My support for RPK still strong

Malik Imtiaz reports that a second habeas corpus for RPK has been filed this morning. The first one is still pending, and this second one does not have a date set to it as yet. We will continue to wait for more information from Malik Imtiaz.

Haris Ibrahim says that he went to see RPK yesterday. RPK himself has written about his own condition, and what he is thinking about HERE.

RPK says, “Give me liberty, or give me death”. His writing seems to show his usual self, though I cannot say that he is in the best of conditions.

Haris reports that RPK said he hasn’t received cards from us of late. I know I sent mine. Perhaps the guards are ‘safe-guarding’ the well-wishing cards.

Today is the last day before Syawal. Tomorrow, thousands upon thousands of families will join together to feast, as they celebrate Hari Raya.

64 men and their families will not.

But at this time, let me echo what Haris said to RPK: ..I would not rest until he is free.


5 Comments on “My support for RPK still strong”

  1. KarmaKloth83 says:

    “The Goverment can Silent the People, but never the Truth” May Justice be with RPK!

  2. Patricia says:

    Thank you, Su, for this one. I have been unable to get into Haris’s blog for the longest time – everytime I do, my explorer shuts down 😦 and threatens to send off a report!

    In all my 52 years in this country, this is the first time I have ‘met’ a real hero. And that would be Raja Petra. I am honoured that I have been able to read his thoughts, and be part of his struggle – albeit in my own small way.

    I know how you feel about all those under the ISA. I feel the same way. And I agree, it is time this ends.

    May we be blessed with peace this hari raya.

    If I may suggest, perhaps Mozilla Firefox would work for you. Internet Explorer is having a huge amount of problems lately.

    But yes, it is an honour to have a man like him in our generation.

    You have a good raya too Pat. Take care.

  3. Drachen says:

    I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to do something for RPK. But what? A mother of three kids or a senior citizen somewhere is not going to a demo at Dataran Merdeka. Imagine the traffic jam if all these people turned up!

    That’s why I suggested to Haris something that is doable and people can stay anonymous. My idea is to boycott one shopping chain a week, say Carrefore, then Giant, Jusco and Tesco (in alphabetical order). The next month we repeat the sequence. The objective is to demonstrate the rakyat’s power to the gomen. And we can keep going as long as it takes.

    I haven’t heard any response from Haris. Maybe he thinks it’s a bad idea.

    Drop me an email sometime.

  4. Sharon says:

    I must applause your kind thoughts for the people of Malaysia and your longing to see your home country to be in better shape.
    Even though you and your family are living comfortably overseas, you still remember Malaysia and the turmoil that she’s going through.
    Let’s pray for the release of the ISA detainees and May God help us all in going through these difficult times.
    Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Bow says:

    It is such a sickening scene to see all these Malaysians having Hari Raya meal in the open house of PM n DPM.While the men who are fighting for their rights and freedom in Malaysia are rotting and suffering in ISA detention prison. Showing how low some segments of Malaysians are.

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