What Utusan had to say about Raya

Yesterday, I wrote about how the StarOnline presented the Anti-ISA and Hindraf people who went to the Raya Open House at PWTC as ‘causing a commotion’, with Syed Hamid Albar saying that he hopes they ‘come in peace’.

Today, Utusan Malaysia had something considerably different to say. (Hat-tip: Penarik Beca.)

Pertubuhan-pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) Melayu dan Islam mengutuk keras dan menyifatkan perbuatan sekumpulan penyokong Hindraf menimbulkan kekecohan pada majlis Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri Perdana Menteri dan menteri-menteri Kabinet Islam sebagai keterlaluan, biadap dan menghina kesucian 1 Syawal.

Malay and Islamic NGOs strongly criticise the actions of a group of Hindraf supporters, and term their causing disturbance at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House of the Prime Minister and Muslim Cabinet Ministers as over-the-top, rude, and insulting the holy day of 1 Syawal.

Timbalan Presiden Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS), Syed Anuar Syed Mohamad berkata, perbuatan kumpulan berkenaan adalah menghina perayaan besar umat Islam, tidak bertamadun dan tidak bertanggungjawab.

The Deputy President of GPMS, Syed Anuar Syed Muhamad said, the actions of this group were insulting the Muslim celebrations, uncivilised and irresponsible.

“GPMS meminta kerajaan supaya jangan melayan mereka kerana Hindraf bukan pertubuhan sah. Mereka patut dikenakan tindakan, tidak kisah ISA (Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri) atau undang-undang lain.

“GPMS asks the government to not take heed of them because Hindraf is not a legal association. Action should be taken against them, doesn’t matter whether it is the ISA or any other law.

“Biar ia menjadi pengajaran. Tidak pernah berlaku insiden sebegini dalam sejarah 50 tahun kita merdeka. Ini perbuatan berani tidak bertempat dan dipengaruhi demonstrasi jalanan,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

“Let it be a lesson. Never has an incident like this happened in our 50 years of independence. This action is one that doesn’t know its place and is influenced by street demonstrations,” he said to Utusan Malaysia today.

Pengerusi Persatuan Pergerakan Perpaduan Islam Malaysia, Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad berkata, perbuatan penyokong Hindraf itu sepatutnya membuka mata rakyat tentang siapa sebenarnya kumpulan yang disokong oleh Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim itu.

The chairman of Persatuan Pergerakan Perpaduan Islam Malaysia, Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad said, the actions by Hindraf supporters should open the eyes of the rakyat as to who exactly being supported by PKR and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Kita selalu memikirkan orang lain dan tidak mengambil kira perasaan sendiri. Mereka sudah melampau dan tidak prihatin kepada suasana 1 Syawal yang menjadi perayaan besar umat Islam,” katanya.

“We are always thinking for other people and not taking into account our own feelings, They have gone overboard and are not sensitive to 1 Syawal that is a big celebration for Muslims,” he said.

Timbalan Presiden MBM, Datuk Idris Haron pula menganggap Hindraf dan pihak yang mendalangi kumpulan itu sebagai pengkhianat kepada perpaduan kaum di Malaysia.

Deputy President of MBM, Daruk Idris Haron thinks that Hindraf and the people who are leading this group as traitors to racial unity in Malaysia.

Beliau yang juga Presiden Majlis Gabungan Belia Melaka (MGBM) berkata, perbuatan mereka cuba menguji kesabaran orang Melayu dan kerajaan serta berniat mahu menghancurkan negara dan perpaduan yang dibina lebih 50 tahun lalu.

He, who is also the President of MGBM said, they are trying to test the patience of the Malays and the government, and are wanting to destroy the country and harmony that was built more than 50 years ago.

“Kita perlu siasat siapa dalang mereka dan beri peringatan keras supaya mereka tidak terus mencuba mencetuskan ketidakseimbangan sosial negara” tegasnya.

“We need to investigate to find out who is their leader and give them a sterm warning so that they do not continue to try and instigate social instability in the country.”

What did they do?

They went to the open house. Then?

They wore shirts that were not politically correct. So?

How many police did you have ‘welcoming’ them?

What instability are we talking about here?

And like what OldFart said, why no mention whatsoever about the gang of Anti-ISA activists?

And there is one statement that I simply find sickening. I repeat here:

“GPMS meminta kerajaan supaya jangan melayan mereka kerana Hindraf bukan pertubuhan sah. Mereka patut dikenakan tindakan, tidak kisah ISA (Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri) atau undang-undang lain.

“GPMS asks the government to not take heed of them because Hindraf is not a legal association. Action should be taken against them, doesn’t matter whether it is the ISA or any other law.

Please tell me you didn’t bring your brain with you when you said this to Utusan Malaysia.

To even SUGGEST that they use the ISA is atrocious. And here they are, talking about how these Hindraf supporters ‘insulted’ the Raya celebrations, which is an important celebration for the people of Islamic faith. How does the ISA fit in?

Being no pro in religion, I’m going to leave that out for a bit.

But the same statement also stinks for another reason. GPMS, according to the statement, seems to want action to be taken against Hindraf and its supporters, and it seems that they don’t care what law is used.

“..any other law”? (..atau undang-undang lain)

“..doesn’t matter..”? (..tidak kisah..)

The LAW, by the way, doesn’t work like that. There must be a clear indication of a crime of some sort, and a clear indication of what laws to use will come after that. There can be no implication of wanting to use the law against someone, even before the ‘crime’ is determined.

This is not a chicken-and-egg situation where everything is ambiguous. It is a clear-cut case of putting the cart before the horse, which basically means it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

To so nonchalantly bring up the suggestion of using the ISA tells so much of how it is being abused by those in power.

4 Comments on “What Utusan had to say about Raya”

  1. walski69 says:

    Haih… Utusan. No surprise, Su… The problem is that some people base their entire worldview on this particular newspaper, and nothing else. This is one newspaper with a big kerepek on their bahu, being the primary “Melayu uber alles” mouthpiece, and all.

    It really makes me feel like starting another blog in BM… But time, unfortunately, is not on my side… I might still do it, tho. Soon.

    To be frank, I’ve grown very weary of the crap that Utusan spews out on a daily basis. And these opportunist NGOs… nary a thought for how ISA is unjust.

    As a legal “Melayu” myself, it just sickens me to no end…
    About your blog in BM, perhaps you could get a few bloggers to do the writing, sort of like a portal, or like The Dandelions, where there are several contributors. That would minimise the ‘pressures’ of time constraints.

    A suggestion.

  2. Jarod says:

    Let me laugh 1st~ hahahaahahahahaaha….. i am here to release all my stress when I read upon it. Brain o brain.. the brain had left Utusan after 308..they are getting worst each fine days.

    Since when did wearing a Shirt become a kekecohan? Oh dear… Plz… i dun see any fights at all… is all a wishing u happy raya… come on.. utusan ah, the next time if i wanna advertise GONG XIx2 and i wear FREE RPK shirt, i am deem as budak kecoh lah… anything… YOU are better than “Mind Our Language”!!!!

    walski69, u wanna start BM blog huh? U type in english,,,let me translate? can? Because i am at the moment trying hard to recover my Malay language before i lost it. Its been sometime i have not write/type BM. I spoke to my friend in BM, but type is another way of improving. 🙂 Hope to hear something from u 🙂

    If help is not required, well, I will just give u the moral support! Let Utusan Go tanam padi! dun survive for too long … later the market even worst…haha! by utusan, alive walski69 NEWS PORTAl!

  3. cendana287 says:

    Ah, THANKS Michelle!
    “For what?”, Michelle asks.

    For helping me decide who to give my Kepala Lutut User of the Week award (Taking over from the PKR Perak “Sedekah” numskull of last week)

    Oh, not this “Recovery” site of course (where I aspire to be “the cendana287 person I had found at the Gambang centre”). It’s at the blog of “Mat Cendana” (the person who seems to have many of the negative traits of pre-Gambang; but whom I have to carry nonetheless) at http://cendana287.blogspot.com

    It’s supposed to be named Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics. However, I’ve lent it to “a very high-ranking Malaysian” for the Raya holidays so that he’d have a blog for himslef to play around with. Gee, I’m such a kind and generous guy!:-)

  4. hrforall says:

    Hi Su,

    I have compiled some books on torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and others on the war on terrorism. The torture methods are uncannily similar to the ones used on ISA detainees.

    Please click/download at:

    (A list of books and reports on torture in Gitmo)


    America’s War on Terrorism

    Counterterrorism White Paper

    9/11 Synthetic Terror

    The Patriot Act (America’s answer to the ISA)

    Please share with all readers. It’ll be useful for those wishing to do research.


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