed on camera. And according to the both of them, they have been set up by the ACA and one Mohamad Imran.

Excerpt from The StarOnline:

Zul had disclosed that an Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) officer claimed to have pictures of him having sex with a Chinese national.

He had been quoted as saying “what is important is we did not ask for the women. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah (donate), don’t you want to accept the sedekah?”

Fairul, who was picked up for questioning but later released on ACA bail, had admitted having had sex with a Chinese woman.

Fairul had also claimed that Mohamad Imran had organised and encouraged him into committing a sinful act by providing him with a woman from China at the Sri Sayang Apartment in Batu Feringghi in Penang on Aug 14.

This is stupid. I’m sorry, but I cannot see this any other way. How in the world can you compare SEX to sedekah? And I don’t care if ACA set you up. If they did, and you fell for it, you’re a bloody idiot who’s prone to corruption. End of story, no two ways about it.

Okay, so Mohamad Imran ‘arranged’ the sexcapade. But hey, let’s not forget that you were the active participant. And you want to wash your hands clean of your own actions?

What? Can’t keep your hands to yourself? Can’t keep your lust away? Can’t stay at arm’s length from women if they’re being ‘offered’ to you?

This is similar, eerily similar, to those who blame women for ‘asking to be raped’ because of being scantily-clothed.

Let’s not be ridiculous here. You do the deed, you deal with the consequences.


10 Comments on ““We did not ASK for the women”.. BAH!”

  1. cendana287 says:

    Ah, this one is gonna get slammed real badly in the Malay blogs and elsewhere! And they deserve it too!

    This is one of THE WORST misuse of religious terms – SEDEKAH. It’s NEVER used when giving/receiving immoral and sinful things.

    I think I’m gonna “do something” about this…
    “Do something”? A post on this maybe? Will check out your blog to see!

  2. Drachen says:

    Agreed! We should weed these guys out. I’m a man by the way. 🙂
    Gender matters not when taking a stand on issues like this. 😉

  3. justmy2SEN says:

    I’ve been waiting/searching for so-called-defender-of-rakyat-power-bloggers to post on this but apparently they like to pick-and-choose topics at their convenience…i was closed to think of how hypocrite these people and you come up with straight-forward post to remind people that WHAT’S WRONG IS WRONG REGARDLESS

    these are the same people who said that PKR is so transparent that we can ‘tegur’ them if they buat salah..and these people also DO NOTHING about this case
    (at least make the Perak govt know they need to buck up and do sort of damage control or not let this happen again)

    Thank you for WALKING-YOUR-TALK
    Thanks for still reading this space.

  4. Oldstock says:


    Those PKR guys used the most pathetic excuse ever. If they really succumbed to the sexual inducement, than I say `Let them fry’.

    In fact, the PKR bosses should kick them out first. What a shame!
    I agree.

  5. Patricia says:

    OMG this is so sickening. Nevermind if it was a set up or whatever. Truly, lah, ‘sedekah’?!?

    I don’t know lah, this place gets worse by the minute. What IS it with these flers, ah? Why can’t they keep it in their pants?

    Do you think it is just politicians? Or is it just men? Or is this place just full of crap? I dunno wei. I am just so tired of all this lah.


  6. Brian Fong says:

    all I got to say to these guys is Admit your mistake, resign gracefully and fade into the obscure the sooner the better.

    it is not about whether people give you or force you to partake – it is about YOU as person. Do you have the integrity to withstand inducement while holding important portfolio? In this case it is clearly shown – not.

    This episode just show that not all BN people are bad nor all Pakatan folks are saint either.

    It is about a person character and their belief in accountability and integrity in doing what’s right and shunning the wrong.

  7. jeff says:

    Everything is “boleh”…have you forgotten this is bolehland. LOL…

  8. Oldstock says:


    Just saw this in The Star online -> http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/9/29/nation/20080929144637&sec=nation

    PKR is going to take action on this fella.
    Thanks for the link. And it’s good to know that they’re not just letting this go ‘under the carpet’, and let him off the hook.

  9. Malaysian says:

    i think this one of those malaysian viruses u know.. putting the blame on everyone else except themselves. just like the ‘i dont care’ attitude. like when ppl say, “Ah, tak kisah lah! bukan kita punya pasal pun…”

    Funny that you should call it a “Malaysian virus”. Where I am right now, I think this virus is rather universal.

  10. Bow says:

    Seem like blaming others except own self is the excuse majority of government official or elected politician like to use, obviously something is terribly wrong why these types of people can get elected into office by Malaysian voters? Why the voters do not demand high integrity and moral among political candidate?

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