‘Free RPK’ T-shirts now available

Please click HERE to place your order for the T-shirt above.

Click HERE to place orders for the T-shirts above.

They’re all RM20 a piece, excluding shipping fees.

Haris has lined up an idea on how best to fully utilise these T-shirts, along with anti-ISA T-shirts from SUARAM/GMI.

To get the Anti-ISA T-Shirts, please call Nalini at 019-3758912 or SUARAM office at 03-77843525. They’re still in stock, fast running out, and going for a reprint soon.

The Raya festivities are coming up just around the corner. The idea is to go to the Raya open houses of BN politicians as and when they are held, arriving clad in these T-shirts. Let known our frustration, and our intent.


One Comment on “‘Free RPK’ T-shirts now available”

  1. Drachen says:

    The second batch of t-shirts are more attractive and not so “in-your-face”, if you know what I mean. 🙂

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